Where Can I Find Sauerkraut at the Grocery Store?

If you like hotdogs and Reuben sandwiches, you’ve undoubtedly eaten sauerkraut. Sauerkraut is a popular fermented cabbage dish in Germany and the United States. It is a popular condiment that is produced by pickling white cabbage in brine or vinegar.

Where To Find Sauerkraut in the Grocery Store

section. If you notice ketchup and mustard surrounding you, you’re almost there!Sauerkraut is often available in the grocery store’s pickle department. It’s generally seen with other pickled or fermented dishes like kimchi. Those goods are often found in the condiment aisle of many shops.

Try the vegetable department if you can’t locate sauerkraut in the condiment or pickle aisles. The jars will keep cold this way. They are more likely to be found around the fresh veggies.

Look for a section that is labeled sauerkraut or fermented cabbage. If you don’t find it in the fruit department, you can try the deli or refrigerated sections.

Sauerkraut is widely available at speciality supermarkets and German markets. If you’re searching for a particular kind of sauerkraut, you should go to a specialist market or health food store. Sauerkraut is inherently vegan, but if you’re looking for a particular brand that specializes in vegan items, you may need to broaden your shopping list.

Where To Buy Sauerkraut Near Me

The ideal grocery shops for purchasing sauerkraut will feature a produce, deli, and refrigerated area. You’re unlikely to find decent sauerkraut at a convenience shop.

Walmart, Amazon Fresh, Safeway, Target, Kroger, Meijer, and Stop & Shop are some of the most prominent grocery shops where you may get sauerkraut. Sauerkraut, on the other hand, is available at speciality food shops and German markets.

Other ethnic businesses often offer fermented cabbage products such as kimchi. They’ll normally store such products among the refrigerated goods.

Walmart and Kroger

Because they have extensive vegetable and deli areas, Walmart and Kroger are also excellent locations to purchase sauerkraut. Sauerkraut is also available in the refrigerated sections of most supermarkets. Keep in mind that sauerkraut producers package their goods in a variety of ways, including jars, cans, huge tubs, and even sacks, so keep your eyes and mind open when searching.

Trader Joes

Trader Joe’s distributes a variety of nutritious products under its brand, including sauerkraut. Pair some bratwurst with a jar of raw and fermented sauerkraut.

German Markets

If you want to get straight to the source, look for German markets in your region. Find German markets by state at Germanfoods.org. When it comes to sauerkraut, there is no better place to go than a classic German market.

How To Buy Sauerkraut Online

Don’t feel like going to the store to get some sauerkraut? There are several shipping options.


Amazon offers a wide selection of sauerkraut for shipment. The product is available in crispy, organic, and classic varieties. Purchase it as a single item or in a pack of 2 to 12 jars or cans.

Bubbles Sauerkraut is a well-liked and highly rated brand on the site. Purchase it through Amazon Fresh food delivery or Amazon.com.

Whole Foods

Whole Foods is an excellent option for organic food delivery. Find your favorite sauerkraut and have it delivered the same day. You may also be able to save money on sauerkraut if you have an Amazon Prime subscription.



This well-known grocery store chain sells Woodstock Sauerkraut in a case of 12-16oz jars. This case is only available for purchase online, not in-store.

German Foods Shop

GermanFoods.shop is a website dedicated to German delicacies. To create a classic German feast, order sauerkraut and other German delights for shipping.

Can’t Find Sauerkraut? See Top Alternatives

If you can’t get sauerkraut at the supermarket, you can make it yourself. There are several recipes available online that will teach you how to make sauerkraut. Here’s a basic one to get you started.


