Where is Agar Powder in a Grocery Store? (How to Buy)

Agar powder is a mixture of carbohydrates, and its also known as agar-agar powder, a substance extracted from red algae, a specific kind of seaweed. Agar is a jelly-like substance in nature, similar to gelatin; however, it is without color, smell, or flavor.

It serves as a vegan gelatin alternative for many dishes. Agar is used in treats such as jellies, jams, ice cream, desserts, and you can use it to thicken soups.

Agar is unique because it doesnt contain starch, sugar, wheat, salt, corn, gluten, eggs, milk, soy, animal by-products, or preservatives.

Where is agar powder in grocery store? You will find agar powder in the baking aisle because it is most popularly known as an ingredient to use in dessert and baked goods. It will likely come in a small or medium pouch or bag.

health food section because it comes from a plant, so you might find it with other organic foods.If you dont find it there, check the natural food

Where To Buy Agar Powder Near Me

You can buy agar agar powder at the following grocery store chains:


Walmart, being the retail and grocery giant that it is, carries the most popular brands like Now Foods, Agar-Agar, and more. Better yet, they also have multiple forms of agar that you can purchase, such as flakes and supplements.

Go to Walmarts website to access the online locator tool to notify you about whats available at each location.

Whole Foods

Youll be happy to know that Whole Foods will likely offer agar powder in bulk as well as individually. They have a decent amount of options to choose between and they also carry supplements and flakes. Whole Foods may be a bit costlier than some other options on the list because theyre known to have higher quality organic products. Since agar powder is already natural, there shouldnt be much of a price difference.


Safeways website doesnt explicitly advertise that they carry agar powder, but they are known to have the Agar Agar Square products from Himes.


Kroger has a limited selection of agar powder brands. They usually only have one or two brands in stores, which is a reputable company.

The Local Asian/International Market

Asian markets are known to have some type of agar powder, threads, or flakes. If you have one in your neighborhood, the Asian market is definitely worth checking out.

How To Buy Agar Powder Online?

Taking advantage of the online platform to buy agar powder can be a great way to procure agar powder. Moreover, the best option is Amazon because they have a litany of vendors which sell goods on the site. Its not challenging to find agar powder that is within your budget.


Agar powder is an expensive natural substance. Amazon has such a vast selection of brands that youre sure to find a product within your budget.

If you use agar powder frequently, you might want to consider buying it in bulk to cut down on the cost.

Some of the more reasonably priced and popular brands on Amazon include Nutrient Agar Powder and Now Foods Agar Powder. Get them delivered to your doorstep with various shipping options.


Instacart is a growing business that serves grocery stores that dont have delivery services but want to use a third-party provider to make their products accessible without taking a trip to the store.

You can use the Instacart app to order items from Publix, Wegmans, Food Lion, Shop n Save, and other notable grocery store chains.

While it isnt the most cost-effective option, it does offer quick delivery. Use the app to search for the product you want, and personal shoppers will go to the store for you and bring the groceries to your doorstep.

If they dont see one of your requests, theyll call you to find a suitable replacement. This is a great option to order agar powder from your local store.


Wal-Mart has a variety of ways that you can order agar powder. They have bulk options and subscription packages that require as little as $13 a month or $98 for the year to get unlimited grocery deliveries from the store.

If you dont know where to buy agar agar powder in the store, visit the website to find the brands they offer and where its at in the store.

What can i get instead of Agar Powder?

Here are the best alternatives to agar powder:


Cornstarch is the best agar agar powder substitute thats always readily available and easy to find in stores. Made from corn grains, this ingredient is gluten-free and has the same consistency as agar powder.

You can use cornstarch as a straight substitution for agar powder, meaning equal parts. So, if you use one tablespoon of agar powder in a recipe, you can also mix one tablespoon of cornstarch in its place.

Arrowroot Powder

Arrowroot powder is just like cornstarch, as it is a type of starch derived from the arrowroot plant in West India. It is grain-free and gluten-free, and it is very paleo and vegan-friendly. Arrowroot is the healthier substitute because of its natural production.

You have to use much more arrowroot powder as an alternative to agar powder.

For one tablespoon of agar flakes, youll need four tablespoons of agar powder. If you use one tablespoon of agar powder, youll need two tablespoons of arrowroot powder.

Xanthan Gum

Xanthan gum is the last item on the list. This popular replacement isnt starch-based like the other options, but it is bacterially fermented sugar.

While Xanthan gum doesnt make your dish firm like agar powder, it will make it thicker and prevent separation. It is also gluten-free but harder to find in stores. Youll usually have to go to a health food store specifically.

Xanthan gum is a direct replacement for agar powder. You can add one tablespoon of xanthan gum for agar powder in a recipe.


What aisle is agar agar in?

Typically, agar-agar powder will be stocked in the baking aisle, however, if the grocery store near you has a natural food aisle (or healthy food aisle) with products such as seitan or tofu, it’s quite likely that you will be able to find the agar-agar powder next to those products.

What is another name for agar powder?

The word “agar” comes from agar-agar, the Malay name for red algae (Gigartina, Eucheuma, Gracilaria) from which the jelly is produced. It is also known as Kanten (Japanese: 寒天) (from the phrase kan-zarashi tokoroten (寒曬心太) or “cold-exposed agar”), Japanese isinglass, China grass, Ceylon moss or Jaffna moss.

What is the best substitute for agar agar powder?

Best subsitute for agar agar
⅛ teaspoon unflavored gelatin powder to replace 1 teaspoon agar agar.
3 teaspoon pectin powder to replace 1 teaspoon agar agar.
1 teaspoon xanthan gum to replace 1 teaspoon agar agar.
1 teaspoon corn starch to replace 1 teaspoon agar agar.

Is agar powder same as gelatin?

Agar and gelatin serve similar purposes as gelling agents and thickening agents in various recipes. While gelatin is made from animals, agar is made from red algae, which makes it a popular vegetarian substitute for gelatin.

Should agar agar be refrigerated?

Agar agar has stronger setting properties than gelatine which requires refrigeration to set. A jelly made with agar agar will set at room temperature after about an hour. It is advisable to store agar jellies in the fridge as it is a high protein food.

Is xanthan gum and agar agar the same?

Xanthan gum is another popular substitute for agar agar powder. Unlike starch-based agar substitutes, xanthan gum is basically made from bacterial fermented sugar. Xanthan gum will not harden your recipe in the same way that agar will, but it will thicken it and keep it from seperating.

Who should not eat agar-agar?

Get medical advice before taking agar if you have a bowel obstruction. Trouble swallowing: Agar might swell up and block the eating tube (esophagus) if it isn’t taken with enough water or other liquid. This can be especially dangerous for someone who has trouble swallowing.

What is the English name of agar-agar?

Also agar-agar. Also called Chinese gelatin, Chinese isinglass, Japanese gelatin, Japanese isinglass. a gelatinlike product of certain seaweeds, used for solidifying certain culture media, as a thickening agent for ice cream and other foods, as a substitute for gelatin, in adhesives, as an emulsifier, etc.

What is agar powder in English?

Agar, also known as just ‘agar’, is a mix of carbohydrates extracted from seaweed, specifically red sea algae. It is a vegetarian alternate to gelatine. It is a helpful culinary ingredient and can be used to thicken soups, make jams and jellies, custards, ice creams and other desserts that need to gelatinize and set.

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