Similar Taste and Substitution Ratios for Pecorino Cheese

There are many different varieties of cheese, but few are as versatile as pecorino. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to pecorino cheese at all times.

As a consequence, in the following paragraphs, we will look at a few alternatives to pecorino cheese.

What Is Pecorino Romano Nutritional Value?

While most of us like cheese, it is not necessarily the healthiest meal available. As a consequence, it is important to seek for healthy cheeses whenever possible.

The average serving size of pecorino romano cheese is 5 grams. That serving size has 20 calories.

It also comprises 1.5 grams of fat, 4 milligrams of cholesterol, 115 milligrams of salt, and 1 gram of protein. Finally, a serving of pecorino romano cheese has 60 mg of calcium.

Furthermore, pecorino is one of the healthiest cheeses on the market. It is manufactured from sheep’s milk, which has a high concentration of conjugated linoleic acid.

Several studies have indicated that the presence of CJL in Pecorino resulted in lower BMIs and increased risk of illnesses like diabetes and cancer.

What Does It Taste Like?

Pecorino cheese goes back to the Roman Empire, thousands of years. Its taste was famous even back then, since Legionnaires were given 27 grams daily.

Although the flavor is unlikely to have stayed unchanged since the days of the Roman empire, it nonetheless speaks highly about the taste of this cheese.

Pecorino Romano has a somewhat acidic flavor that is nearly peppery. Most cheese reviewers agree that this contrast is good since it provides a blend of rich and earthy tastes.

It should be noted, however, that not all pecorino cheeses taste the same. Those that have been matured for a longer period of time have a more pronounced flavor.

Most pecorino available in stores has been matured for at least five months.

However, if you want a more distinct taste, it must be aged for at least eight months.

Unfortunately, pecorino may not be accessible in your area. In the absence of pecorino cheese, we have a few nice options for you to pick from.

Parmesan Cheese

Because it tastes so close to pecorino, parmesan cheese is an excellent substitute. This is particularly true when it is substituted for pecorino in a recipe.

Furthermore, parmesan has a texture comparable to pecorino. Despite having a varied texture, some parmesan varieties are more saltier than others.

Keeping this in mind, you should verify the amount of salt in the parmesan you buy before using it as a substitute.

If you believe parmesan is overly salty, just decrease the amount of salt in your dish or leave it out entirely.

Manchego Cheese

Manchego cheese is a good choice if you want something more challenging. This cheese is popular because of its high melting point.

As a consequence, you may keep it heated without fear of it melting.

This cheese has a nutty taste with undertones of sweetness when you bite into it. This taste makes it an excellent choice for salads.

Furthermore, since it is manufactured from sheep’s milk, this cheese is salty like pecorino. As a result, manchego cheese has a taste comparable to pecorino cheese.

It should be noted that this sort of cheese comes in a variety of maturing conditions.

However, if you’re going to use it as a pecorino substitute, make sure it’s at least a year old.

Even the matured variants are often a bit sweeter than pecorino cheese. As a consequence, before serving, you may need to add additional salt to your dish.

Grana Padano Cheese

Grano Padano is another Italian cheese that is often used in lieu of pecorino. It has a comparable flavor and texture, making it an excellent substitute.

One of the reasons people prefer this cheese over pecorino is because it has less calories. Despite tasting identical, choosing Grana Padano might help you save calories.

Depending on the sort of Grana Padano you choose as a substitute, your meal may taste different.

Grana Padano cheese comes in both salty and sweet tastes. As a consequence, if you want to use it as a pecorino substitute, choose the salty kind.

The texture is comparable to that of pecorino. Use a one-to-one ratio if substituting this cheese for pecorino.

Piave Cheese

Piave cheese is another Italian cheese that may be used. This cheese has a delectable sweet and nutty flavor.

Unfortunately, this is not a smart solution if you want to prepare a food or become heated in general. The reason for this is because it becomes quite difficult very soon.

This cheese resembles both pecorino and parmesan cheese. It looks like parmesan but tastes more like pecorino.

It’s worth noting that Piave cheese has five distinct maturing phases, and cheesemakers sell it at each step.