One head of cabbage, shredded

Two tablespoons of sea salt


1. Combine the shredded cabbage and salt in a large mixing dish.

2. For around 10 minutes, massage the mixture with your hands. It will aid in the release of the cabbage’s juices.

3. Pack the mixture into a jar or container.

4. Press down on the mixture to extract additional juices.

5. Leave the jar or container at room temperature for approximately two weeks.

6. Store the sauerkraut in the refrigerator.


Try kimchi as an alternative. Kimchi is a fermented cabbage and spice dish from Korea. While it is available at Asian grocery shops, the popularity of Korean cuisine has made it easier to obtain in conventional grocery stores as well.

Look for it in the same aisle as the sauerkraut. Because it is beneficial to your gut health, health food shops frequently carry it as well. Be careful that kimchi has a stronger kick than sauerkraut.

Pickled Beets

Pickled beets are another option. These are peeled and sliced beets that have been steeped in a pickling solution. These, like sauerkraut, may be found at most supermarket shops.

Pickled beets are sold in the same location as regular pickles and other pickled vegetables.

You may also discover recipes for pickled beets online. However, keep in mind that their brilliant red color will permeate into almost every recipe you use them in!

Pickled Banana Peppers

Banana peppers are often used in Mexican cooking. They’re also popular in Southern American cooking. These, like sauerkraut and kimchi, may be found in most supermarket shops. They will be sold alongside pickles and other pickled veggies. They have a vivid hue and are normally available whole or pre-sliced. Banana peppers have more heat than sauerkraut, but they’re not overpowering.


Is sauerkraut in refrigerated section?

Sauerkraut is alive and will ferment beyond its peak if not maintained at a constant temperature. As a result, the Right Stuff is usually found in the refrigerator area of health-food shops, farmer’s markets, and some of the more progressive supermarket stores.

Where is sauerkraut at Kroger?

Kroger sells fresh sauerkraut in the Meat & Seafood Department.

What’s the difference between canned and refrigerated sauerkraut?

Pasteurization depletes nutrients in canned sauerkraut.

Whereas fresh sauerkraut is salty and sour, canned sauerkraut is somewhat wilted and lacks the delightful crunch of its raw counterpart. According to Madison Magazine, it’s also more golden in color and has a softer, somewhat sweeter flavor.

Is grocery store sauerkraut fermented?

What Is the Difference Between Store-Bought and Homemade Sauerkraut? Fermentation Time – Store-bought sauerkraut ferments faster than handmade sauerkraut, which takes at least 20 days to ferment. As a consequence, the probiotic count in the sauerkraut is decreased.

Which aisle is sauerkraut in?

section.Sauerkraut is often available in the grocery store’s pickle department. It’s generally served with other pickled or fermented dishes like kimchi. Those goods are often found in the condiment aisle of many shops.

Does canned sauerkraut need to be refrigerated after opening?

Refrigerate canned or packaged sauerkraut in a covered glass or plastic container after opening to extend its shelf life. How long will opened canned sauerkraut keep in the fridge? Continuously refrigerated sauerkraut will keep for roughly 5 to 7 days.

Is sauerkraut sold cold?

Sauerkraut may be consumed either cold or heated. While it is often served hot with pig dishes, it is also a popular hot dog topping in America, as well as in deli sandwiches like Reubens. In the chiller areas of certain supermarkets and delis, you may purchase it canned, jarred, or fresh in bags.

What was the new name for sauerkraut?

Similarly to how French fries became “Freedom Fries” 15 years ago when the French government refused to endorse US military action in Iraq, sauerkraut became “Liberty Cabbage” and hamburger was dubbed “Liberty Steak” during World War I.

Do you heat up store bought sauerkraut?

Is it necessary to cook canned sauerkraut? Sauerkraut that has been canned, jarred, or chilled does not need to be cooked before eating. You’re really simply heating it up.

Is sauerkraut in a jar ready to eat?

Sauerkraut is a ready-to-eat food that comes in a jar, can, barrel, or other container. It is incredibly versatile and may be consumed both raw and cooked. Raw sauerkraut is an excellent salad element when combined with a little oil, shredded carrots, and apples (which counteract the sourness of the sauerkraut).

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