Similar Taste and Substitution Ratios for Mozzarella Cheese

Mozzarella is a popular cheese used in many Italian cuisines. The semi-soft texture enables for a wide range of applications. For example, mozzarella melts smoothly when baking a lasagna, remains flexible for pizza fans, and is a soft accent to a salad.

So many dishes benefit from the delicate, creamy flavor. Mozzarella is ideal for adding flavor without dominating the other flavors in your recipe.

But what if you don’t have any mozzarella cheese? What if you wish to experiment with your recipe? This page contains mozzarella cheese replacements that may add taste, change the texture, or closely mirror mozzarella.

Is it possible to freeze mozzarella cheese?

Our top five mozzarella cheese substitutes:

  • Provolone cheese
  • White cheddar
  • Swiss cheese
  • Jarlsberg cheese
  • Ricotta cheese

Provolone Cheese as a Mozzarella Substitute:

Even though the two tastes may not complement each other completely, provolone cheese is a popular mozzarella cheese alternative. It adds flavor to your dish and is a wonderful change of pace.

Flavor and Texture

Mozzarella may be served either fresh or slightly aged, but provolone is always aged. Provolone cheese is sweet and buttery, but also acidic. Younger (less than 4 months) provolone is softer and sweeter than older provolone.

Because provolone has a richer flavor, it is best utilized as a replacement for aged mozzarella that has been cured for 2-4 weeks. This mozzarella has less moisture, a stronger taste, and a hint of sourness.

Fresh mozzarella is creamy and milky, but not very flavorful. Substituting provolone for fresh mozzarella might give the dish a more distinct taste than was intended.

Nutrition Facts

Provolone and mozzarella are both considered healthy cheeses and have comparable nutritional profiles.

Provolone provides 40 mg more calcium and 250 IU of Vitamin A than mozzarella, which has just 200 IU.

However, provolone has more salt than mozzarella, at 98 mg against 85 mg.

Best Ways to Substitute

When cooking pizza, provolone cheese is a good replacement for mozzarella. It has a stringy and flexible texture. Many people like this alternative since this is a common texture for pizza cheese.

When making a 12-inch pizza, use 6 slices provolone cheese instead of around 4.5 pieces mozzarella.

White Cheddar as a Cheese Similar to Mozzarella:

White cheddar cheese, like provolone, has a stronger taste than mozzarella. Nonetheless, many people love the added kick, and the texture makes it an excellent alternative for mozzarella.

Flavor and Texture

White cheddar, like mozzarella, is creamy and gooey. It is not as elastic as mozzarella and is more tougher, yet they both melt readily.

Cheddar cheese, like provolone, has been matured for months. As a result, it has a significantly stronger taste than mozzarella cheese. You could discover that you’ve produced a fresh, one-of-a-kind dish with the addition of cheddar taste.

Nutrition Facts

White cheddar has more than 100 calories and 29 mg higher cholesterol than mozzarella, but their salt levels are almost comparable.

On the plus side, white cheddar has 3 g of protein per 25 g.

Best Ways to Substitute

Cheddar cheese is a great addition to chicken parmesan. Although mozzarella is the most common, white cheddar is also popular. The strong taste complements the red sauce well and contributes to the flavor character.

If you’re cooking 8 chicken breasts, combine 1 cup parmesan and 1 cup cheddar instead of 1 cup parmesan and 4 cups mozzarella.

Swiss Cheese:

Many people love the added taste of Swiss cheese, and its texture makes it an excellent replacement for mozzarella.

Flavor and Texture

The taste of Swiss cheese is more buttery and nutty than that of mozzarella. When you use this alternative, your food may not taste the same, but the added flavor adds a new depth to your recipe.

The texture of Swiss cheese is comparable to that of mozzarella. They’re both creamy and elastic, so your meals will feel the same regardless of taste.

Both cheeses melt similarly, making them interchangeable. You don’t have to worry about altering the cooking time to avoid burning the cheese or getting stiff cheese.

Nutrition Facts

Swiss cheese is an excellent nutrient-dense replacement for mozzarella cheese. It has a higher concentration of calcium, magnesium, zinc, and copper.

Each cheese is rich in vitamins. Swiss has a lot of vitamin B12, but mozzarella has a lot more vitamin D.

When it comes to harmful health components, Swiss is lower in sugar, while mozzarella is lower in salt, saturated fats, and cholesterol.

Best Ways to Substitute

Swiss cheese is an unusual yet tasty addition to lasagna. The taste of Swiss is finest when combined with mozzarella. If you start combining ingredients and discover you don’t have enough mozzarella, top it with Swiss!

The two cheeses taste sweet and nutty combined, and they melt beautifully as you bake your dish.

If you’re preparing 12 lasagnas, mix 8 oz Swiss cheese and 1 cup mozzarella.

Jarlsberg Cheese:

Jarlsberg is an excellent option for mozzarella cheese that is higher in nutrients.

Flavor and Texture

Jarlsberg cheese has a taste comparable to mozzarella. They’re sweet and buttery, rather not as harsh as our prior alternatives. Jarlsberg also has a nutty taste to it.

Jarlsberg cheese is semi-soft. It melts quickly and is elastic, similar to mozzarella.

Nutrition Facts

In terms of calories, fat, cholesterol, protein, and carbs per slice, Jarlsberg and mozzarella cheese are extremely comparable.

Jarlsberg is higher in nutrients than mozzarella. Jarlsberg has 54 mg more potassium and about 40 mg more calcium.

Jarlsberg, on the other hand, has 110 mg of sodium, whilst mozzarella contains just 85 mg.

Best Ways to Substitute

Here is the first cheese that is a fantastic salad alternative. Its soft texture complements the firm greens in your salad, and its mild flavor will not overshadow your meal. You will just taste a little milky and salty flavor.

