Where Can You Find Dates at a Grocery Store? (Short Guide)

Dates may be purchased in the grocery store’s dried fruits and nuts department. If you can’t locate them there, you may find fresh or dried dates in the fresh produce section.

Dried fruits and nuts are often seen in the same retail aisle. Since there aren’t normally enough things to fill a whole aisle, they’re frequently packed in near the snacks. For example, if your shop provides a section with granola and other healthy foods alongside the popcorn, candy, and potato chip aisles.

Here is a good place to look for nuts, dried fruits, and dates. Dried dates are much more frequent in supermarkets than fresh dates. If you can’t locate dates in the dried fruits and nuts department, look in the vegetable section.

Fresh dates may be available, particularly at a high-end or specialized food shop. Inside the produce aisle, there is occasionally a section containing dried fruit.

There are often little displays featuring difficult-to-find products, such as dates, packed in among other fresh fruits. Fresh dates may be found in vacuum-sealed bags or vegetable containers.

If you’re having problems locating dates and don’t want to approach a shop clerk for assistance, another option is to seek for figs. Figs are linked to dates and may be eaten fresh or dried. Dates may not be far distant if you locate them.

You will most likely encounter two sorts of dates. Medjool dates are bigger, with wrinkled skin, and resemble a huge raisin. Since they are sweeter and softer than other dates, they are often employed in dishes that call for a robust taste character.

Deglet Noor dates are also known as normal dates. They’re a little smaller, a little smoother, and a little chewier. As a result, they’re rather frequent in snacks and trail mixes. You may only find one kind locally, but there are various alternatives online.

While dates are farmed throughout the United States and Mexico, their lineage is richer in the Middle East, so if you live near a Middle Eastern market or specialized shop, they may offer even more dates.

Where to buy Dates near me?

Dried dates are often found at a major store. Fresh dates are more likely to be found in larger and more specialized produce sections. Hence, if your local grocer just has a tiny selection, you may need to travel to a more diversely stocked shop.

If you live near any of these establishments, they should all have dates. Fresh dates are often more difficult to find than dried dates. Yet, some shops carry both.

  • In San Francisco, Whole Foods just erected a big new shop. They have fresh and dried dates in stock, as do many other Whole Foods shops. They also provide a date spread and date energy bars for a quick snack on the run.
  • Dates are often sold at Safeway supermarkets. Check online to see whether they’re available in the Safeway near you. Safeway may also allow you to order dates for delivery.
  • Trader Joe’s has over 500 locations countrywide. They may not all have fresh dates, but they should have dried dates on hand. Check with your local Trader Joe’s to discover what’s on offer.
  • Target shops sometimes offer large grocery, vegetable, and fresh food areas where you may buy fresh dates. Dried dates may be found in almost every Target’s dry snacks department.

How to buy dates online?

  • There are a few dried date alternatives on Amazon. Joolies Organic Whole Medjool Dates, Terrasoul Organic Pitted Medjool Dates, and Sunny Fruit Deglet Nour Pitted Dates are other popular options.
  • Medjool Dates has a large assortment of fresh dates. Medjool is a sort of date, but there are also Zahidi Dates and Brown Barhi Dates to pick from.
  • Fresh and dried dates are available on Instacart, however availability varies based on where you reside.
  • At their brick-and-mortar shops with a grocery section, Walmart displays dates on the shelf. You may also place your purchase online. Bard Valley Fresh Dates, Food to Life Whole Medjool Dates, and Made In Nature Organic Deglet Noor Dry Dates are all good options.

What can i get instead of Dates?

Date replacements include the following:



Spreads made from fruits

Dried raisins are the greatest overall alternative for dates. Whether you’re baking cookies, cake, or any recipe that asks for chopped dates, chopped raisins are practically indistinguishable from chopped dates. Also, they have a comparable fruit flavor and practically the same consistency as dried dates.

Raisins are also the most similar fruit replacement to fresh dates. No one, however, will be misled by a little raisin masquerading as a much bigger date.

If you don’t have raisins, cranberries are a good substitute for the taste of a date. They’re a simple date substitution for baking, however you may want to roll them in honey if they’re tarter than dates.

Lastly, instead of fresh or dried dates, you might use date preserves or a spread. If you don’t have any date spread, other fruit spreads may be used as a replacement to add a little of sweet taste to a dish.

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Where do you get dates from?

Date palm palms produce dates. Actually, these are large trees known as “date palms.” They’re Middle Eastern in origin and have been a staple of the region’s cuisine for thousands of years (!!!). Dates grow in huge clusters, similar to grape bunches, that may reach heights of fifty feet.

Where is dates in walmart?

Walmart has Great Value Pitted Dates, Sunsweet Dates, and other brands in the dry fruit and vegetable area.

What is the difference between dates and Medjool dates?

The distinction between Medjool and normal dates is that they are derived from various cultivars of the same plant. Medjool dates are selected when they are tender and early in the ripening season. Regular dates, sometimes known as ‘Deglet Noor dates,’ are classified as semi-dry dates.

What does dates look like?

Dates resemble gigantic raisins, and some people compare the flavor and texture to a chewier, more caramelly raisin. Yet, contrary to common perception, they are not dried like raisins. The plump, poppable fruits are plucked fresh from the palm tree, with lots of wrinkles.

How do you buy dates at the grocery store?

Look for big, shiny-skinned dates while shopping at the grocer. They will seem wrinkled but should be soft to the touch. Keep a look out for crystallization, which indicates that your dates were not purchased as fresh as they should have been.

How many dates should I eat a day?

Five to six dates each day are sufficient for your wellness. It has some added sugar, so don’t consume too much of it since this might lead to high blood sugar levels and diabetes.

What aisle would dates be in a grocery store?

Dates may be purchased in the grocery store’s dried fruits and nuts department. If you can’t locate them there, look in the fresh food section for fresh or dried dates.

What section of the store are dates in?

Medjool dates are considered a FRESH FRUIT.

That’s why you’ll find them in the vegetable area of your local supermarket.

Where are dates kept?

The temperature in the room

To lock in the flavors, put the dates in an airtight container or jar and store them in a cold, dry area. Home pantries and dark kitchen cupboards are excellent options; just keep them away from heat sources.

Why do Muslims eat Medjool dates?

Following the habit of eating dates after breaking the fast helps Muslims to feel more connected to their spirituality, the Prophet, and Allah, or God, which is a profound experience for Muslims. Dates may be eaten fresh, dried, or stuffed, and come in a number of varieties ranging from Medjool to Deglet Noor, Bahri to Dayri.

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