The 5 Best Garlic Keepers

The typical individual consumes around two pounds of garlic each year. That’s more than 300 cloves, and you’ll need someplace to keep all of that garlic.

The finest garlic keeper can extend the life of garlic. You may buy a lot of garlic at the grocery store and not utilize it all at once. Continue reading to find more about the top garlic keeper choices.

The Best Garlic Keeper Reviews

Here are a few models to consider if you’re seeking for the finest garlic keeper for your kitchen.

1. Fox Run Garlic Keeper

  • Decent ventilation holes
  • Fits a couple of small to medium garlic cloves
  • Works well on many counters
  • Keeps garlic in a dark environment
  • Wont absorb garlic smell or coloring
  • Smaller than average
  • Can accumulate fingerprints and kitchen grime

The Fox Run Garlic Keeper is a white ceramic garlic keeper that will complement any kitchen decor. It has vent holes towards the bottom of the keeper, allowing air to flow in and out. You may then use the cover to shield the garlic from direct sunlight.

This garlic keeper will keep your garlic cold and dry, and the ceramic material will not absorb any garlic odors. It will also absorb moisture, allowing your garlic to last longer.

The keeper is the ideal size for the kitchen counter, measuring 5.75 by 5.25 by 5.5 inches. It may hold a number of little garlic cloves or one bigger one. If you cut one or more garlic cloves in half, you may be able to accommodate up to three garlic cloves.

Individual cloves must be less than two and a half inches in length to fit through the jar’s keepers opening. However, even with the aid of the keeper, breaking up cloves to fit might reduce shelf life.

While the keeper should not be placed in the dishwasher, it may be soaked in water and manually washed with soap. Allow the jar to dry for approximately a day to ensure that there is no moisture that might harm your garlic.

2. Mud Pie Garlic Keeper

  • Easy to put garlic cloves in and take them out
  • Affordable option
  • Fits on and with many kitchen counters
  • Works well to preserve garlic
  • Keeps light and moisture away from the garlic
  • Much smaller than some garlic keepers
  • The lid doesnt completely seal

The Mud Pie Garlic Keeper is another candidate for best garlic keeper. It’s a cork-topped ceramic garlic keeper with air holes towards the bottom. Some variants, however, have the perforations closer to the top.

Its white hue and neutral design make it suitable for almost any kitchen. Because to the engraved garlic on the side, you can keep your kitchen organized. Because it is compact, you may place it in a corner or anywhere on your kitchen counter.

You may cover the top of the keeper with the cork lid to keep moisture and light out. It measures 4.2 by 3.5 by 3.5 inches on the exterior and 2.5 inches on the interior.

Small garlic cloves can fit in the keeper, but bigger cloves may need to be broken up to fit through the entrance. You may place up to three tiny cloves inside as long as they can fit through the aperture. It is, however, significantly smaller than conventional garlic storage containers.

If you usually have a little extra garlic, this garlic keeper is ideal. It won’t hold a lot of cloves, but it will keep plenty for the following day or week.

3. Norpro Deluxe Stoneware Garlic Keeper

  • Fits plenty of garlic cloves
  • The opening is wide enough to fit larger cloves
  • Many kitchens benefit from neutral color and style.
  • Has many small holes to help with ventilation
  • Affordable choice
  • Takes up a lot of space on your counter
  • Ventilation holes are a little small

If you need to keep extra garlic, the Norpro Deluxe Stoneware Garlic Keeper is a fantastic choice. It measures 7 by 5 by 5.5 inches and can accommodate up to six garlic bulbs. There are several little holes that let air to flow in and out of the pot.

The garlic will receive the necessary air, but the top and the remainder of the jar will block it from receiving too much light. This keeper will not collect smells or moisture from the garlic, allowing you to reuse it.

This garlic keeper may be kept on your kitchen counter and hand washed between usage. You may even place it in the dishwasher if necessary. You should not, however, bake it.

The internal diameter of the jar is around three inches, so it can hold little or medium-sized cloves. It will take up a lot of counter space, but it may be worth it if you often cook with fresh garlic.

The ceramic garlic keeper is long-lasting and has a high gloss surface. As a result, you won’t have to worry about it picking up stains or absorbing strange odors. Put it on your counter and use it to keep your garlic cloves safe until you need them.

4. HIC Harold Import Co. Garlic Clove Keeper

  • Not too big or too small
  • Can fit a couple of small garlic cloves
  • The neutral tone works well in a wide range of kitchens.
  • Very affordable
  • Protects garlic well
  • Can easily develop stains
  • Can be hard to get the garlic out

If you’re looking for a medium-sized garlic keeper, try the Garlic Clove Keeper from HIC Harold Import Co. It has many bigger ventilation holes towards the bottom to let air to flow and reach the garlic.

