Where to find Rock Salt in the Grocery Store?

Most people do not have rock salt in their houses. This pebble-like salt, on the other hand, has a place in the kitchen. It is most typically used to produce ice cream or to keep food cool.

Most brines also need the addition of food-grade rock salt.

But where can you obtain rock salt at the supermarket? Continue reading to find out all you need to know.

Where to find Rock Salt in the Grocery Store?

When looking for rock salt at the grocery store, keep in mind that there are two kinds of rock salt. In the kitchen, you’ll use food-grade rock salt, while you’ll use an inedible version to keep your driveway from freezing over.

The latter has been chemically processed, so avoid it if you’re seeking for salt to build a brine.

In your grocery shop, you may look for rock salt in two areas. Keep an eye out for Himalayan pink sea salt and regular white rock salt.

Spice Aisle

The spice aisle, along with the rest of the salt and spices, is the most probable location for rock salt. It would most likely be on the bottom shelf, among the other bigger salt canisters.

Make careful you don’t mix rock salt with kosher or pretzel salt. These salts, despite their bulk, are not the same as rock salt. You want to be certain that you get the correct item.

Bulk Section

The bulk division is the second location to look for rock salt. Because the bulk department contains other large-quantity packages of commodities, it comes to reason that rock salt will be found there as well.

Don’t buy rock salt from the hardware store or the outdoor area. Salt collected there will include chemicals used for deicing, which may be harmful to people if consumed.

Where to Buy Rock Salt Near Me

Most supermarket and big-box retailers carry food-grade rock salt. There are also various resources available online.

Don’t buy rock salt from home improvement or hardware shops since it’s typically not appropriate for human consumption.

Here are several locations where you may get rock salt.

  • Acme
  • Aldi
  • Amazon
  • BJs
  • Costco
  • Food Lion
  • Giant
  • HEB
  • Piggly Wiggly
  • ShopRite
  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Wegmans
  • Whole Foods

How to Store Rock Salt

Because all salts are moisture sensitive, you must store your salt properly to prevent caking. Keep your salt in a cold, dry, temperature-controlled environment.

If your salt comes in a paper or cardboard container, store it in an airtight glass or plastic container. This will keep moisture out of your salt and preserve its durability.

Avoid keeping your salt in a garage, cellar, or other non-temperature-controlled sections of your house. Condensation might build in your salt container due to fluctuations.

Common Ways to Use Rock Salt

In the kitchen, rock salt has a variety of applications. Cooking, brining, and seasoning are a few examples.

Ice Cream

Making ice cream is perhaps the most popular use for rock salt in the kitchen. Although there are several ice cream machines available, classic ice cream recipes use a double bowl approach.

A smaller bowl would hold all of the ice cream components. The bowl is then immersed in a bigger bowl of water, ice, and rock salt.

The salt would prevent the ice from melting and speed up the freezing process, while the frozen water would make rotating the bowl simpler.


Brine is a salty liquid that flavor and tenderizes meats, vegetables, and other foods. It is essential in every pickle preparation and makes a wonderful marinade for meats.

You may also build a brine from household rock salt to de-ice your road. Of course, road salt is preferable. In a pinch, though, the salt in your kitchen cupboard can produce a great de-icing brine.


Cooking is another common use for rock salt. For example, in a fast and simple dish, you may use rock salt to cook meat or fish. Simply layer your baking sheet with rock salt, place your meat or fish on top, then season with extra salt.

The salt will build a crust that will preserve moisture within the meat while it cooks. It’s a great technique to cook a juicy, delicious roast with little effort.

Lowering Temperature

Another unexpected use for rock salt is to keep your cooler cold. Some individuals just use ice or an ice bath in a cooler to keep drinks and other goods cold. However, they are not the only alternatives.

The addition of rock salt to your ice will help prevent it from melting too soon. This may be quite useful on hot summer days or when you need your cooler to function for a long amount of time.


The most basic use for rock salt is as a seasoning. Rock salt, whether ordinary or Himalayan, is required for your salt grinder.

Salt with a finer grind will not function well in a grinder and will not have the same flavor.

Freshly ground salt has a stronger taste than regular table salt. Furthermore, fresh-ground salt is often less expensive than normal salt. So, if you want to reduce your salt intake, this is one method.

What to Get Instead

You may substitute any sort of salt with rock salt, depending on your needs. This contains table salt, kosher salt, and pretzel salt.

Pretzel salt has the coarsest grind, yet it is still much smaller than rock salt. Each variety, however, will suffice as a replacement for ice cream or brine.


What aisle is rock salt in?

The spice aisle, along with the rest of the salt and spices, is the most probable location for rock salt.

Where to find rock salt in target?

Target – In the spice department, Morton Coarse Kosher Salt and Olde Thompson Himalayan Pink Salt are both available at Target.

What is another name for rock salt?

Halite, sometimes known as rock salt, is a mineral composed of sodium chloride. Its chemical formula is NaCl, and it contains other salt varieties such as common salt and table salt. Rock salt is the most common commercial term for Halite.

Is rock salt the same as sea salt?

Sea salt is made by evaporating saltwater, while rock salt is mined in its solid state. The rock salt is treated and various contaminants are eliminated during the manufacturing of table salt.

Is rock salt easy to find?

Although rock salt is inexpensive and widely available, its abrasive nature may cause harm to natural stone surfaces such as concrete slabs.

Is rock salt the same as driveway salt?

The most prevalent form of driveway salt is sodium chloride, sometimes known as rock salt. It reduces the freezing point of water to 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Why is rock salt hard to find?

A rock salt scarcity is not caused by pandemic fear, as it was in 2020, but rather by an international shipping difficulty and labor shortages.

How do you get rock salt?

The halite became increasingly concentrated as the water evaporated, and thick layers eventually grew up on the sea bottom. The salt was buried behind layers of other silt and rock over time, which compacted it and prevented it from dissolving in rain. Rock salt is salt found in massive subterranean strata.

Is water softener salt the same as rock salt?

Although rock salt may be used as water softener salt, it is not the ideal option and may potentially hurt your individual water softener. Sodium chloride, potassium chloride, and a few other salts might potentially be used as water softener salt.

What is the chemical name of salt?

Table salt, also known as sodium chloride (NaCl), is composed of an equal amount of sodium cations and chloride anions organized in a three-dimensional repeating pattern in which the cations and anions alternate in all three dimensions.

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