Viking Range Hood Review

Many individuals start with the cabinets when they want to change the aesthetic of their kitchen. The range hood, on the other hand, is often disregarded. It is one of the most visible aspects in your kitchen, and changing it to one with additional functions or a slicker appearance is a terrific way to modernize your kitchen.

The Viking VWH36481 range hood does this and more. Continue reading our Viking range hood review to learn all you need to know about this game-changing device.

Viking Range Hood Review

  • The built-in heat sensor regulates power output automatically.
  • Dimmer control built into lights
  • 12 different color options to match any kitchen
  • Made of stainless steel (easy to clean and durable).
  • 3-year full warranty
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Halogen lights (not LED)
  • No real added features
  • Stainless steel easily smudges
  • Designed primarily for commercial applications

It has a streamlined design that quickly updates the appearance of most kitchens. The Viking VWH34681 is part of Viking’s professional line, making it an excellent choice for business applications. The standard color option is stainless steel, but Viking provides 11 different color options so you can match your range hood to your kitchen’s decor.

Because of the various color possibilities, this Viking hood series is also suitable for residential applications. High-end commercial requirements are combined with a modern residential design.

Easy to Clean

Whatever color you pick, Viking manufactured the hood out of tough stainless steel. It is not only exceedingly sturdy and will last a lifetime, but it is also quite simple to clean. It’s one less item you’ll have to spend hours cleaning in the kitchen.

However, the stainless-steel exterior smudges readily, making it difficult to maintain the beautiful outside appearing fresh for an extended period of time. While removing these smudges with a towel is simple, it is a duty that you will have to add to your to-do list to keep everything looking sparkling and fresh.

The hood range has built-in halogen lights that are controlled by a dimmer to provide the ideal illumination for your stove. The dimmer option is convenient, however halogen lamps are inconvenient when compared to newer, slimmer LED lighting.

Built-In Heat Sensors for Added Safety

The main feature of the Viking VWH36481 range hood is the built-in heat sensors. These sensors detect heat from the stove and automatically adjust the vents to provide the proper amount of airflow. when this minimizes the quantity of smoke produced when cooking, it also reduces the likelihood of a fire beginning, making it an important safety improvement.

Of course, your range hood ventilation does more than simply keep the kitchen smoke-free. It also circulates fresh air around the kitchen, removing any bad odors. It performs all of this ventilation with whisper-quiet fans, allowing you to concentrate on cooking rather than straining to be heard over the din.

Viking Hood Range Benefits

When you purchase a Viking range hood, you are receiving more than simply a fashionable item. Viking takes pleasure in producing professional-quality cooking equipment for over 40 years.

Despite years of expertise, Viking is always re-evaluating its goods. To increase dependability, Viking redesigned 85% of their products. They reduced a massive amount of superfluous wiring and assured that you can connect their equipment without worry of making a mistake, no matter how novice you are.

They modified every fan in their range hoods to improve airflow, ensuring that everything is fully ventilated regardless of how much you cook. Every product they offer is tested before it is sent to the consumer, and they surpass both residential and commercial industry requirements, ensuring that you get the greatest product on the market.

Viking is so confident in their product that they give a 3-year complete guarantee that covers every component on the line except the cosmetics. Even better, Viking offers a lifetime limited guarantee on the stainless-steel exterior.

Viking is a well-known brand, so you know you’re receiving high-quality equipment every step of the way. While they are not usually the most affordable choice on the market, the adage “you get what you pay for” applies to this kitchen masterpiece.

Viking Hood Range Pros & Cons

Our Viking range hood review would be incomplete unless we discussed all of the range hood benefits and drawbacks. While it has a lot of wonderful features, it isn’t ideal, and there are a few areas Viking can improve in future Viking kitchen hoods.


This Viking range hood has a ton of fantastic features, whether you’re searching for a Viking professional range hood for your company or to update your kitchen. There are several reasons to consider purchasing a Viking hood range for your kitchen, including extra safety features, adjustable lighting, a fantastic warranty, and more.


While the Viking VWH36481 range hood has many advantages, there are several areas where it may be improved. While the most of these issues are minor and the benefits exceed the drawbacks, Viking should not rest on their laurels while building future range hoods.

The Final Verdict

The built-in heat sensors that modulate the power output of the vents are by far the most outstanding feature of all Viking range hoods. This is more than just a cool technical advancement; it might prevent your house or company from being burned destroyed.

While Viking created this hood range as part of their professional line, it is also an excellent choice for home use. The Viking VWH36481 hood range is an excellent option whether you are searching for a new hood range for your house or company.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t bring up the Viking warranty again throughout our Viking range hood review. It comes with a full three-year guarantee, so if there are any issues for whatever reason, Viking will repair it, giving you one less thing to worry about.

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What’s a good brand of range hood?

The Top 10 Range Hood Brands in 2023
Cosmo. ProLine. Broan. Hauslane. ZLINE. Awoco. IKTCH. FOTILE.

How many CFM do I need for my Viking range?

Simply simply, the more air the hood vents out of your kitchen, the greater the CFM. You need at least 100 CFM for every 10,000 BTUs of cooktop power to power your range hood. A 100,000 BTU stove, for example, requires at least a 1000 CFM range hood.

How do you maintain a Viking range hood?

Wipe your hood clean with a towel soaked in warm, soapy water for the best results. ABRASIVE CLEANSERS, STEEL WOOL PADS, OR ABRASIVE CLOTHS SHOULD NOT BE USED. Cleaners containing chlorides should not be used since the chlorides in the cleaner might harm the stainless steel finish.

Are expensive range hoods worth it?

Purchasing a more costly, better quality hood is worthwhile in the long term. You won’t have to spend as much money on replacing components later on. Not to mention that a low-quality hood may fail after a few years. Then you’ll have to get a new hood, which isn’t going to be cheap.

What is the life expectancy of a range hood?

Range Hoods: How Long Do They Last? The longevity of your range hood will be determined by the model, quality, and usage. Most range hoods have a lifespan of 12 to 18 years, with an average of 15 years.

Is higher CFM better for range hood?

A 1,000 CFM range hood can be set to operate at lower rates, whereas a 400 CFM fan cannot be set to run faster. Furthermore, if you have a gas range, a higher CFM range hood will more effectively eliminate odors and other cooking byproducts.

How many CFM for a range hood do I really need?

A minimum ventilation level of 100 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) per 10,000 BTU is suggested for gas cooking surfaces or ranges. However, the hood must have a minimum ventilation power of 500 CFM.

Is 900 CFM good for a range hood?

A 900 CFM blower moves 900 cubic feet of air per minute. It can handle heavy oil and smoke, but it’s not nearly powerful enough for outdoor range hoods or individuals who often cook Asian and other strong-smelling cuisine.

Why is Viking range so good?

Viking appliances have a Scandinavian appearance and sturdy features that allow you to easily transfer heavy cookware between burners. Finally, both of these businesses provide outstanding possibilities for dependable performance from their product lines. Prices range from $400 to $10,000.

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