Zest Easy with the Best Microplane for Kitchen

It might be difficult for culinary novices to determine which kitchen devices are necessary and which are optional. We’re here to tell you that having the greatest microplane in your kitchen is critical to your culinary success!

With its many applications, including zesting citrus, shaving chocolate, and effortlessly mincing garlic, you’ll realize you should have bought a microplane zester and grater a long time ago.

Our Favorite Microplane Graters and Zesters Reviews

Based on several microplane evaluations and ratings, we’ve developed a list of cutting-edge microplanes. We want to make certain that you discover the ideal microplane for your culinary requirements.

1. Microplane Premium Classic Series Zester Grater

This authentic Microplane brand zester is made of 8 surgical grade stainless steel and ranks first on our list of the finest Microplane graters available. It meets all of your culinary requirements, from zesting to grating and everything in between.Made of 18

This Microplane is available in a number of colors and comes with a reusable cover to protect the blades. These specifically manufactured blades are rust-free and retain their sharpness over time, ensuring the lifespan of this Microplane in your kitchen.

How sharp is it?

Microplane is recognized for its razor-sharp, accurate teeth, and this model meets those expectations. It’s ideal for zesting citrus and finely slicing cheese into a powder, yet it won’t dull the blades for years.

Is the handle comfortable to use?

According to Microplane grater reviews, the handle is pleasant and simple to use, providing for a firm hold while zesting away.

How well does it work?

This Microplane requires very little effort to operate. Other zesters need you to push into the delicate citrus in a rough manner, which does not produce a pleasant zest, however this is not the case here. It just takes a few of passes to get a wonderful zest or grate for whatever you’re cooking.

Is it easy to clean?

Yes! This Microplane is dishwasher safe, but if you’re not comfortable doing so, there are various methods to clean it. Simply rinse it well with hot water and use a kitchen brush to remove any extra zest that may have been trapped in the steel teeth. To avoid accumulation, always clean your Microplane immediately after use!

Is it durable?

Because of the way the handle is tightly fashioned to the steel shaft, this Microplane is one of the most durable available. This is a highly robust Microplane as long as the reusable cover is used and it is kept carefully in a place where it will not be jostled about too much.

Is it affordable?

Better quality comes at a greater cost. Depending on the color, these microplanes may cost between $14.99 and $28.46. These versions are unquestionably more costly, but they are well worth it in the long term.

2. Pro Citrus Lemon Zester & Cheese Grater from Deiss

This zester and grater from Deiss, like the patented Microplane, is constructed of razor-sharp stainless steel blades that will not rust. This zester is available in two sizes: narrow and broad. Both sizes include a non-slip handle for simple, dependable operation.

This grater also features curved edges to keep the steel plane stiff and in position while in operation. In addition to a lifetime guarantee from Deiss, this outstanding zester comes with a reusable plastic cover for simple storage.

How sharp is it?

This Deiss grater and zester has razor-sharp teeth that are on par with those of the Microplane.

Is the handle comfortable to use?

Deiss is pleased to provide a comfortable, non-slip handle that is simple to use and will not harm your hand. Furthermore, the handle includes a hole in it, so you may hang this microplane instead of placing it in a drawer if space is limited.

How well does it work?

These microplane evaluations illustrate that occasionally a little additional effort is required to grate efficiently. This is OK for hard cheese, but it may harm citrus and mistakenly integrate bitter pith (inner portion of the peel) into your zest.

Is it easy to clean?

This Deiss microplane may be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Is it durable?

Yes, despite not being constructed of the same surgical-grade stainless-steel as the Microplane, Deiss manufactures a solid, dependable model that will endure for a long time.

Is it affordable?

The Narrow size costs $19.95, while the Wide size costs $10.98. While this is less expensive than Microplanes, it all depends on the size plane you choose and if you want a more professional looking zester.

3. Stainless Steel Lemon Zester Grater with Channel Knife and Hanging Loop from 1Easylife

This zester grater from 1Easylife is not like a typical microplane. Instead of razor-sharp stainless-steel teeth, this model has a stainless-steel head with five sharp zesting holes. This produces lengthy strips of zest rather than little shaved heaps of zest.

