Where Can I Get Capers at a Grocery Store? (Short Guide)

Do you remember those strange tiny green, salty balls that came with Bagel and Lox? They’re capers!

If you’re not acquainted with capers, we’ll show you where to acquire them so you may try them for yourself.

Where can I get Capers at the supermarket? Capers may be found in the condiment or foreign area of supermarkets such as Safeway, Walmart, and Whole Foods.

They come in a little, black jar that is difficult to find on grocery store shelves.

The store’s condiment department might be overpowering, but the capers are most likely amid the jars of pickles and horseradish. Look for a container the size of a little soda can packed with tiny seaweed-colored balls.

Make a beeline towards the pickles the next time you’re wondering where to find capers at the grocery store!

Where to buy Capers near me

Whether you’re wondering about this condiment or simply want a salty snack, these are the top supermarket shops in the nation to get some tasty capers. Remember to check the condiments beside all of the pickles, as well as the foreign aisle.

  • Soopers King
  • Safeway
  • Shop at Stop & Shop
  • Giant
  • Whole Foods Market
  • Trader Joe’s is a retailer.
  • Walmart

Remember that these aren’t the only locations you can get capers. Capers might be sold at small grocers, local shops, and convenience stores since they have a long shelf life and need no temperature control or other conditions.

How to buy Capers online

Having difficulties locating the little green jar at the supermarket? We don’t hold it against you. As previously said, the jar is small and difficult to locate. You don’t have to give up your capers, however, since there are lots of companies online that will bring this little jar directly to your home!

Check out the following major online merchants for your capers:


Amazon allows you to purchase products, such as capers, in three different ways! The first option is to use the regular Amazon website or app. You may get a small jar, or potentially bulk if it is available, from Amazon using the usual Amazon shipping service.

Using Amazon Fresh is another alternative that will most likely be quicker. Amazon Fresh is a supermarket delivery service that brings you warehouses of food, some of which are recognizable brands and others of which are Amazon brands. Almost everything you can purchase at a grocery store can be ordered online and delivered within a few days, often even the same day.

Finally, Amazon provides a service in which they shop at Whole Foods and deliver the things to you. This service is somewhat more expensive than Amazon Fresh, but it takes about the same length of time to deliver.

The primary distinctions between these three alternatives are pricing, availability, and delivery time. Yet, you could compare all three alternatives in about 10 minutes to get the best value.


As previously said, Walmart shops with competent food departments should have capers. If you don’t want to go to the shop, you may get them from Walmart’s website and have them delivered directly to your home. As compared to many other services, Walmart provides speedy and affordable delivery, making it an excellent choice for those who despise grocery shopping.

If you don’t want to rummage through the aisles for the little capers jar, you may order them for curbside pickup. It’s a simple procedure in which you place an order for the closest Walmart to you, and then when you arrive, you call and they deliver your groceries and other stuff to your vehicle.


Instacart is a popular grocery delivery service right now. This service sends shoppers to a grocery store near you to buy for the things you’ve specified and then delivers them to you. If you don’t want to go through the grocery shop, this is a wonderful choice. But also if you don’t want to wait days for a delivery from Amazon or Walmart.

Instacart may deliver the same day or, at the absolute least, the following day. Thus you can have your capers in just a few hours!

What can i get instead of Capers?

Keep these three great caper substitutes in mind if you find yourself in a caper jam and still want to make the delectable meal you planned:

1. Green Olives

Green olives are by far the finest caper alternative. The texture is similar, but olives are thicker and bigger. It helps to cut the olives into little pieces, roughly the size of capers.

The taste is so identical that you won’t even notice the difference. Both components have a salty, earthy taste, and their colors are almost identical. Chopping up green olives is the finest way to mislead dinner guests into believing you have capers on hand.

2. Pickles

How many times have we said how close the capers are to the pickles? A lot since both of these things arrive in jars and are kept fresh and tasty by sitting in salty, vinegary liquids. Dill pickles or even spicy pickles are the greatest alternatives since they provide the same zestiness as capers.

To get as near to capers as possible, slice the onions into caper-sized bits, much like the green olives. Pickles will be crunchier than capers, but they may work on something like a bagel and Lox that needs some salt.

3. Lemon

Surprisingly, a splash of lemon juice might serve as a fantastic alternative for the spicy capers. You won’t have the texture or visual appeal of capers since you should add lemon juice on top or into the dish’s foundation. But, the bright, punchy taste of lemon juice is more similar to the characteristic flavor of capers than you may believe.

To enhance the taste of the capers, add a few cracks of fresh black peppercorns to the meal. The lemon and pepper combo brings out the umami yet sharp taste of capers.

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What aisle are capers on at Kroger?

Olives and capers at Kroger’s Pantry Section.

Where are capers kept?

Capers may be packed in brine or salt, which affects how they should be preserved; both should be kept in an airtight container. Brine-packed capers should be thoroughly immersed and stored in the refrigerator for at least nine months. Jars that have not been opened may be kept in the pantry.

What aisle are capers in at Ralphs?

Ralphs’ Pantry Section sells olives and capers.

What do capers look like?

When immature buds are left on the shrub, they bloom into flowers and, ultimately, convert into the caper berry fruit, which is linked to the bush by a long stem, somewhat like a cherry. Their hue, size, and form, on the other hand, closely resemble green olives.

Are capers like pickles?

They’re salty and tart, much like pickles, but their briny taste adds a little something more to this summer picnic fare. After you’ve tried this recipe, you’ll never make egg salad without capers again! They add fresh herbs and lemon juice to make it briny and lively.

What is a good substitute for capers?

What is the best alternative for capers? Green olives, chopped! If you can locate them, use big green olives packed in water – but not the filled sort! They have the ability to simulate the saline taste of capers. If you rough cut them, you may use 1 tablespoon chopped olives for 1 tablespoon capers.

What aisle are capers in grocery store?

Capers may be found in the condiment or foreign area of supermarkets such as Safeway, Walmart, and Whole Foods. They come in a little, black jar that is difficult to find on grocery store shelves.

Can you eat capers out of the jar?

Capers, like pickles, are delicious to eat straight from the jar, but if you want to include them more into your regular meals and entertaining menus, here are a few terrific ways to use capers. Salads – Toss a handful of capers into a salad or grain dish.

Why are capers hard to find?

They are cultivated throughout Asia, the Middle East, the Mediterranean, North Africa, Southern Europe, Turkey, and California, among other places. Caper harvesting is a laborious operation since they can only be harvested by hand. Since they are too little and fragile to be picked by machine, they are harvested by hand.

Are capers in pickle jars?

Capers may be found in tiny jars in the grocer’s pickle or Italian area. Most will be packed in brine, with the finest being French “nonpareils.” Dry-packed capers in salt are praised for their rich taste, but are normally only accessible in specialist stores.

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