Pineapple Cooler

The pineapple cooler is a creamy, alcoholic beverage that is rich with pineapple taste (and, of course, rum) and is ideal for a hot summer day. Next, try a tequila sunrise or a salty dog drink.

Guys, it’s summertime. I know the calendar says it isn’t until Thursday the 21st, but Massachusetts has never been one to pay heed to where seasons truly fall.

It was 85 degrees yesterday, and it’s going to be the same today, and I wouldn’t be shocked if it began snowing tomorrow.

Speaking about the weather from yesterday, I ran around like a rabbit in it! Okay, maybe not as much as a rabbit since I had a road to pursue and some kind of life direction.

It was the Spectacle Island 5K, which takes place on a gorgeous Boston Harbor Island and has become an annual event for Bill and myself. Last year I just photographed him since it was his first race (! ), but this year I raced with him.

He’s quicker than me, so he finished ahead of me and got a couple images as I crossed the finish line:

What I’ve discovered is that I am clearly a descendent of the hover cat, and my feet never truly touch the earth. So, why are my feet hurting so much?

My uterus has been a grumpy jerk for the past week, so the fact that I was able to do this at all was a minor miracle. AND I came in 58 seconds short of my personal best.

I’m not sure how it’s possible, since if you look at a photo of Spectacle Island, you’ll see that it’s a collection of hills. And I despise hills. My uterus despises slopes as well.

So, in celebration of my finish and the unofficial start of summer here in the Bay State, today’s dish is bright and sunshine-y, similar to my lemon poppyseed dressing recipe (which, p.s., you guys have fallen in love with and it makes my heart sing).

These pineapple coolers are also stocked with alcohol, which is essential for a decent summer drink. Say what you want about alcohol and dehydration in the summer heat, but it’s a genuine phenomenon.

So instead of guzzling six of them, sip and savor while sitting on your porch, relaxing in the sun. Just like a lizard. If lizards drank alcohol.

There is no need to garnish this with anything. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to. But I love adding fruit to my beverages for two reasons: 1) it adds color and makes me feel nice, and 2) it’s food, and I adore eating.

You know those insane milkshakes that come topped with a slice of bacon, a doughnut, and a whole ice cream sandwich?

That is a rather loose use of the phrase garnish. So I don’t generally go overboard with it, but I do like some maraschino cherries. If I didn’t need them for recipes, I’d consume a whole container of them in one sitting if it were socially acceptable.

If you want to be fancy, you can even add a straw. Or if you just like drinking with straws.

Either way.

A few tips for making pineapple coolers

  • Before you combine it, try a slice of pineapple to check how sweet it is. This will give you a decent sense of how much sweetener, if any, to add throughout the blending process.
  • Speaking of pineapple, save a bit or two aside for garnish (actual garnish, not silly milkshake garnish). I instantly forgot while photographing this recipe, and I shall be sorry till the day I die.
  • Use a high-quality blender (affiliate link).This is probably where I should have begun. Because our blender (affiliate link) isn’t very good, we end up with a thicker and more toothsome drink when we prepare it. I’m OK with it since I like it that way, but if you had the Vitamix blender of my dreams, you can make it smooth and creamy.

Aside from recommending that you make them right away, I don’t have much else to say about them.

So just go do that, okay?

Pineapple not your thing?

So, what brings you here?! Just joking, but thanks for sticking with me. If pineapples aren’t your thing, here are some alternative summer treats to try:

  • Sangria with strawberries and rhubarbThat is more gorgeous than the majority of attractive persons.
  • This festive Red White and Blue Moscato Sangria
  • Or one of the other beverages I have on hand! Winners include the Tequila Sunrise, Salty Dog, Watermelon Margaritas, Blood Orange Sangria, Raspberry Ros Sangria, and French 75 Cocktail.

Pineapple Coolers


Prep Time: 5mins
Total Time: 5mins
Servings: 2drinks
    ✓ Read the recipe beginning to end
    ✓ Check oven calibration
    ✓ Check expiration dates
    ✓ Properly measure ingredients
    ✓ Check butter temperature


This creamy, boozy beverage is perfect for a hot summer day and loaded with pineapple flavor!


