Where Can I Buy Ladyfingers at the Grocery Store?

If you are looking for ladyfingers in the grocery store or online and have no idea where to look, the article below will give you all the information you need.

Ladyfingers are an important ingredient many people use when making desserts such as tiramisu, trifle, cheesecake, and a torte. There are also some substitutes you may replace ladyfingers with in a pinch, without sacrificing the quality of your dessert.

Where Are Ladyfingers in Grocery Store?

Ladyfingers are available in the baking section of grocery stores because they are common ingredients in many desserts.

However, depending on the stores offerings, you may find ladyfingers in other places.

For example, in some grocery stores, ladyfingers may be available in the cookie and cracker aisle. Though they consist of sponge cake batter, ladyfingers are similar to cookies and might fit the stores requirements for baked goods. Shelf-available ladyfingers may also be crunchier than other options, which is ideal if you plan to bake with them.

Some stores may position ladyfingers near the produce section, specifically near the fruit. Many recipes call for ladyfingers in desserts like strawberry shortcake, meaning shelf space might make sense near the strawberries and other fresh options.

Since ladyfingers are so versatile, other possible store aisle locations include the frozen goods section (ladyfingers often accompany ice cream) and the bread aisle. You may even find fresh options in the baked goods section if your store has one.

Where to Buy Ladyfingers Near Me

Most stores carry ladyfingers either as a baking ingredient or boxed as a snack or standalone dessert. Fortunately, theyre a common product, so its easy to find them on the shelves at regional stores such as:

  • Walmart
  • Safeway
  • Raleys
  • Trader Joe’s is a retailer.
  • Whole Foods Market

Walmart carries crunchier varieties of the cookie, while Trader Joes offers a soft option, though this popular in-house brand is hard to find. Stores like Safeway have home bakers in mind and offer unfilled ladyfinger varieties, and organic options are plentiful at Whole Foods.

If youre looking to bake with ladyfingers or create your own desserts, grocery stores should carry what youre looking for. However, if youre looking for ready-made ladyfingers in dessert form, your local bakery may be a better choice.

You can often pick up tiramisu, strawberry shortcake, or other desserts using ladyfingers at local bakeries. If you truly want authenticity, an Italian specialty bakery is an ultimate choice. But most groceries carry ladyfingers, and some even offer the fillable kind.

Depending on what type of dessert (or snack) you plan to make, you may need to narrow down your grocery store search. For example, not all stores carry fillable ladyfingers, but if you have a specific filling in mind, those will be the one variety you need.

Whether youre looking to buy ladyfingers for tiramisu or you want a ready-to-enjoy snack, you cant go wrong with either local groceries or chain stores.

How to Buy Ladyfingers Online

When it comes to purchasing fresh ladyfingers bakery-style, you may be out of luck with online shopping. Many grocery stores offer pickup and delivery options, but those are often same-day or require refrigeration packs and an additional cost.

Most online stores that carry ladyfingers offer prepackaged snack versions that dont require refrigeration. For example, Amazon carries a range of ladyfinger cookie options, including plain ladyfingers, flavored ones, and even authentic Italian versions.

If youre looking to buy ladyfingers online, you can take a look at the following websites:

  • Amazon
  • Gusto Market
  • Online Italian Food Store
  • Eataly

The only drawback to ordering your cookies online is that they may arrive broken. Because most varieties are crunchy and somewhat brittle, even with proper packaging, they may sustain damage. For most desserts, intact ladyfingers are a priority, so keep that in mind while shopping online.

If you prefer to order another variety of ladyfinger, such as the fresher sponge cake style found next to the strawberries in-store, consider ordering local grocery delivery or pickup. But keep in mind the nature of your recipe (or snacking) since too-soft cakes will become mushier with typical dessert ingredients.

What Can I Get Instead of Ladyfingers?

