Where can I get Sesame Seeds at the supermarket? (Short Guide)

Most individuals may spend hours searching for sesame seeds at a supermarket store. It’s almost as if you need some hidden information or a secret door to obtain the solution to Where can I locate sesame seeds in the grocery store?

Sesame seeds may be found in the spices and cooking department of the grocery store, with other culinary aids such as flaxseed, bagel seasoning, and salt.

If you can’t locate sesame seeds in the spices and cookery aisle, search in the Asian food department if your grocery store has one, or in the organic snack section.

What do sesame seeds look like in the supermarket?

Sesame seeds are sold in little glass jars or spice tins. They are often found in the spice aisle, which helps you visualize the sort of container they come in. Sesame seeds are sold in certain supermarkets alongside ethnic cuisine, and they may come in bigger containers.

What is the price of sesame seeds?

A two-ounce tin of Krogers store brand sesame seeds costs slightly over $3. The Plain Truth A two-ounce container of organic sesame seeds costs more than $4. Walmart’s Great Value sesame seeds cost less than a dollar for two ounces, yet their organic sesame seeds cost $4 for the same size jar.

The cost of sesame seeds varies depending on the size of the container and the brand. In tiny amounts, several establishments offer their brand of sesame seeds.

Frontier Organic, for example, sells sesame seeds in a bag. They charge $7 for a 16-ounce bag. You may also hunt for black sesame seeds, which are normally the same price as white sesame seeds but may be more difficult to obtain.

Sesame seeds may be purchased online at a lower cost for a bigger quantity. But, in most instances, you will have to pay for delivery and wait several days for the merchandise to arrive at your home.

You may not want to wait if you require sesame seeds for a dish. As a result, it may be worthwhile to spend extra money at the grocery shop.

What are the best brands of sesame seeds to buy?

Sesame seeds are available in a variety of brands in addition to retail brands. Among the greatest brands are:

  • Bob’s Red Mill: Purchase it here
  • Truly Nuts: Get it here.
  • Spices from the Badia region
  • Real Food is now available.
  • McCormick & Company

Where to buy sesame seeds near me?

Sesame seeds are consumed as a snack or utilized in cooking. Sesame seeds are widely available in stores since they are a popular garnish, taste, and food texture element.

They will be available at the following locations:

  • Any Asian supermarkets?
  • Walmart’s groceries department
  • Grocery department at Target
  • Every large grocery in your neighborhood

The problem is figuring out where to get sesame seeds. The secret is where you can find them at the store where you are shopping. As previously said, they may be in one of numerous locations.

Sesame seeds, for example, are an important element of Asian cookery and may be found there, but they are also used in several seafood recipes.

How to buy sesame seeds online 

Sesame seeds may be purchased online in a variety of ways. These are five e-commerce companies that sell sesame seeds and provide delivery as well as in-store or drive-up pickup:


Amazon offers many shipping choices and sells a variety of sesame seed brands. If the buyer is not an Amazon Prime member, there will be a delivery fee. There are numerous methods to earn delivery reductions, but the ideal strategy is to purchase several goods at once to get free shipping.

If you purchase sesame seeds this way, you must choose the kind (for garnish, as a dish component, or as a snack), since Amazon provides numerous possibilities.


Walmart provides delivery as well as curbside or in-store pickup. There are same-day delivery choices, but most are 1 to 3 days. Walmart also sells a variety of sesame seeds, so you should have a decent notion of how to utilize them.


Target offers a variety of sesame seeds. If you choose in-store pickup, you may have them within two hours after ordering. Most Target locations provide delivery choices ranging from overnight to many days. You must also know what kind of sesame seeds you desire. Keep in mind that Target offers a limited selection of sesame seed varieties.


Nuts-in-Bulk is a wholesale distributor and supplier of many types of nuts or nut-like culinary products. Don’t be put off by the lengthy title. The company offers its merchandise in a variety of sizes. Shipping options are available on the Nuts-in-Bulk website.

Sage, my spice

My Spice Sage has been in business since 2008, delivering healthy living items backed by a satisfaction guarantee. This website has more possibilities than any of the others. My Spice Sage also offers a variety of delivery choices.

Tips on Ordering Sesame Seeds Online

Here are some pointers when ordering sesame seeds (or any other perishable item) online:

Stick With Known Sellers

Numerous bogus companies offer so-called health food on the internet. It is often not as promised. Some are downright deceptions. Adhere to well-known retailers such as Amazon or Walmart, for example.

Some merchants may attempt to sell you a large quantity of the thing you wish to purchase. Regardless of the price reduction, you probably don’t need 50 pounds of sesame seeds.

Verify the Packaging

Sesame seeds are resistant to environmental influences but not indestructible. Be certain that the vendor you pick has a well-established shipping service and that their items are properly packaged.

Verify the Delivery Organization

To save money, some internet retailers would use discount shippers. This may be a double-edged sword. You save money on the one hand. Therefore, you may not see your merchandise for many weeks.

How long do store-bought sesame seeds last after opening?

