Where can I get grits at the grocery store? (Short Guide)

If you’ve ever wondered where to get grits, you’ve come to the perfect spot. Generally, grocery shops are the most orderly locations to visit. Their arrangement sometimes makes sense only to the folks who operate the shop.

Where can I get grits at the grocery store? Grits may be found in the grocery store’s breakfast area. Grits are frequently served with other hot cereal alternatives, such as oatmeal.

Grits are similar to cornmeal in that they are made from corn. And since it is a common morning dish, it stands to reason that it would be found alongside other cereals.

If you can’t locate grits among your cereals, such as oatmeal, you may have to go to the grain and flour aisle. It may get stuck on these products at times, even when the cereal items make more sense.

Lastly, you may search in the baking area. Grits should not be kept in the baking area since they are not suitable for baking. Nevertheless, if a grocery shop does not have a large breakfast area, the grits may be mixed in with other items such as flours, starches, and cornmeal.

Grits are a delicate morning item that is prepared in the same way as rice or oatmeal. They are made from maize and are frequently eaten with salt, butter, or cheese. They have a thick, silky consistency and are quite filling. They are also simple to locate.

Where to buy grits near me?

Grits are widely available at supermarket shops. Although most people associate grits with the South, they are available across the country. Grits do not have to be found in the center of Louisiana.

Grits will be available at most grocery shops in the city. Large corporate shops like Walmart and Target are renowned for providing a broad variety of intriguing cuisine, and even small local grocery stores will most likely have grits of some kind.

Grits are quite abundant across the United States. You should have little trouble finding them at most supermarket shops. If a grocery shop does not have grits for any reason, they can almost definitely order some for you.

Traditional grocery shops that sell grits include the following:

  • Walmart
  • Target
  • The Sam’s Club
  • Kroger
  • Albertsons
  • Food Supermarkets
  • The Food Lion
  • Markets Acme
  • Costco
  • Shop at Save Mart
  • Hy-Vee
  • Fareway
  • Meijer
  • The Great Eagle
  • Markets Weis
  • The Piggly Wiggly
  • Wegmans
  • Basket Market
  • Brookshire Bros.
  • Harps Food Market
  • Markets in English
  • Publix

There are also several local grocery store chains that sell grits. Among these local chains are:

  • Ohio’s Acme Fresh Market
  • New York DAgostino Sueprmarkets
  • Crest Foods is located in Oklahoma.
  • Cub Foods is located in Minnesota.
  • Hawaii is a foodie paradise.
  • Utah Harmons Grocery
  • Hugos in North Dakota and Minnesota
  • Magruders are located in Washington, D.C.
  • In Massachusetts, Roche Bros.

Whether you shop at a large national grocery store chain or want to stick with local selections, you should have no issue locating grits, making preparing a real southern breakfast simple and enjoyable.

How to buy grits online?

Grits may be found online, whether you prefer Amazon or grocery store websites. If all else fails, you can get your grits online and have them delivered straight to your home.

The following are some of the most convenient sites to order grits:

  • Amazon
  • Mr. Anson Mills
  • Walmart


On Amazon, you can buy practically anything. The huge online shopping behemoth offers a diverse range of things that you may not be able to discover elsewhere. You can usually purchase anything on Amazon if it isn’t easily accessible at a physical shop.

Grits from Palmetto Farms, Carolina Grits Company, and Quaker are available on Amazon. There are also organic versions available on Amazon, such as Bobs Red Mill Organic Corn Grits.

Anson Mills

Anson Mills North Carolina was founded by a Southern California immigrant with a love for gastronomy and science. Anson Mills now provides high-quality items that may be ordered online at a reasonable price.

Anson Mills grits are really excellent. They also provide a large variety, making it simple to discover exactly what you’re searching for.


If you don’t feel like going to your local Walmart, you may always get the items you need online. When you don’t feel like leaving the home, the Walmart online shop makes it simple to discover just what you need.

Ordering grits from Walmart online is sometimes more convenient than going to a real shop. Some retail locations may not sell all of the things you want, and it may be simpler to get the brand you choose online.

Can’t Find Grits? See Top Alternatives

What about when you can’t locate grits and you really need grits? Is there anything you can substitute for grits that tastes as good?

Although it is unusual for a shop to run out of grits, there are a handful other products you may substitute if required.


Polenta is somewhat more refined and has a more delicate texture than grits, but it is a popular grits alternative that can be used in virtually every recipe that calls for grits.


Hominy, often known as hominy grits, is a kind of grit that may be used in lieu of regular grits in a hurry. They’re usually a lighter color and have a somewhat different flavor, but they may still be used in lieu of grits.


Cornmeal isn’t ideal for grits, but it can suffice in a pinch. It is more refined and silky, which will alter the texture of your dishes. Nevertheless, cornmeal may be used in lieu of grits and tastes just as wonderful. After all, it’s all corn.


What are grits on a menu?

Grits are porridge prepared from boiling cornmeal. Hominy grits are grits produced from hominy – maize that has been nixtamalized (processed with an alkali) and the pericarp (ovary wall) removed. As a breakfast food, grits are often flavored.

What are quick cooking grits?

Fast grits are finely ground and ready in 5 minutes; ordinary grits are medium ground and ready in 10 minutes. Instant grits are precooked and dehydrated grits with a fine texture. Just add boiling water to prepare them.

What part of corn is grits?

Dent maize, which has a softer and starchier kernel than other corn kinds, is used to make grits. The mature kernels are processed by removing the outer husk, drying, and grinding into smaller pieces. The most basic—and arguably most common—method of preparing grits is to boil them before adding butter and milk.

Why are grits only in the South?

Grits were developed in the 16th century by Native American Muskogee tribes in southern areas such as Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. These tribes are responsible for crushing dried maize into a coarse, gritty texture and giving it to colonists.

What section do you find grits in?

Grits may be found in the grocery store’s breakfast area. Grits are frequently served with other hot cereal alternatives, such as oatmeal. Grits are similar to cornmeal in that they are made from corn. It’s also a common morning item, so it seems to reason that it’d be seen with other cereals.

What category does grits fall under?

Grain items include bread, pasta, breakfast cereals, grits, and tortillas. The Grains Group also includes foods like popcorn, rice, and oats.

Are grits healthier than oatmeal?

Oats have more calories than grits, but they also have more fiber and protein, making them a superior option for weight loss. Grits, on the other hand, supply less calories overall, which may be advantageous for diabetics.

Are grits healthy for you?

Grits, as a whole grain, include numerous antioxidants that help reduce cellular damage caused by free radicals, or unstable atoms in the body. Two of the antioxidants present in grits, lutein and zeaxanthin, have been linked to improved eyesight and eye health, as well as protection against age-related eye illnesses.

Are instant grits OK to eat?

The nutrients in quick, normal, and instant grits are lower than in stone-ground grits. Moreover, they are commonly coupled with high-calorie items, which might contribute to weight gain if consumed in excess.

Are grits just cornmeal?

Corn meal may be manufactured from almost any kind of corn and comes in a variety of hues ranging from white and yellow to red and blue. All of them are used interchangeably. Grits, on the other hand, resemble coarse corn meal but are historically formed with hominy rather than plain dried corn.

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