Maybe youre having difficulty finding or ordering ladyfingers because youre in a rural area, or perhaps you would like to try something else to top off your dessert or enjoy with your coffee. Fortunately, there are similar-tasting and textured treats available.

Pound Cake

Everyone loves a good pound cake, and the dessert is easy to find in most stores. If you want to make your own, pound cake has a straightforward recipe; all it takes is a pound each of flour, sugar, and butter.

Sponge Cake

Another alternative to ladyfingers is sponge cakes; they are readily available and have the same ingredients as ladyfingers. You can even substitute sponge cake for ladyfingers in recipes, as long as you trim the cake to fit your needs.

However, fresher sponge cakes may have the wrong texture for some ladyfinger recipes, so check whether you need a dry or wet cake for yours. If you need to dry out a cake for tiramisu or another specific recipe, oven-baking the cake may help achieve the right dryness.


If youre looking for a snack but cant find ladyfingers on the shelf, biscotti may be a suitable alternative. Biscotti has a crunchier texture than its softer cousin, but its ideal for enjoying with a hot beverage. Unlike regular cookies, biscotti feels more elegant and exotic, the perfect alternative to Italian ladyfingers.


What aisle are ladyfingers on?

Ladyfingers are often seen in the baking department of grocery shops since they are used in numerous desserts. However, depending on the store’s offerings, you may find ladyfingers in other places. Ladyfingers, for example, may be found in the cookie and cracker department of various supermarkets.

What can I use instead of ladyfingers?

Savoiardi or ladyfinger cookies are a star ingredient of tiramisu dessert. Still, you can replace them with Pavesini biscuits, numerous biscotti such as cocoa or wholemeal cookies, Oro Saiwa, Pan di Stelle, Margherite or amaretti cookies, sponge cake, pandoro, panettone, and madeleines.

Are lady fingers refrigerated?

Storing Lady Fingers:

Ladyfingers can keep up to 2 days at room temperature. If you are not planning to use them either dry them out in the oven to prolong the shelf-life like croutons or freeze them soft. For Crunchy Lady Fingers: bake them at 275°F for 30-50 minutes instead.

What is ladyfingers for tiramisu?

Ladyfingers (also known as “savoiardi” or “sponge fingers”) are simple sponge cookies that are often used to make Tiramisu! These versatile finger-shaped cookies are great for soaking up the flavors of whatever sweet treat you add them to.

Can you substitute Nilla wafers for lady fingers?

Desserts using Nilla Wafers

I found NILLA Wafers to be the perfect substitute for lady fingers in these easy Tiramisu Cups. I always have such a hard time finding lady fingers at the store…by using NILLA Wafers you get that extra vanilla flavor and you don’t have to wonder where to find them!

What are lady fingers called in USA?

Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus), known in many English-speaking countries as lady’s fingers or gumbo, is a flowering plant in the mallow family. It is valued for its edible green seed pods.

Which biscuits are best for tiramisu?

Italian Ladyfinger Biscuit or “Savoiardi” is an authentic Italian recipe that is known for its ability to enhance the flavor of creamy desserts like tiramisu, truffle pudding or mousse.

Should ladyfingers be soft or crunchy?

💡 What are ladyfingers

The cookies are best described as light and airy meringue-based piped Italian sponge cookie that is soft like cake on the inside, but slightly crisp on the outside.

Are lady fingers similar to vanilla wafers?

Ladyfingers 4

What exactly is this? They have a spongy texture and a mildly sweet flavor that is similar to vanilla. Ladyfingers can also be substituted for Nilla Wafers in many recipes. When soaked in coffee or other liquids, they absorb flavor and soften to create a delicious cake-like layer.

Are ladyfingers in tiramisu supposed to be soggy?

Don’t let them get soggy, it will ruin the dessert. Only use Crunchy SAVOIARDI (ITALIAN LADYFINGERS) Cake style ladyfingers will get too soft. Allow Tiramisu to set up for at least 6 hours before serving.

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