You Can Use These 9 Excellent Meringue Powder Substitutes

Most experienced bakers have a small bottle of meringue powder alternatives in their storerooms, just like egg whites. It is used in the preparation of crisp and light meringue sweets. It may also be used to decorate sugar cookies.

Meringue is a good substitute for egg whites in some baked goods. It is mostly made out of sterilized dried egg whites.

Egg whites are pounded into a fine powder. Meringue powder contains the following additives:

  • Sugar for increasing the sweetness
  • Gum Arabic used for thickening
  • Cornstarch is used to absorb moisture when it is kept.
  • Silicon dioxide for powder flow
  • To stabilize the egg foam, use potassium acid tartrate and citric acid.
  • Calcium sulfate for dryness

Where Do You Use Meringue Powder?

Meringue powder is an excellent substitute for beaten eggs in recipes that call for them. Although egg whites are the gold standard, they are employed as a substitute.

Meringue is used to make royal icing, to top lemon meringue pavlova or pizzas, and to pipe meringue biscuits.

Small quantities of meringue are also added to frostings to help them keep their form and pattern without weeping.

Some meringues’ ingredients may not dissolve entirely in water, resulting in a gritty finish. It also produces billowy foam since the drying process weakens its foaming and bonding capabilities.

Because it lacks these drawbacks, egg white is a good substitute for meringue powder.

What are the Substitutes of Meringue Powder?

Here are some of the greatest substitutions for baking ingredients that can keep your cookies, frosting, brownies, and other baked goods taste delicious.

Egg Whites

Erin Jeanne McDowell, a local baking buddy, fails to include meringue powder in all of her recipes, including royal icing. She just needs around 6 cups of confectioners’ sugar and five ounces of egg whites, which equals precisely five egg whites.

There are various methods to use up the remaining eggshells. Unlike most egg white recipes, you will not need to whip them to stiff peaks.

Mix your sterilized egg whites and confectioners sugar in a bowl using a whisk instead of a paddle attachment in your mixer and beat until it ribbons off. Jeanne provides a full recipe that teaches how to make egg whites.

Egg White Powder

The basic component of egg white powder is dried egg whites; in layman’s words, it is powdered egg whites. Whatever you name it, egg white powder is one of the greatest meringue powder substitutes in the baking world.

They are handy since you may keep them in a container inside your business for up to a year. Powdered egg whites also eliminate waste and the time necessary to separate the white and the egg from fresh egg whites.

Powdered egg whites are widely accessible at supermarkets.


In royal icing, aquafaba replaces meringue powder. Aquafaba’s properties make it elegant, particularly if you want to prepare a vegan dish or avoid using meringue powder.

If you wish to utilize aquafaba in a recipe, beat up the liquid gold for around 12 minutes to get firm peaks.

Three tablespoons aquafaba equals one egg white. It is important to remember that if you wish to bake using aquafaba, it must be thick. If it is extremely liquid, you may boil it to thicken it. If you boil it, you may lose about a fourth of your aquafaba.

Vegan Meringue Powder

Vegan meringue powder is popular among vegan bakers since it is an excellent meringue powder substitute.

Cornstarch, cream, aquafaba powder, and sugar are the major components in vegan meringue powder. It is impossible to tell whether it has been replaced with meringue powder.

Agar-agar Powder

Agar powder is another name for agar-agar powder. It is created from red algae, making it a wonderful vegan substitute for meringue powder.

Agar powder is flavorless, colorless, and odorless, making it an excellent alternative for meringue powder in royal icing without adding extra flavor to your product.

A tablespoon of water plus agar powder has the same effect as one egg white. Before whipping agar powder, it must be cooked and allowed to cool.

To get the stabilizer included in meringue powder, mix it with lemon juice. Agar powder is an excellent substitute for making cake, custard, or bread.


Flaxseed is another meringue powder substitute. Flaxseed is an excellent addition to vegan meringue.

This method may seem complicated, but in general, you will boil the flaxseed with water for around 40 minutes. After boiling, drain the liquid and place it in the refrigerator to chill. After a few hours, you will get flaxseed gel, which may be used to make meringue.

Whipping your gel takes around 25 minutes to get the desired results. To make a replacement, mix ground flaxseed with water. To replace 2 teaspoons of meringue powder, use 3 tablespoons of water and 1 tablespoon of flaxseed.

When making pancakes, muffins, or cakes, flaxseed works well. See how to find flaxseed at the grocery shop.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds may also be used in lieu of the meringue powder. It adds a nutty taste to your dish. It is more similar to flaxseed since chia seeds gel when combined with water.

The gel serves as a binding agent. However, in order to get a meringue powder substitute, you must ground them until they become powder.

Because chia seeds give color to baked goods, they may not be the greatest option for meringue powder in royal icing. To prevent changing the color of your final items, white chia seeds are a superior option for meringue powder.

You will need 2 teaspoons of meringue powder and water, as well as 1 tablespoon of chia seeds.