If you’re searching for a zester that produces long sprigs of zest, this is the one. Because of the lengthy strips, finishing a cocktail with a lemon, lime, or orange garnish will be simpler than ever. However, because to the five sharp holes, this will shred cheese rather than finely grate it.

Furthermore, 1Easylife offers a lifetime warranty, so if you are dissatisfied with your purchase, they will totally refund your money or send you a new gadget.

How sharp is it?

While the holes on this gadget are sharp, it might be difficult to get it into the peel of what you’re attempting to zest. Unfortunately, this might result in the bitter pith being combined with the fresh zest.

Is the handle comfortable to use?

1Easylife claims that their rounded all-metal handle is ideal for extended usage without causing hand cramps. However, since the zester is completely made of stainless steel metal, it is impossible to maintain a firm grasp on it while in use.

How well does it work?

This isn’t the zester and grater for you if you’re hoping for a powdered pile of cheese or minutely sized citrus zests. While this model works, it is not what most people envision when looking for a zester.

Is it easy to clean?

1Easylife has made certain that its zester grater is dishwasher safe. However, like other microplane versions, they may be readily cleaned by running them under hot water.

Is it durable?

Yes, this zester grater model is long-lasting. If you pick this type, you won’t need a plastic cover to protect any metal teeth since it works with sharp holes instead.

Is it affordable?

At $7.99, this is the most affordable model on the list. However, just because it’s cheap doesn’t imply it’ll perform as well as the other microplanes on our list. If you’re a budding bartender or like shredded rather than grated cheese, this may be a wonderful complement for your kitchen.

4. Zester and Grater from OXO Good Grips

This OXO Good Grips microplane zester is a well-known brand. OXO Good Grips is recognized for producing high-quality cooking implements, and this zester grater is no exception. It features a huge grating surface and is manufactured of etched stainless-steel blades.

This microplane has received rave ratings from users. It’s dependable, strong, and exceptionally sharp, making zesting and grating a breeze. This grater is guaranteed to satisfy and fit right into your kitchen, whether you’re zesting fruit or shaving chocolate and hard cheeses.

How sharp is it?

OXO Good Grips made certain that their zester grater was razor sharp. It just takes a few swipes to acquire the right quantity of zest or freshly grated spice.

Is the handle comfortable to use?

Good Grips, as the name indicates, has a non-slip foot to provide you better control when grating, but the handle is also soft and comfy with its non-slip grip.

How well does it work?

Even without the OXO Good Grips brand, this microplane would make our list. It’s really sharp and ideal for any zesting or grating that needs to be done.

Is it easy to clean?

While this product is promoted as dishwasher safe, several reviewers report that simply putting it on the top rack has damaged the steel. You could run it in the dishwasher, but rinsing with a light detergent and hot water would suffice.

Is it durable?

Yes! This microplane zester’s efficacy is unaffected by the odd scratch in the dishwasher. However, the proportions of this grater are often larger than people expect, so make sure you have enough place in your drawers before purchasing this microplane.

Is it affordable?

our microplane is not as expensive as other models on our list, but it is still a bit of an investment for one cooking equipment. However, given its versatility, this pricing is rather affordable.

5. Pro Citrus Zester & Cheese Grater from Integrity Chef

What distinguishes this microplane zester is not its design, but rather what Integrity Chef does with each transaction. Every purchase of an Integrity Chef product results in a contribution to World Concern to help provide safe drinking water to people in need. Integrity Chef earned our ranking because of their high-quality goods and excellent customer service.

This microplane is constructed of rust-free stainless steel of the highest quality. The handle is ergonomically built, and all components must undergo a professional grade examination to ensure that the grater lasts up to five times longer than rivals. Furthermore, if you are dissatisfied with your purchase, Integrity Chef will return your money in full.

How sharp is it?

The stainless-steel teeth are razor sharp and guaranteed to endure due to the attention that goes into making this microplane.

Is the handle comfortable to use?

The ergonomic design of this microplane’s grip makes it pleasant and easy on the joints, even boosting joint wellness.

How well does it work?

When Integrity Chef claims that their goods are manufactured with the greatest materials, they mean it. Because they take the effort to create the greatest product possible, it performs well in comparison to its competition.

Is it easy to clean?

This microplane is dishwasher safe, but it may also be cleaned with hot water and a light soap. Either method is absolutely acceptable!

