Where can I get cheesecloth at the supermarket?

A cheesecloth is a kind of fabric that is used to separate liquids from solids. Cotton, linen, or hemp are used to make it. Cheesecloths are mostly employed in the culinary arts, but they can have other uses.

They are mostly used to drain curds for cheese production, but they may also be used for brewing, custards and puddings, and sauce thickening. Some people even use them to preserve goods like dried fruits and nuts.

Where can I get cheesecloth at the supermarket? Cheesecloth may be found in the baking area of supermarkets such as Walmart, Lowe’s, Target, and Home Depot. It is often found with other kitchen equipment such as measuring cups and spoons, cookie sheets, and cake pans.

Several department shops may also sell it in the kitchen area.

Where to buy cheese cloth near me

Cheesecloth may be found at grocery shops, hardware stores, and craft stores. This is a list of the top places to purchase cheese cloths:

  • Walmart
  • Lowes
  • The Home Depot
  • Target
  • Fabric and Craft Shop JoAnn’s
  • Michaels is an arts and crafts store.

It’s also worth noting that cheesecloth may be obtained at Walmart and Target’s craft and baking areas.

How to buy cheese cloth online

You may buy cheesecloth online by searching Google for cheesecloth purchase online. You’ll have a lot of options from merchants you’ve probably never heard of. Nonetheless, we shall discuss the five most well-known and reliable online shopping sites.


Unless you have a shop preference, Amazon is the major point for purchasing everything. The possibilities are infinite now that they provide Affirm financing on things.

Amazon offers 317 cheesecloth alternatives, so you can get the brand and kind you need without going overboard. Adding items to a wishlist is a useful option for selecting the finest cheesecloth from Amazon.

If you try one kind and aren’t happy, just return to the wishlist and try another without looking for it.


This may sound ridiculous, but a search for cheesecloth on Walmart’s website yielded almost 1000 results. It is reasonable to state that getting cheesecloth from Walmart is a realistic alternative. Picking up your purchase in the shop saves you money on shipping, which is always a benefit.

At Walmart, you may choose between cooking, bags, reusable, and 2 square yard food grade cheesecloth. That makes it easy to narrow down your options and choose the right fabric.


Lowes is a fantastic site to get cheesecloth since you can also buy other culinary supplies at the same time, which is usually convenient.

Lowes might not have the same variety as Walmart or Amazon, but they do have benefits such as free delivery on purchases over $50. You may also take advantage of special financing offerings if you have their store card.

Home Depot

For the same reasons as Lowes, Home Depot is an excellent location to buy cheesecloth. They have a selection of brands to pick from and provide free delivery on purchases over $45 USD.

Home Depot sells multi-surface cheesecloth, which is more durable and can be used numerous times.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond has a basic assortment of cheesecloth that is suitable for daily usage. The best part about buying from this company online is that if you have their store card, you may receive 15% back in rewards.

Not to add that they provide three ordering alternatives. One may choose to pick up their goods in-store, get same-day or next-day delivery, or choose for regular delivery.

You may earn points with their rewards program even if you do not have their store card.

What can i get instead of cheesecloth?

If you can’t get cheesecloth or the precise brand you’re looking for, here are the top three options.


A strainer is a culinary tool for separating particles from liquids. This is a popular substitute for cheesecloth and can be obtained at most department shops. The disadvantage of this solution is that it might be difficult to clean and is not as long-lasting.

Muslin Cloth

Muslin cloth is a cotton-based lightweight fabric. It’s a great substitute for cheesecloth since it’s simpler to get and less expensive.

The disadvantage of this solution is that it is not as long-lasting as cheesecloth. If you purchase a muslin cloth, be sure to get more than one if you have a larger project, since they may not be sturdy enough to be used numerous times.

Bag Filter

A bag filter is a kind of cloth bag that is used to separate particulates from liquids. This is a typical substitute for cheesecloth and is available at most hardware shops. The disadvantage of this technique is that the bag will need to be changed often.

One thing to keep in mind is that none of these alternatives are as effective as cheesecloth, although they are excellent interim fixes. Cheesecloth is a kitchen necessity for a multitude of reasons and should be found in every home.

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Where does Walmart keep cheesecloth?

Cheesecloth may be found in most Walmart supermarkets’ culinary or baking aisles. It is often offered in conjunction with other straining goods such as coffee filters, bags, and culinary tools. Some retailers may also offer cheesecloth in the crafts department or next to the paper towels in the kitchen cleaning aisle.

What can I substitute for cheesecloth?

Since they are all made of cotton, pillowcases, kitchen towels, and hankies function nicely as cheesecloth. Simply said, any cotton fabric, whether scraps, bedsheets, or bandanas, may be substituted for the cheesecloth.

Is paper towel the same as a cheesecloth?

If you ever run out of cheesecloth in the kitchen, a coffee filter, linen dish towel, or even a paper towel would suffice. To strain stocks and broth, line a strainer with a coffee filter or towel (linen or paper), and use a coffee filter instead of cheesecloth for making a sachet.

What is cheesecloth fabric called?

In certain regions of the globe, cheesecloth is known material as muslin, although it is not the stiffer, more tightly woven muslin used for garment prototypes.

Where is cheesecloth in Hobby Lobby?

Sewing & Quilting Accessories. Sewing Tools. Unbleached Cheesecloth.

Does cheesecloth need to be washed before using?

Follow these basic recommendations when using the fine cheesecloth that comes with your kits (90# if you’re curious): Wash in warm water the first time. When using curds, quickly rinse them with cold water. Hand-wash as you would dishtowels. To achieve success with the butter muslin

Can I use coffee filter instead of cheesecloth?

With a coffee filter, strain the mixture. The solids are all filtered out, leaving just clear liquid. Throw the filter aside to clean up. Just line a mesh strainer with cheesecloth instead.

Can I use a gauze pad as a cheesecloth?

A flour sack dish towel, a huge men’s handkerchief, or a bandana may alternatively be used as a substitute. Medical Gauze: If all you need is a little piece of cheesecloth, a gauze pad will suffice.

Where can I buy a cheesecloth for straining?

Cheesecloth may be found in the kitchen supply departments of many department and supermarket shops. They are also available at kitchen supply shops and at Mary’s Kitchen Towels.

Can you use wax paper instead of cheesecloth?

You must wrap the cheese before storing it. Plastic wrap is not an option; in fact, putting cheese in plastic wrap will only cause it to spoil quicker. Instead, use parchment or wax paper to enable the cheese to air and avoid further wetness.

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