Tofu Aquafaba

You may utilize the liquid created from tofu aquafaba to make meringue biscuits or pavlova. The recipe also calls for cream of tartar, which aids in stabilization.

Tofu aquafaba made from traditional tasting or soybeans will be used in lieu of egg whites. You may also whip them to get the same effect as when whipping white eggs.

Aquafaba has been dubbed a one-of-a-kind alternative since it has both yolk and egg white qualities.

Other applications include thickening, binding, foaming, emulsifying, and many more. One egg may be replaced with three tablespoons of aquafaba. Aquafaba may be kept in the fridge for two to ten days. If it begins to stink, you may freeze it.


Gelatin is a common component in bakeries. Gelatin is a baker’s best buddy since it has so many applications. It may be used to thicken deserts as well as to wiggle or bounce.

Gelatin has no flavor, is water soluble, and is colorless. Gelatin is a natural meringue powder substitute.

To replace two teaspoons of meringue powder, use three tablespoons of warm water and one tablespoon of gelatin component.

Because gelatin is commonly available in your local shop or supermarket, it is the perfect option if you do not have meringue powder.

Gelatin is not the greatest vegan replacement since it contains collagen from cows and pigs. Gelatin may not be the greatest option for a vegan meringue.

Xanthan Gum

Xanthan gum, which is classified as a food additive, may also be used to replace meringue powder in royal icing. It has been used as an ingredient in items such as salads.

Xanthan gum may also aid in the adhesion of separated components. When xanthan gum is mixed with water or another liquid, it forms a gel-like and thick substance.

Xanthan gum is available at your local grocery store or at retailers such as Walmart or Target.

It works when you mix a quarter spoonful of xanthan gum into the water. It would be beneficial if you whipped it before using it.

It should be noted that xanthan is derived from sugar, but it may also be derived from soy, dairy, or wheat maize. If you are allergic to certain substances, avoid using this replacement.

Can You Substitute Cream of Tartar for Meringue Powder?

The functioning and composition of cream of tartar and meringue powder varies significantly. The dried whites make up the majority of the meringue powder. It may be used to produce a meringue by combining it with water.

Tartar cream acts as a stabilizer, preventing the eggs from collapsing. A percentage of meringue powder includes cream of tartar, which aids in the stabilization of the meringue. As a result, cream of tartar cannot be substituted for meringue powder. However, it may be used to stabilize meringue preparations.

It’s OK to make a few errors while experimenting with these replacements, but be sure you don’t waste a whole bowl of meringue. Use the recommended alternatives in your recipes to create wonderful meringue sweets and items like as cookies and cakes.


What can be used in place of meringue powder?

Home bakers have had success using powdered gelatin for meringue powder—three tablespoons of warm water coupled with one tablespoon of gelatin powder replaces two teaspoons of meringue powder.

What is a substitute for 2 tablespoons of meringue powder?

Gelatin has no flavor, is water soluble, and is colorless. Gelatin is a natural meringue powder substitute. To replace two teaspoons of meringue powder, use three tablespoons of warm water and one tablespoon of gelatin component.

What can I use instead of meringue powder for royal icing?

Royal icing may be made from egg whites! Instead of meringue powder, this easy royal icing is created using pasteurized egg whites.

Can you use cream of tartar in place of meringue powder?

Cream of tartar is a stabilizer that is occasionally used to protect eggs from collapsing while producing meringue. Some meringue powder already contains cream of tartar, which aids in the stabilization of meringue. So, although cream of tartar cannot be used to replace meringue powder, it may be used to stabilize meringue recipes.

Can you substitute xanthan gum for meringue powder?

To substitute 2 teaspoons of meringue powder, use 14 teaspoon xanthan gum with 14 teaspoon lukewarm water. In tiny quantities, xanthan gum may be used to replace meringue powder. It does not produce the puffy whipped meringue that other replacements provide.

What does meringue powder do in baking?

Meringue powder is an item that bakers and pastry chefs may use to produce light and fluffy meringues, icings, and other sweets without using fresh egg whites. It is often used to make royal icing, buttercream, macarons, pavlova, and other varieties of frosting or icing.

What ingredient is in meringue powder?

Ingredients. Corn Starch, Sugar, Gum Arabic, Calcium Sulphate, Citric Acid, Cream of Tartar (Potassium Acid Tartrate), Artificial Flavor, Silicon Dioxide.

How do I substitute egg whites for meringue powder?

For one egg white, 2 teaspoons meringue powder combined with 2 tablespoons water may be substituted. Even yet, certain prepared dishes may taste superior with actual egg whites. Because meringue powder includes a trace of sugar, it always adds a hint of sweetness and is best utilized in desserts.

Why do you need meringue powder for royal icing?

Meringue powder replaces the raw egg whites required in classic royal icing recipes. Both produce a thick, stable icing that solidifies rapidly on top of cookies. Meringue powder, although containing eggs, removes the need for raw fresh eggs while maintaining EXACTLY the same consistency.

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