Where Can You Get Horseradish at the Grocery Store? (Short Guide)

Do you like a nice steak served with horseradish mashed potatoes? Or maybe you’d want to make a spicy batch of cocktail sauce or a Bloody Mary?

Horseradish is used in a variety of dishes. Yet, if you’ve never bought horseradish before, you may be wondering where to find it at the grocery store.

Horseradish may be found in the fruit area, the condiment aisle, or among the dips at your local supermarket.

Horseradish is frequently found with other roots, such as ginger, in the vegetable department. But, fresh horseradish should only be used if you are willing to grate it yourself. Fresh is also somewhat hotter than the other sorts.

The second place to search is in the condiment section, namely among the ketchup and mayonnaise, which are two of the most usual accompaniments to this spicy pleasure.

If you find prepared horseradish among the prepared dips, it usually implies it has been processed or blended with other ingredients to create a sauce-like product.

The horseradish choice you choose will be totally determined by your goals. Jarred horseradish may provide a hint of spice to most recipes, but fresh horseradish is a little more difficult to utilize. Horseradish dips go well with shrimp, crackers, and anything with meat.

Where to buy horseradish near me

If you need horseradish right quickly, youll be relieved to hear that it is available in all major supermarket shops in the United States, including the following:

  • Acme
  • Shop-Rite
  • Aldi
  • Kroger
  • Costco
  • Publix
  • Trader Joe’s is a retailer.
  • Whole Foods Market
  • Giant
  • Dixie Winn Dixie
  • Wegmans
  • Meijer
  • Lidl
  • The Food Lion
  • Harris Teeter is a retailer.
  • Sprouts
  • Target
  • Safeway
  • Save-a-Lot

Several farmers markets around the nation sell both fresh and jarred horseradish.

How to buy horseradish online

There are several online services that will deliver horseradish to your door:


Amazon is an excellent choice for online grocery delivery due to its extensive product selection.

Amazon sells canned horseradish, horseradish powder, and even raw horseradish. If you have Amazon Prime, you may have your materials delivered as soon as tomorrow.

J.R. Kelly Horseradish

Are you a horseradish expert? Then J.R Jelly Horseradish is for you. You may get fresh horseradish root, jarred horseradish, and sauces online and have them delivered to your home in chilled packaging. Also, if you explore around the website a little, you’ll discover a lot about all of the other advantages horseradish has besides a terrific taste.

Beaverton Farms

Beaverton Farms is an online food shop that sells a wide range of products, including over two dozen horseradish types. Horseradish jars at various spice levels, horseradish sauces, and horseradish mustard are all available. The greatest thing is that purchases over $35 ship for free, so you can try out a few various varieties.


Instacart is a food delivery service that offers same-day delivery from local supermarkets. While not all retailers participate, you may enter your address into the Instacart app or website to discover which stores are nearby.

Thrive Market

If you like organic foods, Thrive Market is the online grocery shop for you. You can acquire everything you need, including horseradish and bulk beef, to prepare a delicious steak meal.


DoorDash, like Instacart, provides grocery delivery from a broad range of partnering local retailers. DoorDash is a little more ubiquitous, serving over 7,000 cities vs Instacart’s 5,500.

If Instacart isn’t available in your location, there’s a good possibility DoorDash can.

What can i get instead of Horseradish?

Horseradish has a distinct flavor that is difficult to reproduce. But, depending on your requirements, there are a few solutions that will suffice.


Did you realize that wasabi and horseradish belong to the same plant family?

Did you also know that most wasabi paste sold in supermarkets, particularly in the Western world, is not genuine wasabi? Most people will never taste true wasabi in their life since wasabi paste is nearly usually produced from, you guessed it, horseradish.

In other words, horseradish is the ideal alternative for horseradish in your recipe (in wasabi form).


Mustard is another element included in imitation wasabi. You may use a variety of prepared mustard or mustard seed depending on what you’re replacing. It won’t be flawless, but it will give you the kick you need.

If you need to substitute freshly grated horseradish, crush up some mustard seed in a 1:1 ratio.

Horseradish sauce may be replaced with prepared mustard, such as Dijon or brown mustard. Horseradish is added to certain prepared mustards to provide a spicy kick.

Look in the mustard aisle to see if there are any types with extra horseradish that may enhance your dinner.

Ginger Root

While it is sweeter than horseradish, ginger carries a powerful punch, particularly when fresh. Ginger is available in a variety of forms, including pickled, fresh, and powdered. You already know where to get fresh ginger if you want to utilize it!

Pickled ginger isn’t a viable alternative for horseradish since it loses a lot of its natural kick during the pickling process.

But, you may restore some of the taste of horseradish by using freshly grated ginger root or ginger powder in your recipe. Therefore, use it sparingly. Ginger, like horseradish, has a strong taste that may overshadow a meal if not handled sparingly.


Where is horseradish at Kroger?

Mustard and horseradish at Kroger’s Pantry Section.

What food group is horseradish?

Horseradish is a pungent root vegetable that belongs to the mustard family.

When can you buy horseradish?

The harvest season typically lasts from October through early February. Horseradish may also be purchased at many farmer’s markets or supermarkets, but you should proceed with caution and double-check that it is horseradish, since it is readily mistaken with parsley root.

Is horseradish a condiment?

Horseradish is often served as a condiment. It is most often eaten in the form of prepared horseradish, which is created from grated root, vinegar, sugar, and salt. Another common garnish is horseradish sauce, which contains sour cream or mayonnaise. These sauces are often served in tiny quantities with meat or fish.

What aisle is horseradish in?

Horseradish may be found in the fruit area, the condiment aisle, or among the dips at your local supermarket. Horseradish is frequently found with other roots, such as ginger, in the vegetable department. But only use fresh horseradish if you’re willing to grate it yourself.

What aisle is horseradish supermarket?

The prepared condiment form is often found in the same aisle as other condiments such as ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise. Fresh horseradish is frequently found with the potatoes, carrots, and other root vegetables in the product department.

What is horseradish by in grocery store?

Horseradish is often found in the condiment department of most supermarkets. Look for it amid relishes, mayo, and pickles in a jar or plastic container. It may also be found in the international section.

Who should not eat horseradish?

Horseradish may irritate the digestive system if you have stomach or intestinal ulcers, inflammatory bowel disease, infections, or other digestive tract diseases. If you have any of these symptoms, avoid using horseradish.

Is horseradish good for your gut?

Together with its delicious flavor, horseradish promotes good digestion. It helps with liver function, for example. Horseradish is classified as a cholagogue because it causes the gallbladder to produce bile, which is an important element of the digestion process that helps keep your whole system healthy.

Can you buy horseradish root in a grocery store?

While seeds are not accessible, roots are often available at farmers’ markets, supermarkets, and retail and mail-order nurseries.

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