Is it durable?

Durability is also ensured by the use of high-quality materials. Integrity Chef ensures that their products last up to 5 times longer, so you’ll get a lot of usage out of this microplane before the edges dull.

Is it affordable?

A price tag of $13.97 is a tiny investment for such a multifunctional cooking equipment with this quality-assurance guarantee.

6. Lemon Zester and Cheese Grater from Jofuyu

8 stainless steel pieces that will not rust. Its square blade prevents clogging and makes it more resistant to dulling than other microplanes. It features a broad silicone grip and comes with a stainless-steel plane cover.Jofuyu’s zester and grater is made of razor-sharp 18/10 stainless steel.

Along with a high-quality microplane grater, Jofuyu provides excellent customer service. If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, Jofuyu will refund or replace it to assure your complete happiness.

How sharp is it?

This microplane’s stainless-steel teeth are razor sharp and can easily cut through your cheese or citrus.

Is the handle comfortable to use?

Yes, the non-slip grip on its silicone handle makes it comfy to use. In addition, there is a hole in the handle so you may hang this microplane rather than putting it in a drawer.

How well does it work?

This Jofuyu microplane is simple to use and exceptionally sharp, effortlessly slicing through even the roughest cinnamon or dried chili pepper.

Is it easy to clean?

This microplane, like all of the others on our list, is dishwasher safe. If your dishwasher is notorious for beating up your things, you may always hand-wash them with hot water and mild soap.

Is it durable?

Yes, this Jofuyu is long-lasting and dependable because to its razor-sharp stainless-steel blades and integrated steel-protection cover.

Is it affordable?

These microplanes vary in price from $9.97 to $13.59 depending on the color you select. This is somewhat more costly than the lowest model on the list, but it is still much less expensive than the name brand Microplane.

What is a Microplane?

Any zester or grater branded as a microplane is a Grace Manufacturing Inc. trademark and only relates to a gadget manufactured by their firm. However, several zesters and graters perform almost equally to the top Microplane zester.

The Microplanes and other similar graters were created purely by chance in 1994. A Canadian cook was making an orange cake when he got trapped zesting the orange with a dull grater. Out of great desperation, the chef took a woodworking file and noted how much easier, faster, and effectively the zest fell off. The rest, as they say, is gastronomic history.

Professional chefs and ordinary cooks alike utilize these culinary gadgets. A Microplane, or similar grater, is a piece of stainless-steel metal with tiny, razor-sharp teeth and a plastic or metal handle. This piece of equipment, also known as a grater or zester, will undoubtedly be a fantastic addition to your culinary arsenal.

When Do I Use a Microplane?

While the terms grater and zester indicate just a few functions, such as zesting citrus or grating cheese, this is only a portion of what microplanes can achieve. You may use the finest microplane to zest citrus and grate cheese, but you can also shave cold chocolate or create a fresh ground powder out of cinnamon or nutmeg for a delectable dessert topping.

Microplanes are also ideal for chopping items like garlic or ginger. Instead of wasting time chopping and mincing these items into precisely little bits, a microplane grater will do all of the work for you! All you have to do is run the garlic or ginger across the plane a few times, and you’ll have properly minced garlic or freshly ground ginger in a fraction of the time.

Furthermore, the greatest microplane zester will provide exquisite citrus zest without digging into the bitter peel of the lemon (or lime or orange), resulting in beautiful shavings for meals and desserts. They are also suitable as a garnish for any drink. Microplanes may also be used to remove burned edges off bread and cookies, which is a lesser-known use.

Buyer’s Checklist of Important Features

Although many microplane zesters seem identical, some perform better than others. This might be due to better materials or different handle types. Fortunately, we’ve developed a useful list of questions to ask yourself while selecting a microplane.

  • How sharp is it?
  • Is the handle comfortable to use?
  • Can it grate and zest without much effort?
  • Is it easy to clean?
  • Is it durable?
  • Is it affordable?

Frequently Asked Questions

As exciting and enjoyable as microplanes seem, we know you have a few concerns about this unusual culinary equipment. The following are the most commonly requested questions:

How Do I Use a Microplane?

