Where Can I Get Turmeric Root at a Grocery Store?

You’re not alone if you don’t know where to get fresh turmeric. Many individuals are unaware that it is available in root form. They just know it as a spice powder.

Fresh turmeric root is not a popular meal in the United States. It is considerably more difficult to find than the dry form. This information might be useful if you don’t know where to look for turmeric root at the shop.

So, where can I get turmeric root at the grocery store? Turmeric root may be found in the produce area of supermarkets such as Walmart, Whole Foods, and Publix. Turmeric root, like ginger root, should be refrigerated for a longer shelf life.

If you can’t locate it in the fruit department, check in the aisle with the spices and baking supplies for the ground turmeric.

If you can’t locate turmeric root in the spice aisle, seek in the frozen vegetable area. Frozen turmeric root is available at certain places.

Where to buy turmeric root near me

Unless they are speciality businesses, small retailers are unlikely to have fresh turmeric root. It is more likely to be found at Asian and ethnic markets than in tiny independent grocery stores.

Turmeric is usually available at larger supermarkets, even if it is not the fresh root.

  • Fresh turmeric root is sometimes available in Walmart Supercenters that sell groceries. When they do, they sell it with the product, such as fresh garlic and ginger in the produce aisles.
  • Kroger Turmeric root may be available at certain Kroger locations. If you can’t find fresh turmeric nearby, it’ll be in a plastic clamshell packaging in the vegetable section.
  • Albertsons In the vegetable department, this supermarket offers fresh turmeric root next to the radishes and ginger.
  • Publix Fresh turmeric in plastic clamshell packaging is sometimes sold in the produce area of the southern and southeastern supermarket chain.
  • Whole Foods Market This national supermarket chain offers organic turmeric root in the produce section.

Most grocery shops do not stock turmeric root. Several retailers offer dried and powdered turmeric as a spice, but only the largest supermarkets or health-focused companies usually carry fresh turmeric.

How to buy turmeric root online

Since turmeric root is a fresh item, ordering it online might be difficult. Fresh food might be dangerous to send over the mail.

Since turmeric is a root, it will not expire instantly if not refrigerated, but it will not survive as long as it would in cold conditions. It is available for purchase online in a few locations.

  • Amazon Some merchants will send you fresh turmeric root through Amazon.
  • Walmart Turmeric root is occasionally accessible via Walmart from small companies and vendors, although it is not always available.
  • Fruit from Miami Fresh turmeric roots will be sent by this speciality shop.

Some online merchants may send fresh turmeric root in a cold pack together with other refrigerated or frozen products.

If you can’t locate fresh turmeric in your grocery store or online, you may definitely find a substitute that works nearly as well as the fresh ingredient.

What can i get instead of turmeric root?

If you can’t get fresh turmeric locally or online, you can typically leave it out of the recipe without affecting the flavor too much. Turmeric taste is normally not strong since it becomes harsh if used in excess.

Turmeric is typically used as a mild spice in East Asian cuisine. Turmeric and other East Asian herbs, for example, are often used in Indian cuisine.

Before using a turmeric alternative, check the produce and spice aisles of your local supermarket. You may be able to locate a squeeze container with crushed or chopped turmeric. Garlic is available in this form, generally in an oil basis, allowing you to squeeze out the quantity you need.

The chilled tubes extend its shelf life. You may sometimes find a tube of turmeric paste next to the ginger.

If not, and you don’t want to leave it out, use one of these substitutions in your recipe.

Ground Turmeric

Ground turmeric is sold in tiny jars as a powder, similar to paprika and garlic powder. The powder is brilliant yellow-orange in color and has a fragrant fragrance.

This spice may be found in the spice and baking aisles of most supermarkets. You may also get it online from Amazon and other retailers that supply shelf-stable pantry supplies. Look for turmeric or curcumin in spice bottles.

Numerous businesses now offer curcumin pills since the ingredient in turmeric is thought to be beneficial. You can’t purchase the vitamins and put the powder in tablets like you would powdered turmeric.

When purchasing, carefully read the label to confirm that it is the spice and not a supplement.

To substitute ground turmeric for fresh turmeric in a dish, use one-half teaspoon of ground turmeric for every two tablespoons of chopped turmeric root.

Curry Powder

If you can’t get ground turmeric, curry powder will suffice. Use one-half teaspoon curry powder for every two tablespoons of chopped fresh turmeric root.

Use curry powder instead of curry paste. The taste profile is distinct, and the paste alters the texture of the dish more than going from freshly chopped root to powdered spice would.

Additionally, in most meals, do not substitute cumin or chili powder for turmeric. The tastes are distinct enough that they will not function as a replacement but will alter the overall flavor of the meal.


If you have paprika, ideally not smoky paprika, you may use it as a turmeric alternative in the same quantity as the curry powder. A half teaspoon of powdered ground mustard may also assist approximate the color turmeric would provide to the meal without significantly affecting the flavor.

Since smoked paprika has a stronger smoky flavor than turmeric, use half the quantity and taste it before adding more.

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What aisle can I find turmeric?

Turmeric may be purchased in the spice department of the grocery store as well as the supplement section of the pharmacy. It may be consumed fresh or dried, then powdered into a spice for cooking. Do you want to include turmeric into your diet? Look at these recipes!

Where do I get turmeric roots?

Get your rhizomes.

Asian or Indian grocers may also carry it or be able to order some for you. If you can’t locate any locally, Jung Seed offers tiny potted plants, or fresh turmeric rhizomes may be purchased from a variety of retailers on Amazon or eBay.

Is turmeric root the same as turmeric extract?

Turmeric root powder is what you’ll find in your spice cabinet, but turmeric extract is more of an elixir prepared by shredding turmeric root and soaking it in edible solvents. This is found in herbal mixtures like health teas.

Can you buy turmeric in supermarkets?

Turmeric root may be found in the produce area of supermarkets such as Walmart, Whole Foods, and Publix. Turmeric root, like ginger root, should be refrigerated for a longer shelf life.

Is turmeric root better than powder?

While using fresh turmeric, a molecule called curcumin (the major antioxidant) is more readily absorbed by the body. Curcumin is also present in high-quality powdered turmeric, although its efficacy is reduced. Fresh turmeric has a brighter, spicier flavor and may be used in cooking.

Is McCormick turmeric real turmeric?

We obtain Alleppey turmeric, which has a high curcumin content, a beautiful yellow hue, and a rich taste. McCormick turmeric comes from India, where it is revered in Hindu culture. Our 20-year-plus partner in India works hard to guarantee that every bottle has uniform color and quality.

What is another name for turmeric root?

Turmeric is also known as curcumin, Curcuma aromatica, and a variety of other names.

What is the common name for turmeric root?

Turmeric is known as “haldi” in North India, a name derived from the Sanskrit word haridra, and “manjal” in the south, a word that appears often in ancient Tamil literature.

Can you just eat turmeric root?

Absolutely! Since turmeric is a member of the ginger family, it has a similar appearance and flavor to ginger. Just peel fresh, raw turmeric as you would a knob of fresh ginger, then slice, dice, or grate it.

Who should not take turmeric root?

Turmeric at high dosages may have a blood-thinning effect; if combined with prescription anticoagulants, this may raise the risk of severe bleeding. Turmeric supplements should not be used by anyone who have liver or bile duct disorders since they may increase bile production.

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