The older the cheese, the harder it becomes, making it more difficult to utilize in recipes. However, the initial stage of Piave is not a good substitute for pecorino.

As a consequence, phases two and three are often regarded as the finest pecorino substitutes in hot dishes.

Asiago Cheese

If you are not a cheese enthusiast, Asiago cheese is one of the few on our list that you have probably heard of.

It is a renowned Italian cheese and the last one we will look at today.

When you bite into asiago cheese, you’ll notice a somewhat sweet flavor. Typically, people use this cheese in soups and sandwiches rather than in large dishes.

It may, however, be used in larger dishes than it is. Its creamy flavor complements and improves the flavor of many major meals.

In terms of taste, most cheese connoisseurs rank asiago towards the top of their lists. Unfortunately, due to its great demand, it is one of the most difficult cheeses to get.

With that in mind, asiago is a good substitute for pecorino if you can get it.

The reason for this is because it has a milder taste than other choices.

Furthermore, since asiago cheese is softer than other replacements, it will appeal to a wide range of consumers. Hard cheese isn’t for everyone, but asiago is a terrific alternative.

It melts faster than other alternatives because it is softer. As a consequence, it is an excellent choice for hot meals requiring cheese to melt.

Finally, it is important to realize that asiago becomes tougher with age. It more closely resembles parmesan and pecorino in its final phases of maturing.


Can I replace Pecorino Romano?

Finally, depending on the taste and texture you choose, there are numerous viable options for Pecorino Romano cheese. Parmigiano-Reggiano, Grana Padano, Manchego, Cotija, and Asiago all have distinct flavors and textures that complement a variety of Italian cuisines.

What is Spanish cheese like Pecorino?

Manchego cheese from Spain

Manchego is arguably the most comparable to Pecorino in that it is manufactured from sheep’s milk, matured for a particular period of time, and has a very strong, salty taste as well as a gritty, crumble texture if you get the old form.

What is a substitute for Pecorino in cacio e pepe?

Variations on Cacio e Pepe

Pecorino Romano is a firm sheep’s milk cheese from Italy. It has a strong, rich nutty taste that makes it ideal for this simple pasta meal. If you don’t have it or can’t locate it, Parmigiano-Reggiano is a fine substitute.

What is a vegetarian substitute for Pecorino?

You may create your own vegan equivalent by mixing nutritional yeast, almond meal, or raw cashews that have been pounded in a food processor, as well as garlic and onion powder. Alternatively, nutritional yeast may be used as a topping for pasta instead of parmesan or pecorino romano.

What cheese is most similar to Pecorino Romano?

Aged Parmesan cheese, like Pecorino Romano, grates nicely and has a strong, nutty taste. Parmesan, on the other hand, is much less salty and sour owing to differing processing procedures. Use a 1:1 substitution of Parmesan for Romano. Just bear in mind that the recipe may need more salt.

Can you substitute mozzarella for Pecorino Romano?

While the other Italian cheese replacements have a stronger taste that is similar to Romano, Mozzarella has a much milder flavor. Mozzarella is not just softer in taste, but also has a unique texture. This soft cheese melts wonderfully but does not grate as readily as Romano.

What is the closest thing to pecorino?

Dairy Parmesan is one of the best Pecorino substitutes. Parmesan is similar to pecorino in appearance, but it is manufactured from cow’s milk and has a saltier, more savory flavor that is less acidic.
Cheese made from goats.
Salad with Ricotta.

What is the Flavour of pecorino cheese?

Profile of flavors

Pecorino Romano has a tangy, even peppery flavor. This is an excellent complement to the deep and earthy flavors. The harsher the flavor, the more mature the Pecorino.

What Portuguese cheese is like pecorino?

Serpa Queijo

Serpa is a semi-soft sheep’s milk cheese produced in the province of Beja in eastern Portugal, comparable to Pecorino. Serpa is curdled without the use of animal rennet by extracting a variety of thistle found in the Alentejo area.

Does pecorino and Parmesan taste the same?

Long-aged Parmesan is firmer, drier, and has a more nutty, sweeter taste profile; some long-aged Parmesans even have mellow caramel undertones. Younger Pecorino is softer and creamier, with a brighter, grassier, and tangier flavor. It also has a strong salinity to it.

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