Where can I get Tahini at the supermarket? (Simple to find)

If you’re attempting a new dish and need tahini, you could be at a loss. After all, it’s not a common component for most people, and finding it at the grocery might be tough.

Where can you get tahini at the supermarket? Tahini may be purchased at supermarket shops such as Walmart, Kroger, Target, and Safeway in the condiment or foreign foods section.

It’s either in the condiments section, among the salad dressings, peanut butter, and oils, or in the foreign foods section. This is dependent on your grocery shop and the size of the foreign foods area.

Tahini is manufactured from sesame seeds, although it will not be present with the nuts. This is because it is frequently canned to keep it fresh for extended periods of time. The first place to search is in the foreign foods section. This is due to the fact that tahini is a typical Middle Eastern paste that is often used to produce hummus.

Most supermarkets offer an international aisle that is divided by nationality. Search for ethnic cuisine beside Indian food in the Middle Eastern and Asian categories. If you’ve searched up and down the foreign aisle and still haven’t located tahini, proceed to the condiments section.

Check near the other nut and seed butter in the condiments area. There should be a broad range of options, from sunflower seed butter to peanut butter. Tahini is often seen here due to its comparable feel to nut butter. It might be in both areas in certain supermarkets.

Where to buy tahini near me

If you’re not sure which grocery store has tahini, do some research before you go. Since it is a specialist item, it is not available in all large supermarkets.

You don’t want to spend hours exploring the shop just to discover that they never had tahini to begin with.


The tahini Walmart aisle varies by location, although tahini is available in practically every Walmart shop. You may get chilled raw tahini, which is often served with hummus and baba ghanoush, or standard canned tahini.

Tahini may be found in the condiments section at Walmart among the nut and seed butter. It’s frequently found beside the sunflower seed butter. You may download the Walmart app and search by your exact location. The app will inform you which aisle to seek at your local shop and which retailers carry specific kinds of tahini.


Tahini is not available at every Target. Several mega Targets have it, but normal Targets, especially ones with a food department, seldom do. Since it is a niche item, it is not available at every shop. But, Target sells readymade hummus.


Safeway offers organic tahini at the majority of its stores. Go to the Safeway website and search for your location to see where tahini is sold. Tahini is often found at Safeway supermarkets with nut butter. Raw tahini, on the other hand, is kept refrigerated and near the hummus and tabbouleh (usually in the deli section of the store).


Tahini may be found on Kroger’s foreign foods aisle, with sesame seeds and other Middle Eastern staples. The international aisle, which is usually located in the center of the supermarket, may include everything from Eastern Asian cuisine to European goods. Tahini is stored near the Middle Eastern cuisine, which is kept close the Indian food.

Trader Joe’s

Tahini was one of the first large grocery shops to sell it as a key product. It is 100% organic and is kept refrigerated with other sauces and condiments. Trader Joe’s has flavored tahinis with herbs and spices to produce other recipes in addition to their standard tahini product.

Specialty Stores

Tahini is, of course, available in Middle Eastern grocery shops and oriental markets. Any of these speciality ethnic shops will offer a vast choice of sauces, butter types, and ingredients that you may not find in a bigger chain grocery store. If you can’t get tahini, look for it in a can at your local specialty shop.

How to buy tahini online

Tahini may be purchased online in a variety of ways. You may get tahini from the comfort of your own home, whether you want it delivered or picked up at the grocery store.

Tahini will come to you if you are willing to wait a few days. These are some of the best websites to buy tahini online:

  • Amazon
  • Walmart.com (grocery pick-up or delivery) (grocery pick-up or delivery)
  • Foods from Soom
  • Market Thrive
  • Instacart
  • The Hive Brands

Although these are just a few options for ordering tahini online, they are most likely the quickest. If you aren’t in a rush and can’t locate your recipe at your local supermarket, Amazon or Walmart may be your best internet alternative.

What can i get instead of tahini?

Tahini is a one-of-a-kind ingredient that is difficult to replicate. If you can’t locate it in the store or online, you may use these items as a last-minute substitution.

Remember that these additions will change the recipe.

Sunflower Butter

If you can’t locate tahini at all, unflavored sunflower butter is a good replacement. Since the texture and thickness are similar, you may use sunflower seed butter in most of the same recipes. Yet, since it has a sweeter flavor, hummus and other salty dishes may taste different.

Greek Yogurt

If you don’t have sunflower or other nut butter, you may substitute Greek yogurt for the tahini. Since it is not the same thickness, you may need to add flour (depending on what you are making). Nevertheless, greek yogurt has a similar texture and tart taste to tahini and may serve the same purpose.


Unless you’re preparing hummus, you can substitute hummus for tahini. After all, tahini and chickpeas are the main components of hummus. Hummus requires a thickening, such as chickpea flour or cornstarch. Yet, in certain recipes, it might have the same taste effect.


Where is tahini found in kroger?

Tahini may be found on Kroger’s foreign foods aisle, with sesame seeds and other Middle Eastern staples. The international aisle, which is usually located in the center of the supermarket, may include everything from Eastern Asian cuisine to European goods.

What can I use instead of tahini?

Cashew or almond butter are the greatest tahini substitutes. These nut butters have a similar consistency to tahini and a mild taste. Others believe that peanut butter may be used as a replacement, but we prefer the more neutral taste of cashew and almond butter.

Does tahini need to be refrigerated?

Unopened tahini jars may be kept in the pantry for up to six months beyond the “best before” date. Tahini may be kept in its original container or moved to an airtight container and refrigerated once opened. If refrigerated, store-bought tahini will keep for about 6 months.

Which tahini is good for hummus?

Al Arz Tahini is the best all-around tahini.

It has a rich, nutty taste that isn’t mushy or sticky. This is the one I keep in my kitchen for hummus, baba ghanouj (sometimes called baba ganoush), tahini sauce for falafel, and other uses.

What department is tahini in grocery store?

With the rise in popularity of hummus and other world cuisines, tahini paste can now be purchased in most big supermarkets. Look in the condiments department, near the gourmet olives. You may also be able to locate a jar in the ethnic foods section.

What flavor is tahini?

Tahini has a distinct earthy taste that is somewhat bitter but not overwhelming. While the spread is comparable to peanut butter and other nut butters, it lacks the same sweet taste characteristic. With this creamy, rich ingredient, the toasted sesame seed taste comes through.

Is tahini really necessary?

You absolutely do not have to. Tahini is simply one of those items that I don’t always have on hand. It’s also by far the most costly component in hummus. Tahini is a sesame seed-based paste.

Does tahini taste like mayo?

Tahini sauce. Tahini is a sesame seed paste that adds a nutty flavor to hummus. By combining 3-4 tablespoons of tahini, lemon juice, and water, you can produce a fantastic mayonnaise-like sauce.

What the heck is tahini?

Simply described, tahini is a thick, creamy paste with a distinct nutty taste made by crushing sesame seeds. Before, the seeds may be roasted or untoasted.

Can you eat tahini straight from the jar?

Tahini is the hip elder sibling of your favorite nut butters. It may be eaten straight from the jar, blended with chickpeas for a traditional handmade hummus, or poured into batter for a sweet treat.

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