  • Blender


  • 1pineapple, sliced into chunks (about 4 cups)
  • 1 to 2cupsice cubes
  • cupcoconut milk
  • cuprum
  • Simple syrup or honey, optional
  • Maraschino cherries, pineapple pieces, and lime slices (for decoration)


  • 3 c. rum
    12 to 2 cups ice cubes, 2 cup coconut milk 1
    In a blender or food processor, combine pineapple pieces, ice, coconut milk, and rum until smooth.
    1 pineapple, 1 pineapple
  • If you want it sweeter, taste it and add honey or simple syrup a bit at a time, mixing again to incorporate.
    Honey or simple syrup?
  • Serve immediately with lime slices. Enjoy!
    Cherry maraschino

    Pour into glasses and top with cherries, pineapple pieces, and whipped cream.


Tip: Taste a piece of pineapple before making the drinks. If you find that the pineapple isn’t very sweet, then you’ll know ahead of time that you may want to add a sweetener.

Nutrition Facts

Calories: 338kcal | Carbohydrates: 61g | Protein: 4g | Fat: 13g | Saturated Fat: 11g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 1g | Monounsaturated Fat: 1g | Sodium: 21mg | Potassium: 618mg | Fiber: 6g | Sugar: 45g | Vitamin A: 262IU | Vitamin C: 217mg | Calcium: 74mg | Iron: 3mg


What is the best alcohol to mix with pineapple juice?

Vodka and pineapple juice go well together, and we’ve found the perfect method to combine the two: this Pineapple Vodka Cocktail! You don’t even need to dirty a cocktail shaker to make this gorgeous two-toned drink. Simply combine the pineapple, vodka, and lime in the serving glass and serve.

What pineapple juice do bartenders use?

Furthermore, even in the tiki scene, Dole juice cans remain the norm for most cocktail formulas.

How often should you drink pineapple juice?

It is suggested and recommended to drink one cup of pineapple juice every day. Anything more may impair your health routine, if not because of the sugar level, but because pineapple is very acidic and, if ingested in excess, may cause injury to your teeth, gums, and the rest of your upper digestive system.

Is canned pineapple juice good for you?

Pineapple juice contains a variety of vitamins and minerals that may help improve your immune system. It’s abundant in vitamin C, which may help prevent your body from catching a cold. It also includes enzymes that have been demonstrated to stimulate the immune system.

What mixes well with pineapple juice?

Tangy pineapple pairs nicely with most other fruity tastes, as well as creamy accents like cream of coconut. Citrus drinks, such as lemon juice and lime juice, act as a salt substitute for pineapple juice. It also goes nicely with sweet alcohols or mixers like cranberry juice or black rum.

Does pineapple soak up alcohol?


Solid absorption, and the sweetness of the pineapple concealed the vodka flavor without reducing alcohol concentration. Make alcoholic sangria ice cubes with the infused pineapple chunks, or try a different pineapple-y cocktail with this fiery jalapeo margarita.10 pineapples

What are the best 3 ingredient cocktails every home bartender should know?

The unquestioned heavyweight champion of the traditional cocktail realm is the Old Fashioned. The original three-ingredient cocktail consists of bourbon, bitters, and sugar.

What is the best rum for pineapple juice?

The Top 9 Pia Colada Rums in 2022
Don Q Gran Reserva Anejo XO at Drizly is the best overall.
Myers’ Rum at Drizly is the best value.
BATI White Rum at Drizly is the best non-Caribbean option.
Plantation 3 Stars Silver Rum is the best white at Drizly.
Best Overproof Spirit:… Best Coconut Rum:…
Best Age Proclamation:… Best Pineapple:

What is a bartenders least favorite drink to make?

Mojito. The mojito is one of the most despised beverages among bartenders. Why? According to Jackson Strayer-Benton, Beverage Director at Hen of the Wood, Doc Ponds, and Prohibition Pig in Vermont, it’s a disaster to prepare.

Does pineapple burn belly fat?

Bromelain, an enzyme present in pineapple, aids in metabolism, which in turn burns fat. It also works on abdominal fat.

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