We’re delighted you inquired! Microplanes are simple to use, however they do need some care (as do other kitchen tools). To use a microplane, just slide whatever you wish to grate or zest over the steel plane and be met with perfectly shaved orange peel or powdery grated parmesan cheese.

Is Using a Microplane Dangerous?

No, not at all. Using a microplane demands the same concentration as using a knife in the kitchen. It comes naturally, but it takes practice to master. Microplanes are sharp, so protect your knuckles and fingers, but they are not harmful.

Will My Microplane Last Forever?

No, unfortunately. Although most high-quality microplanes employ photo-etching technology to produce the sharpest blade possible, this does not guarantee that it will remain so indefinitely. It will eventually dull, just like any other object with a blade, and you will need to replace it.

Where Can I Buy a Microplane?

You may have seen microplane graters on sale when shopping at the grocery store or department store. However, unless they are brand name, these zesters are frequently inexpensive and manufactured of low-quality materials. Our list is intended to assist you in locating the greatest microplane grater at the most cheap price.

Which Microplane Will You Choose?

We researched and created this list with clients in mind, always trying to ensure they receive the greatest microplane for their money. These six microplane graters and zesters are high-quality and will fit into any kitchen, whether you’re a seasoned cook or just getting started.

You may add additional fresh tastes with exquisite citrus zest, or easily melt grated cheese into a variety of recipes and cuisines. When compared to pre-packaged nutmeg, grated nutmeg tastes much fresher. You’ll not only add depth to whatever you cook, but you’ll also dazzle your friends with this handy culinary tool.

With all of this in mind, the decision is simple: acquire a microplane! You have no idea what you’re missing out on by not having one. The only question is, which of these incredible microplane zesters and graters will you select?


What is the difference between a Microplane and a zester?

Every home chef should have a Microplane grater.

Extra coarse is ideal for heavy components such as carrots or cabbage, whilst ribbon is ideal for items like as cheddar cheese. A zester is mostly used for citrus peels, although it may also be used for hard cheeses like parmesan or romano.

What tool is best for zesting?

Zesters, also known as graters or Microplanes (a brand name in and of itself), are an essential kitchen equipment for serious chefs. This portable instrument is more handy than a box grater or food processor for shredding cheese, grating ginger, zesting an orange peel, or grinding fresh nutmeg.

What is the best tool for zesting lemons?

Microplane. By far my favorite way for obtaining finely grated lemon zest. A microplane is a kind of culinary equipment used to remove the brilliantly colored flesh from citrus fruits.

Which Microplane is best for garlic?

Grater. It readily zests or grates a range of foods (including lemons, hard cheeses, and garlic) and features a nice, cushioned grip.The Microplane Premium Classic Series Zester is our favorite rasp-style grater.

What Microplane does Gordon Ramsay use?

Fine grater from the Gourmet series, as featured on Gordon Ramsay’s Home Cooking episode, featuring dishes like as Welsh rarebit, roasted tomato soup, and beef and ale stew with mustard dumplings.

How often should I replace my Microplane?

But they don’t last forever, and to make the most of all that grating deliciousness, you’ll need to have a sharp microplane handy. Replacing these bad guys on a yearly basis—depending on how often you use it, of course—ensures that you always have a sharp grate.

What do chefs use to zest?

While a Microplane is the professional chef’s recommended technique for zesting a lemon, alternative equipment such as a citrus zester, vegetable peeler, box grater, and a knife will all work.

Can you use Microplane for zesting?

The word “Zester” is in the tool’s name, so it’s no surprise that a Microplane is ideal for zesting citrus fruits like lemons, limes, and oranges for desserts, pasta, vegetables, and more. The instrument is very effective at extracting just the zest and leaving the bitter-tasting pith behind.

How can I make my zesting easier?

A microplane grater makes zesting lemons quick and easy. It is specifically built for fine grating, making it easy to remove just the yellow peel and none of the white pith. Hold the lemon in one hand and the microplane in the other. Along the grater, move the lemon away from you.

What lemon zester does Ina Garten use?

The trademarked brand is Microplane, however the phrase is often used to comparable equipment. These are ideal for citrus zest (hello, lemon chess pie), hard cheese (hello, cacio e pepe), whole nutmeg (hello, buttermilk doughnuts), and a variety of other uses.

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