The design prevents the jar from being overly damp, but it also prevents your garlic from drying out. The two handles allow you to move the keeper and position it on your kitchen counter. The cover also protects and preserves the garlic.

The keeper can hold up to three garlic cloves at a time and may also be used to preserve ginger or shallots. This keeper can keep garlic fresh for up to three weeks and does not need refrigeration.

If it becomes filthy, hand wash it and let it dry before adding garlic in it. It does not, however, have a glaze or other protective finish. But because you don’t need a glazed garlic keeper, this isn’t a big deal.

You may even paint the garlic keeper if you wish, but it isn’t required. If you do decide to paint it, choose a non-toxic paint that will not damage the garlic. You may then use this ceramic garlic holder normally.

5. Joie Terracotta Garlic Keeper

  • Fits one garlic clove perfectly
  • Looks cute and matches many kitchen designs
  • Doesnt take up much space
  • Has decent ventilation holes
  • Affordable option
  • Doesnt fit multiple cloves
  • Quality control issues

Unlike the other garlic keepers, this one is made of clay. It functions similarly to ceramic garlic keepers, however there are several distinctions. This keeper is rather tiny and can only contain one garlic clove.

The clove design ensures that the garlic clove does not get any light. It, like other keepers, has little air holes on the top to protect the garlic from drying out. It may also absorb moisture, keeping your garlic fresh.

Because it just holds one clove, the keeper may be placed practically anywhere on your counter. You do not need to make room for a huge jar. When you’re ready to utilize the clove, just remove the top of the keeper and retrieve the garlic.

This keeper is around 2.5 inches tall and has a diameter of 3 inches. Its proportions are ideal for a big garlic clove, but the top and bottom accommodate smaller bulbs as well. The exterior has a glossy white finish that preserves the terracotta while still looking nice on your counter.

With this garlic keeper, you may store the garlic for a few days to a week. However, keep it away from children and dogs, since they may damage the terracotta or expose the garlic.

Pre-Purchase Considerations

Here are some things to think about while looking for the finest garlic keeper.


Ceramic, terracotta, and stoneware are the most frequent garlic keeper materials. All three are suitable for countertop and room temperature storage. If you want to use your garlic keeper in the oven or freezer, search for a high-fired stoneware garlic keeper.

However, you should not subject your keeper to such harsh circumstances. Most of the time, your kitchen counter or pantry will serve.


Consider if a garlic keeper has a porous or non-porous coating. If you wish to prevent stains, a non-porous material is ideal. You may touch the keeper or keep it close to where you cook without fear of splatters.

It is also less difficult to clean than a porous coating, which attracts stains. If you obtain a porous garlic keeper, keep it separate from other items to prevent discoloration and other problems.


If you want to avoid stains even more, the finest garlic keeper for you includes a glaze. The coating makes it simple to remove fingerprints and other stains from your container.

You can also put a glazed keeper in the dishwasher and it will not need to air dry before putting garlic in it. A glazed type is a wonderful solution if you constantly have garlic but need to clean your keeper.


You must also ensure that the cover of your garlic keeper fully shuts. It does not need to be sealed and difficult to open. However, the lid must prevent light from entering the jar’s top.

Garlic lasts the longest when stored in a dark atmosphere, which a suitable cover may assist with. It makes little difference if the lid is ceramic, terracotta, or cork; the ideal garlic keeper has a good lid.

While ventilation holes may let some light in, you want to keep them to a minimum. If at all feasible, buy a garlic keeper that can be placed away from your kitchen lights.


Consider the location and number of ventilation holes while selecting the finest garlic keeper. A couple huge holes towards the bottom of several keepers. This works well since light is often emitted from above.

The big apertures improve ventilation while remaining low enough to not draw much light. This, however, is not the only design.

Other keepers have a larger number of little holes at the top. The air may still travel in and out readily as long as there are enough holes, but the holes should not be on the top or on the lid.


Consider how much garlic you need to keep at one time. You’ll need a larger garlic keeper if you have a lot of garlic on hand. The same is true if you want bigger garlic cloves.

It will be difficult to extract a huge clove from a tiny keeper when you are ready to use it. However, if you have a few little cloves on hand, you will also want a big garlic keeper.

You should also think about the form and if your garlic cloves will fit. Many keepers resemble teapots, but not all. The Mud Pie Garlic Keeper, for example, resembles a normal jar. The Joie Terracotta Keeper has the appearance of a garlic clove.


Along with size, the finest garlic keeper design may be determined by your kitchen. The majority of keepers are off-white in hue. Because the designs aren’t generally too outlandish, you can definitely find one that suits your kitchen.