When making 6 salad servings, use 2 cups Jarlsberg cheese instead of 1.5 cups mozzarella.

Jarlsberg cheese is widely available in stores, making it a simple substitute.

Do you need other options? See the finest Jarlsberg alternative.

Ricotta Cheese:

Ricotta has a different texture than mozzarella cheese, yet it tastes similar.

Flavor and Texture

If you’re searching for a cheese that’s as milky as mozzarella, ricotta cheese is the way to go. Because it is sweeter and gentler than mozzarella, you may use it to replace some of the acidic or salty tones in your recipes.

However, ricotta is so delicate that it nearly seems effervescent when you bite into it.

Ricotta, unlike mozzarella, does not melt quickly. Instead, it should soften and become more creamy.

Nutrition Facts

Ricotta has an immediate health benefit over mozzarella. While mozzarella has a milk and butter foundation, ricotta just has a milk base. Ricotta has a high concentration of calcium and protein.

Ricotta also includes a variety of vitamins, including B12 and D.

Best Ways to Substitute

Ricotta is an unexpected, yet delicious, pizza replacement. It will result in a creamier, less acidic pizza than one prepared with mozzarella.

However, keep in mind that ricotta cheese does not melt or stretch readily. It will not expand when sliced or bitten into, so don’t use it if the texture of mozzarella is precisely what you want on pizza.

For an 8-person pizza, combine 1 cup ricotta, 1 cup mozzarella, and 1 cup parmesan. This allows you to keep part of the melted, stretchy cheese with the ricotta.

Do you still have unresolved questions? Please see the FAQs section for further information.

Can Monterey Cheese Substitute for Mozzarella?

Monterey In certain recipes, Jack cheese may be used in place of mozzarella cheese. They respond similarly to heat, so cooking your meal will still proceed smoothly.

Monterey Jack is a creamy, buttery cheese with more taste than mozzarella, which is light and milky. Monterey Jack cheese’s creamy, buttery flavor complements pizzas and quesadillas.

Can I Use Cheddar Instead of Mozzarella in Lasagna?

Cheddar cheese may be tasty in lasagna. If you want to change things up, instead of layers upon layers of cheese, prepare a cheese sauce for your lasagna.

In this scenario, white cheddar is much superior than mozzarella. While mozzarella is incredibly stretchy and stringy, cheddar is drier and less elastic. Lower elasticity results in a smoother sauce.

Can You Make Pizza Without Mozzarella?

Pizza may be prepared without mozzarella, particularly if you make a specialty pizza like barbecue or Hawaiian. Consider cheddar cheese for its stronger flavor in this scenario.

On pizza, combining cheeses such as gouda, Monterey Jack, and Colby is also great. If you’re looking for a more acidic cheese, try goat, gorgonzola, sharp parmesan, or asiago.

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What is a tasty cheese substitute for mozzarella?

Feta cheese, Cotija cheese, paneer cheese, and halloumi cheese are all excellent replacements for melted mozzarella. Feta cheese, like mozzarella, may be eaten raw and does not need cooking to bring out its salty and sour taste.

What Italian cheese is similar to mozzarella?

It’s a nice country. This semi-soft cow’s milk cheese has a mild and buttery flavor that is similar to mozzarella, but it has more tang and body. Bel Paese, which has a delicate and creamy yellow color, is mostly used as a snack or dessert cheese, although it is also melted for use with pizzas and casseroles.

What is a ball of cheese similar to mozzarella?

Scamorza Cheddar

Scamorza, a relative of mozzarella, is prepared in the same manner as mozzarella but is a drier, stiffer cheese. Scamorza comes in the form of a ball or a pear and is available in both plain and smoked variants. It melts well and has a lower water content than fresh mozzarella.

What is the ratio of mozzarella and cheddar cheese?

“If you want to set yourself apart, use 80% part-skim mozzarella, 10% cheddar, and 10% of something with a lot of flavor, such as blue cheese, smoked mozzarella, or pepper Jack,” he suggests. “Even if you get a base blend from your distributor, you can still add in your own special cheese to maximize the flavor.”

How do you make cheap mozzarella taste better?

What is the solution? Simply season the milk before adding the cheese. A teaspoon of kosher salt per cup was plenty.

What cheese is best for pizza if you don t have mozzarella?

Other than Mozzarella, here are 7 cheeses to try on your next pizza.
Ricotta. Ricotta is a creamy, mellow cheese that pairs nicely with gooey mozzarella.
Asiago. This cheese’s salty, nutty, tangy taste goes particularly well with veggie pizzas.
The cheese is goat.

What Mexican cheese tastes like mozzarella?

Oaxaca is a semi-soft Mexican cheese with the taste of young monterey jack but the texture of mozzarella or string cheese. It is called after the Mexican state of Oaxaca, where it originated. Oaxaca cheese is produced using the same Italian string cheese technology as mozzarella.

What is a good substitute for mozzarella in caprese salad?

Burrata cheese, which has an almost molten center of cream, is a fantastic replacement for fresh mozzarella. If using burrata, stack the seasoned tomatoes and basil first, then top with a ball of burrata.

Can I use Swiss instead of mozzarella?

Swiss cheese has a softer, nutty taste than Mozzarella. It also melts more easily and lacks the stringy, gritty feel of Mozzarella. Because it is softer and more malleable than Mozzarella, it is a good replacement in many meals.

What is the cousin of mozzarella?

Fresh mozzarella is an Italian semi-soft cheese prepared from cow or water buffalo milk. Burrata cheese takes mozzarella a step further by forming it into a pouch and filling it with soft, stringy curd and cream.

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