Store-bought sesame seeds last exactly as long in an open container as they do at the shop. Always check the best by date placed on the container by the manufacturer, but keep in mind that this date is not fixed in stone. You may add three to eight months to that date for sesame seeds and still use fresh sesame seeds in your recipes.

These times relate to storing sesame seeds in the pantry, which is a good idea. If you want to store them in the refrigerator, you may extend the best by date by a year and still have fresh sesame seeds.

The taste of your sesame seeds may fade with time, but they are still safe to use in your recipes. You won’t get ill by eating old sesame seeds, but they won’t have the same taste.

How to properly store sesame seeds?

Sesame seeds should be stored in an airtight container, whether that is the bag or jar they came in or something different. They can survive in a dark corner of the pantry as long as the temperature remains roughly constant.

To extend the life of sesame seeds, store them in the refrigerator. They can remain fresh for six to eight months at room temperature if stored in a dark pantry. They’ll keep for up to a year in the chilly inside of the refrigerator.

Should sesame seeds be refrigerated?

Yes and no, in a nutshell. Sesame seeds will keep in the cupboard for a long period, particularly when compared to many other items. Sesame seeds may be stored in an airtight jar in the pantry for up to eight months.

Refrigerating sesame seeds in an airtight container, on the other hand, will keep them fresh for up to a year. A few months makes little impact, but it’s preferable to store sesame seeds in the fridge if you don’t expect to consume them all in eight months. Instead of throwing away sesame seed-enhanced meals, you may enjoy them for a few more months.

What can i get instead of sesame seeds?

Here are some ideas, presented in no particular sequence.

Sunflower Seeds

Most people believe that sunflower seeds in the shell are a better snack than sesame seeds. Sunflower seeds have a high concentration of Vitamin E, copper, magnesium, selenium proteins, fiber, and phytochemicals. That’s fancy jargon meaning “extremely excellent for you.” Sunflower seeds may also be found in salads, fried meats, and stir-fry meals.

Chopped Nuts

In terms of flavor, chopped nuts are probably the closest replacement, excluding sesame-based additions. Almonds and walnuts are the ideal replacements, but any sliced nut will suffice. Virtually all nuts provide similar health advantages to sesame seeds. Nuts may be used in place of sesame seeds in cookies, bread, and muffins, as well as in most Asian dishes.

Sesame Oil

If your local supermarket does not have sesame seeds, they very probably carry sesame oil. Most stores have it in the spice and baking department. If it isn’t there, look for it in the Asian foods area of the store. If you want a pure sesame seed flavor, be sure your sesame seed oil is not infused with anything else.

You may also be interested in: Sesame oil alternatives

Sesame seed oil has the aroma and flavor of sesame seeds. The only thing lacking is the majority of the nutrients found in sesame seeds.

Sesame seed oil is also not as visually appealing as sesame seeds. You should avoid using sesame seed oil in baked goods. Sesame seed oil burns rapidly and readily, destroying a meal before you know there is a problem.

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What aisle are black sesame seeds in?

Generally, black sesame seeds are more difficult to come by, which is why I decided to write this essay. When you look in the spice area of most big grocery chains, you won’t always find them there. If they have them, they’re probably in the foreign department with the Asian dishes.

Are sesame seeds refrigerated?

Storage of sesame seeds should be done in an airtight container. Unrefrigerated seeds may be stored for up to three months in a cool, dry environment. Refrigerated seeds can keep for up to six months; frozen seeds will keep for up to a year.

What foods can you find sesame seeds?

They’re a popular addition to bagels, burger buns, salads, and breadsticks. They may also be used to dress salads. Tahini, a key component of hummus, is produced from powdered sesame seeds.

Does Kroger have sesame seeds?

Kroger Private Selection Sesame Seeds, 2 oz.

What section are sesame seeds in?

Sesame may be found in the spice aisle, bulk department, or foreign foods section of the shop as whole seeds in a variety of hues. Sesame oil may be found in worldwide dishes. Tahini is my favourite method to consume sesame.

Where is sesame seed located?

Sesame seed is one of the earliest known oilseed crops, having been cultivated over 3,000 years ago. Several more species of Sesamum exist, the majority of which are wild and endemic to Sub-Saharan Africa. The cultivated type, S. indicum, originates in India.

Should we wash sesame seeds before eating?

It’s important to wash the seeds well before toasting them, and to take care of them so they don’t burn.

Are sesame seeds peeled or unpeeled?

Sesame seeds are encased in a seed coat, or hull, when freshly picked from sesame plants. Most sesame seeds in the United States are sold having the seed coat removed, although unhulled sesame seeds (also known as natural) are a staple in Japan and are becoming more widely accessible at natural foods shops in the United States.

Is Sesame Seed a nut?

Sesame seeds are small, flat oval seeds with a nutty flavor and an almost imperceptible crunch. While sesame seeds are not classed as nuts, the proteins in sesame seeds may mimic proteins in some nuts and may cause an allergic response in children who are sensitive to nuts.

Why does my stomach hurt after eating sesame seeds?

Over ingestion of sesame seeds might cause dangerously low blood pressure. Sesame seed fiber may create a coating on the appendix, producing bloating and discomfort.

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