Where is Canned Jackfruit in Grocery Store? (Quick Guide)

I worried the first time I needed canned jackfruit for a dish. I had no idea what it was, much alone where to get canned jackfruit at a grocery shop. Fortunately for me, I discovered it rather fast in a nearby shop, and you can too with a little assistance.

Canned jackfruit is made from the jackfruit, a huge and hefty Southeast Asian fruit. It is high in minerals like as iron and potassium, and despite not native to Florida, it is produced and harvested there.

It’s often used in several dishes, particularly Asian ones. Many people use this as a meat replacement in dishes as well. Regardless of the cuisine, canned jackfruit may be required at the grocery shop. Here’s how to find it.

Where To Find Canned Jackfruit  In The Grocery Store

Canned jackfruit may be found in the grocery store’s canned fruit and vegetable department. If it isn’t there, it may be on the aisle with specialized Asian items like canned creamed coconut.

Some establishments may even sell fresh jackfruit. Availability varies greatly by region, so if you’re in Montana in the middle of winter, it’ll be more difficult to acquire fresh jackfruit than it would be in Florida before and after harvest. However, it is becoming easier to get jackfruit in the United States as certain import restrictions drop, making it simpler for nations such as Malaysia to send it here.

You can always ask a shop clerk if you can’t locate canned jackfruit on your own. Even if they don’t know where it is, they should be able to search it up for you. If you prefer not to communicate with anybody, numerous online vendors provide canned jackfruit that can be delivered to your door.

Where To Buy Canned Jackfruit Near Me 

Canned jackfruit may be difficult to come by. Trader Joe’s and other major shops, such as: are your best option for locating a can.

  • Whole Foods
  • Target
  • Stop and Shop
  • Walmart
  • Wegmans

If you can’t locate it in a large box grocery store or a supermarket near you, check for a small shop that specializes in Asian cooking supplies. For example, if you go to a local grocery shop and discover ethnic items for curries, bulgogi, and pork satay, there’s a high chance they’ll also have canned jackfruit.

How To Buy Canned Jackfruit Online

If you can’t locate canned jackfruit in your local store and don’t want to bother an employee, your best chance is to order it online. If you prefer to buy canned jackfruit online rather than in-store, you have many possibilities.


What does Amazon not sell? Native Forest Organix Jackfruit, Trader Joes Green Jackfruit in Brine, Aroy-D Young Green Jackfruit in Brine, Chaokoh Jackfruit in Syrup, and Lucia Green Jackfruit in Water are among the canned jackfruit possibilities. If you have Amazon Prime, your item will be sent for free and delivered in two days or less. You may be able to obtain free food delivery through Amazon’s affiliate, Whole Foods, depending on where you reside.


This supermarket sells a little bit of everything, including canned jackfruit. Dragonfly Young Green Jackfruit in brine or Mementa Organic BBQ Jackfruit are also available online at Walmart. Walmart, like Amazon, provides same-day grocery delivery. Check to see whether you are eligible for same-day delivery before placing your purchase.


Canned jackfruit from a variety of brands, including Sunlee, Chaokoh, and Aroy D, is also available on eBay. This website is no longer solely for bidding on products! If you reside in a region where other merchants do not deliver, or if you want canned jackfruit from another country, eBay is a great place to search.

Can’t Find Canned Jackfruit? See Top Alternatives

If you can’t locate canned jackfruit, there are a few options to consider. One fast advice is to carefully study your recipe since it will help you choose what taste profile you want from canned jackfruit.

The taste of canned jackfruit varies depending on whether it is in water, brine, or syrup. So consider what your recipe really requires!

Fresh Jackfruit

The first substitute for canned jackfruit is fresh jackfruit. Because it is cultivated and harvested in the United States, it is rather simple to obtain, particularly in the country’s warmer regions. Keep in mind that jackfruits are harvested in locations like Florida from roughly June to November. They are also imported from Malaysia, where they grow all year.

Fresh jackfruit will be firmer than canned jackfruit. In addition, rather of being syrupy or briny, it will be naturally sweet and sticky. Consider this before combining it with other ingredients; you may want to add a dash of another fruit juice or something salty to balance it out.


Jackfruit has a unique flavor. Some compare it to a fruit-flavored variant of sweet pulled pork. When canned in water, the taste and sweetness are relatively modest. If you’re looking for a pleasantly sweet fruit that tastes like canned jackfruit in brine or simple water, try hala. It’s another tropical fruit with a taste profile similar to jackfruit.

Tropical Fruit Combination

Another alternative is to use canned jackfruit for pineapples, bananas, or mangos, particularly if you want the texture as well as the taste. Each has a fibrous texture akin to jackfruit. However, if you add a bunch of bananas to a dish, it will taste like bananas rather than canned jackfruit. So you could use half a banana, canned pineapple pieces, and mango all combined.

By combining items, you may make your substitute closer to the requirements of a recipe.


What does jackfruit look like in the grocery store?

The vegetable section, where you’ll find fresh jackfruit, is often the first trip at the grocery store. Look for a huge, spiky green fruit that looks like a watermelon or a mango and is branded “jackfruit.”

Is jackfruit easy to find?

Jackfruit may be found in practically every area of a well-stocked grocery store or specialized market (such as your neighborhood Asian market). It is available fresh in the produce area, usually among other tropical fruits.

Is jackfruit hard to find?

Fresh jackfruit may be the most difficult to obtain, but it’s likely to be available at your local Whole Foods or Asian grocery. If you’re purchasing a whole fruit, be sure to inquire about its ripening state, since it may be difficult to tell between ripe and unripe jackfruit based just on looks.

Is canned jackfruit precooked?

As for how to determine when it’s done cooking, you can eat jackfruit raw out of the can if you want, so there’s no need to “cook” it.

What aisle is canned jackfruit in?

Canned jackfruit may be found in the grocery store’s canned fruit and vegetable department. If it’s not there, look in the aisle with specialized Asian items such canned creamed coconut.

Does Aldi sell jackfruit?

Bramwells Young Jack Fruit In Water 400g | ALDI.

Is canned jackfruit processed?

Green jackfruit, in summary, is a cooked and processed product put in cans or shelf-stable vacuum-packed bags, as opposed to the fresh, ripe fruit that is increasingly appearing in grocery stores and produce markets.

Is canned jackfruit OK?

Instead of meat, use canned jackfruit.

They offer jackfruit as a meat substitute. If you’re not a vegetarian or vegan, the jackfruit craze may have slipped you by. To summarize, it is a nutritious and entirely sustainable beef substitute.

How is jackfruit canning done?

The bulbs’ seeds are extracted. The bulbs are then canned whole, in half or quarters. Because the PH value of the fruit is quite high (5.2), 40 oB syrup with 0.5% citric acid is used to enhance the acidity level. The canned jackfruit has a unique flavor that everyone enjoys.

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