The garlic keeper may then be placed anywhere you like, and it will blend in with the surroundings. If you can’t locate a garlic keeper that matches your kitchen, you may put it in a corner of your pantry.


The pricing is not a characteristic like the others that you should think about, but it is vital. You should set a budget for a garlic keeper. Many keepers are reasonably priced, so you shouldn’t have to break the budget.

However, you should consider the value you get. It could be worth it to invest a little extra money on a bigger keeper to store more garlic cloves. If you don’t have a lot of garlic to store, choosing a smaller one is a good idea.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some often asked questions concerning the best garlic keeper.

How Do Garlic Keepers Work?

Garlic keepers are made of particular materials and designs that provide a cool, dark, and dry environment for garlic. The ventilation holes enable air to flow in and out, while the keeper material keeps excess humidity at bay, which may cause garlic to spoil.

By putting your garlic in a keeper, you can prevent it from being exposed to too much light or moisture. As a result, the garlic will survive far longer than if it was left on the counter.

How Should You Store Garlic?

You may keep your garlic and garlic keeper in a cool, dark place. Garlic should be stored at a temperature of 60 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit, so keep it away from windows and stoves.

You may also keep it in the refrigerator if you choose. You may store the garlic in a ceramic keeper in the fridge, or in a mesh bag in the crisper drawer. This will prevent the garlic odor from spreading to your other meals.

How Long Does Garlic Last?

In optimal circumstances, a complete head of garlic may be stored for up to six months. If you have peeled cloves, you may keep them for approximately a week before using them. If you have chopped garlic, it is unlikely to survive more than a day.

However, before using garlic in any condition, make sure it is safe. Discoloration, such as yellow or blue, indicates that the garlic is no longer safe to use. If you see the garlic starting to decay, that’s another indicator it’s time to throw it out.

Choosing The Right Garlic Keeper for You

You may and should compare several garlic keepers to get the finest one. The design, materials, and size of a garlic keeper may all have an impact on how you utilize it. All of the garlic keepers on our list are excellent, but the Fox Run Garlic Keeper stands out due to its size and design.

Consider the Joie or Mud Pie Keepers if you want something more unusual. They may be placed practically anyplace, and their patterns will capture your attention.


What is the best material for a garlic keeper?

Porcelain is a kind of glazed porcelain. It is very resilient, simple to clean, and does not absorb stink. Garlic keepers made of metal or tin are available. This long-lasting, light material has a unique appearance, but it needs greater ventilation to prevent garlic from molding or growing due to excess moisture.

Do garlic keepers actually work?

The garlic bulbs in the garlic keepers did not grow, mildew, or decay, but they did not outperform those in my favorite wooden bowl. Garlic preserved in a bowl and garlic stored in a garlic keeper were both as fresh.

What is the best container for storing garlic?

A terra-cotta or ceramic container built expressly for garlic storage is ideal, but a paper or mesh bag, a wire basket, or even a basic bowl will do. The purpose is to promote the circulation of dry air, which is why a plastic bag is not permitted since it traps in moisture.

How long will garlic last in a garlic keeper?

A complete head of garlic may be stored unpeeled for up to six months. (That is, provided you save it correctly. (We’ll get to it eventually.) A single unpeeled clove can keep you going for nearly three weeks.

What type of garlic keeps best?

Porcelain is your best bet for a longer supply of fresh garlic, even after harvesting. They are the most dependable and long-lasting hardneck kind. However, if you are more concerned with flavor, you cannot go wrong with Rocambole. This garlic is supposed to have the greatest taste of all.

Should a garlic keeper have holes?

That makes storing a few heads in your kitchen all the more worthwhile, so keeper jars may be really useful. It’s also crucial to choose jars that allow for air circulation, therefore the finest solutions, such as Fox Run’s garlic jar, feature ventilation holes to keep garlic fresh and dry.

How do farmers clean garlic?

The garlic bulb is moved to a shaker plate, which shakes the dirt off of it. After the dirt is removed, the garlic bulb rides up to a separate belt with a cut off blade, which removes the stem.

Does vinegar destroy allicin in garlic?

Because botulism cannot thrive in vinegar with a pH of 4.6 or below, preserving garlic in vinegar is safe. However, you may not want to bother with acidified storage in the first place. Storing entire garlic cloves in vinegar kills the alliinase enzyme, removing the potential of creating allicin and associated volatiles.

What is the best way to store fresh garlic long term?

Store full heads of garlic or unpeeled garlic cloves in a receptacle with sufficient ventilation (such as a mesh bag or loosely woven basket) in a cold, dry environment. Keep it in your pantry or in a basket on your counter away from direct sunlight.

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