Winflow Range Hood Review

Even the most expert cook needs assistance in the kitchen from time to time. Proper ventilation keeps smoke out of your kitchen and your house looking fresh and clean. You may have come across a few Winflo range hood reviews if you are remodelling your whole kitchen or merely thinking about changing your hood for greater ventilation.

Winflo range hoods are a cost-effective alternative for any kitchen. They are composed of high-quality, long-lasting materials that are simple to clean and install. But if youve never heard of the brand, you might be wondering, Who makes Winflo range hoods? Let’s learn more about winflo range hoods in these reviews.

Winflow Range Hood Review

  • Made from sleek, modern, stainless steel
  • ETL certified for safety
  • Can be used with outflow duct or filters
  • Has an adjustable chimney
  • Baffle filters and grates are dishwasher safe
  • May not suit every kitchen
  • Plating is thin, so it may dent

Who Makes Winflo Range Hoods?

Winslyn Industries, a manufacturer of high-quality kitchen and bath equipment, creates Winflo range hoods. Winslyn Industries is committed to offering high-quality items that mix usefulness and beauty at a reasonable price. Winflo range hoods, Winpro kitchen sinks, and Winette bathroom vanities are among the goods available.

Whatever your décor style or budget, Winslyn Industries provides high-quality kitchen and bath goods at reasonable prices.

Will the Winflo Range Hood Work in My Kitchen?

Unlike many Winflo range hood reviews that go right to the size and weight without diving into what it offers, we believe in providing you with a deeper look at the product to help you determine whether it is the perfect one for you.

Range hoods, also known as vent hoods and ventilation hoods, are available in a variety of forms. When selecting a new range hood, take your kitchen layout in mind before making a purchase. If your kitchen has an outflow duct, this Winflo range hood is an excellent option; however, if you do not have a duct, you may add filters.

In fact, the only kitchen where this range hood would not work is one with cabinets over the stove, since the airflow may cause discoloration and warping.

Features of the Winflo Range Hood

If you want a high-quality range hood but don’t want to spend a fortune, the Winflo range hood is a fantastic choice. It is suitable for most kitchens and has a slew of features that make it one of the finest range hoods in any price range. Let’s take a deeper look at some of the Winflo range hood’s important features.

Stainless Steel Body

The Winflo range hood is completely comprised of brushed stainless steel, from its detachable grates to its baffle filters. Stainless steel gives any kitchen a sleek, modern appearance. Stainless steel is not only fashionable, but it is also highly durable and simple to maintain. The detachable and dishwasher-safe baffle filters and grates make cleaning a snap.

Unlike many range hoods, which are quite hefty and may damage kitchen walls, the Winflo range hood is built of thin stainless steel and will not hurt your walls. However, since the body is so thin, if you are not cautious, you may accidently dent it. To minimize unsightly dents, take measures during installation and use a delicate touch while cleaning it.

Fans and Lighting

For a 30-inch range hood, the Home Ventilation Institute recommends a minimum speed of 100 cubic feet per minute (CFM), which the Winflo range hood well surpasses. It has three speed settings and a powerful centrifugal fan that travels up to 400 CFM.

Many kitchens have insufficient lighting near the stove, but the Winflo range hood solves the issue with built-in, ultra-bright LED illumination. This range hood’s LED lights have a delicate white hue to them, delivering brightness and clarity. LED lights are also more energy-efficient than conventional light bulbs, so they last longer.


When it comes to installation, most range hoods are restricted. They must be used with filters or be linked to a duct having outside access. The Winflo range hood eliminates the need for further remodeling work to incorporate an outflow duct. This range hood may be connected to an existing duct or used with the supplied replaceable charcoal filters.

While utilizing a range hood attached to an outdoor duct is usually the safest option since it provides maximum ventilation and reduces the danger of carbon monoxide accumulation, it is not always a possibility in every house. Fortunately, the Winflo blower works just as effectively with filters that remove smoke and particles from the air.

Because of the convertible function, you may use the Winflos range hood in practically any area, even flats without access to outside ducting.

The Winflo range hood’s chimney, which can be adjusted telescopically, is even more stunning. The chimney is suitable for rooms ranging in height from 7.5 to 8.5 feet. If you have a higher ceiling, Winflo sells chimney extensions for an extra fee.


If you’re searching for an economical hood range that would work in practically any kitchen, this beautiful, contemporary alternative from Winflo might be ideal. It has three fan speeds, which exceeds the Home Ventilation Institute’s minimal safety standard. It is lightweight and simple to install, and it may be utilized with outflow ducts or filters. You might enjoy Pacific Range Hood Review

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Does Winflo make good range hoods?

If you want a high-quality range hood but don’t want to spend a lot of money, the Winflo range hood is a good choice. It is suitable for most kitchens and has a slew of features that make it one of the finest range hoods in any price range.

Who manufactures Winflo?

Who manufactures Winflo range hoods? Winslyn Industries in Illinois, USA, manufactures Winflo range hoods.

What’s a good brand of range hood?

The Top 10 Range Hood Brands in 2023
Cosmo. ProLine. Broan. Hauslane. ZLINE. Awoco. IKTCH. FOTILE.

Is 7 sones loud for a range hood?

Range hoods produce five decibels. This indicates that the highest noise level at which the range hood will work is five.

What CFM rating do I need for range hoods?

The width and BTU capacity of your cooktop are the first factors to consider when calculating your appropriate range hood CFM. The following are the broad principles for each of these features: 100 CFM per 12 inch width of stove. For every 10,000 BTUs of heat capability, 100 CFM is required.

What CFM do I need for range hood?

You need at least 100 CFM for every 10,000 BTUs of cooktop power to power your range hood. A 100,000 BTU stove, for example, requires at least a 1000 CFM range hood. Multiply the width of an electric stove by ten. So, for a 42″ electric stove, a range hood with at least 420 CFM is required.

Where are Zephyr range hoods manufactured?

Since 1997, San Francisco-based Zephyr has been at the forefront of kitchen ventilation hood design, innovation, and technology.

Where is Broan made?

Broan, based in Hartford, Wisconsin, employs approximately 2,500 employees across seven countries and four continents. Other destinations for manufacture, marketing, and sales include California, Ohio, Canada, Chile, China, and Mexico.

Where are Faber range hoods made?

Faber International Produced in Italy

Faber was the first hood brand in Italy, with one out of every two range hoods sold being a Faber, and it is distributed abroad under its own brand as well as major local brands such as Roblin in France, Mepamsa in Spain, and Spar in Argentina.

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