Sumac: Where to Find It at the Grocery Store (Quick Guide)

Sumac is a spice that is often used in Middle Eastern and North African cooking. It has a tangy, lemony taste that may be added to meats, poultry, fish, rice, and grains. It is also used to manufacture the spice zaatar.

This spice complements both savory and sweet meals. Most recipes call for the berries to be dried and processed into a powder. Sumac may also be used to produce a refreshing drink known as sumac-ade.

Sumac is often combined with other spices such as thyme, oregano, and marjoram to produce a taste profile. It may be used in lieu of lemon or lime juice. Sumac is an excellent technique to add a tangy taste to your cuisine.

But where do you look for it if you need it for a recipe?

Where To Find Sumac In The Grocery Store

Sumac may be found in the spice aisle of your local supermarket. Look in the International Foods department if you can’t find sumac in the spice aisle. Look for Middle Eastern items in the International items area, and sumac won’t be far away!

Where To Buy Sumac Near Me

If you prefer to purchase sumac at a shop, look for it in Whole Foods, Health Stores, Safeway, Kroger, and Middle Eastern Markets.

Whole Foods

Whole Foods has a wide variety of spices and exotic merchandise. When you get there, look in the spice aisle. It’s one of the greatest locations to locate hard-to-find spices, so if you can’t buy sumac elsewhere, your local Whole Foods may be the best bet.


This nationwide chain of grocery stores normally has sumac in the spice aisle. The shop sells sumac from labels including Morton & Bassett, Ziyad, and Pereg.


Sumac is usually found in the spice department of this national supermarket chain. The shop sells sumac from labels including Morton & Bassett, Ziyad, and Pereg.

Local Health Food Stores

Sumac is usually available in some form at your local health food shop. Sumac is high in antioxidants, and some individuals swear by it to keep their entire health and well-being in check. Look in the spice aisle or the foreign foods aisle.

Middle Eastern Markets

A Middle Eastern grocery shop is an excellent place to get this spice in its finest form. If you’re prepared to do some digging in select regions of the nation, you’ll discover some of the greatest sumac the United States has to offer at the Middle Eastern markets listed below.


Stop by Kalustyans if you reside in or visit the New York region. The business has been open since 1944 and offers a broad range of products including grains, spices, beans, extracts, and more. You may also buy their stuff online.


Brooklyn, New York, is home to this Arab-American market. They offer a wide range of products, including almonds, olives, pita bread, and, of course, spices. Their items are also available for purchase online.


This shop has been open since 1959. You may go to Michigan and Lebanon. It is also a fantastic place to buy sumac online.


For nearly 50 years, this business has imported Middle Eastern and Mediterranean goods to the United States. They began in Chicago in 1966 and now offer things on Amazon.

Asian Markets

You might also try your luck in an Asian supermarket. They often have a wide range of spices from throughout the globe and sometimes incorporate Middle Eastern tastes in their offerings.

How To Buy Sumac Online


Amazon is a fantastic location to shop if you want to try out different sumac brands. Purchase sumac from Sadaf, Simply Organic, or Spice Hunter. Sumac is available on Amazon in ground, whole berries, and seasoning combinations. Tazah offers it in one-pound containers, so you’ll never run out!


Sumac may be purchased in bulk from Walmart’s online shop. It is available in 1oz, 4oz, 1lb, 10lb, and 25lb quantities. If you intend on using sumac often in your cuisine, the 25-pound option is the most cost-effective.


Since 1906, this firm has been in the food industry. They offer a wide range of products, including spices, cereals, pasta, and more. Sumac may be purchased whole or ground on their website.


Kalamala sells sumac online in tiny containers, single packs, and in-ground bulk. If you want a more gentle introduction to the spice, they also provide Shish Kabob and Ground Meat Kabob seasoning that incorporate sumac.


This internet site provides sumac in both ground and whole form, as well as other spices.

Can’t Find Sumac? See Top Alternatives

When replacing sumac, look for herbs that have a lemony tartness. Use precise amounts to prevent your food from being overly sour.


If you can’t locate sumac on its alone, try Zaatar. Sumac, thyme, and sesame seeds are common ingredients in this spice blend.


This pod-like fruit has a tart, fruity flavor that has made it famous around the globe. It is an African and Asian spice that is often used in Thai and Indian cuisine. Most supermarket shops have it in the ethnic cuisine section.


Lemons, a typical culinary staple, provide tartness (and vitamin C) to recipes. Use lemon zest alone or in conjunction with black pepper. The easiest method to use lemon to resemble sumac is in a lemon pepper seasoning.


Limes, like lemons, may have an acidic taste, particularly when coupled with additional components like salt and pepper.


If you need an acidic component in your recipe, vinegar is an economical and readily available replacement for sumac. While it does not have the same taste profile as sumac, it does offer the tartness you need and may be used in a pinch if sumac is not the major component in a dish.


What aisle is sumac in?

Sumac Purchase Locations. Ground sumac may be found in well-stocked supermarkets in the spice aisle or in the foreign foods department with Middle Eastern items. Ground sumac and entire berries should be available in specialty grocers and Middle Eastern stores.

What is sumac grocery store?

The bulk of sumac available in supermarkets and markets is pulverized from dried berries of the sumac shrub and marketed as a coarse powder. While entire sumac berries may be purchased in certain regions of the globe, they are difficult to locate in most places.

Is sumac hard to find?

Ground sumac may be found in the spice section of most American supermarkets, as well as in Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian shops. Dried sumac berries are not widely available in the United States, although they may be bought online or found at specialized stores.

What spice can replace sumac?

Because it has a similar lemony flavor to sumac, ground coriander would be my first pick as a replacement spice. Coriander is more earthy and less brilliant than sumac, but it adds a pleasant freshness in the same manner. It’s especially nice in meals where the sumac will be cooked.

What is the closest thing to sumac?

Za’atar, lemon zest, lemon pepper, vinegar, and tamarind are the top five sumac substitutes.

What is closest to sumac?

To recreate the acidic taste of sumac, use lemon zest, lemon pepper, lemon juice, or vinegar. However, since these replacements are more potent than sumac, you should use less of them than the recipe asks for.

Does Trader Joe’s have sumac spice?

We discovered something new and unusual when shopping at Trader Joe’s yesterday: a four-pack of spices and spice mixes called “The Spice Route,” which includes jars of ras el hanout, sumac, zhoug, and pilpelchuma ($6.99 for the four pack).

Is sumac the same as paprika?

If you want a comparable flavor, paprika is not an acceptable substitute for sumac. Paprika does not have the same taste as sumac, despite their similar hue. Paprika is often added to dishes that call for sumac because it imparts the same wonderful red color.

Is sumac similar to turmeric?

However, the sumac flavor is unique and separate from turmeric. Turmeric has a bitter, somewhat pungent taste that complements a wide range of cuisines. Sumac, on the other hand, has a tangier and lemony flavor, which is why lemon zest coupled with black pepper is sometimes used as a sumac spice alternative.

Is sumac spice expensive?

Sumac is reasonably priced at little more than $1 per ounce.

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