Pantry Reveal from California Closets

Our custom designed California Closets walk in pantry in our 1850 farmhouse on the coast of Massachusetts is shown.

When we initially came into this home, we were unsure what to do with this big, empty room in the first-floor corner. We originally planned to utilize it as a mudroom since it is close to the house’s rear door but requires a short walk along a corridor. Our next idea was to turn it into a pantry, but since you had to travel down two hallways and around a corner to get to the kitchen, it didn’t seem right.

It’s not enormous, but it’s a rectangle with windows on two walls, which provides a little complexity but also much-needed natural light.


Several of you have asked about the room measurements, so this is what we were dealing with:

  • 4 long The chamber is 4 broad by 11 1 tall.
  • The window is three feet wide and is located in the center of the right wall.

The decision to make it a pantry

We debated making it a pantry for quite some time before deciding to go with it. Although our kitchen is lovely, it lacks storage and has several oddly sized cupboards. It required some rearranging to fit all of our dishes, bowls, glasses, and so on into cupboards in a fashion that made sense, and it left us short on food storage space.

We thought having a whole room for food was extravagant, but we also knew we could use it for appliance storage, cleaning equipment on the back of the door, a recycling container, and storing paper towels.

That was the most logical choice for us.

To make the greatest use of the space, we collaborated with Nancy, our design consultant from California Closets. I knew I needed an appliance cabinet and as much shelves as would fit. I also knew I wanted at least one root vegetable drawer, preferably two if possible.

The California Closets crew had to return three times after the original consultation to finish the project, which was a little annoying (and also a combination of our mistake and theirs), but the ultimate product was well worth the slight inconvenience and additional effort.

The staff members we met were all excellent, efficient, and a joy to deal with. They even put up with the cats visiting them and getting in their way while they were working, assessing their progress.

Penny is sitting at the doorway to the hallway that runs from the dining room around the corner to the new pantry in the photo above.

Around the corner is the laundry closet (which we had to pull the frame and doors off of since they didn’t build it large enough to actually hold a washer and dryer long story) and the pantry itself.

Well, without further ado, here is the finished product.

The final result


  • Countertop dimensions are 48 broad by 25 deep by 37 inches from the countertop to the floor.
  • Cabinet drawer dimensions: 32 broad x 25 deep x 2 high
  • Cabinet dimensions are 32 broad by 24 deep by 32 high (with one adjustable shelf)
  • Shelves above cabinet: 46 wide (with one divider seen above) x 14 deep x 11 tall (for each shelf)
  • Tall shelving on the left is 95 broad x 14 deep x 12 high for the majority of the shelves (all are adjustable except baking sheet storage)
  • Baking sheet storage dimensions are 17 broad (8.5 on either side of the divider) x 14 deep x 19.5 high.
  • Drawers for root vegetables are 18 broad x 14 deep x 13 high.
  • 14 inches between the tops of the shelves and the ceiling

Features we love

  • We have lots of shelves and storage, yet there is still enough space to move about.
  • We also received the cabinet we wanted (along with a drawer for my silicon mats!)
  • There are two root vegetable drawers that slide out.
  • There is also enough space on the upper shelf for big carrying buckets and paper towels.

You can’t see from the photo, but there’s additional storage around the left corner of the counter (which is perfect for a small drawer set I use to organize small accessories).

Purposeful and accessible storage solutions

Vertical baking sheet storage

We also purchased extra-tall shelves for storing baking sheets and cooling racks (the two above the drawers).

or placed on top of one other makes it impossible to see what I have. It was critical to me that I have a location for all of those sheets and racks that is simple to see, grasp, and arrange. Stacking them in a drawer and

Root vegetable drawers

These root vegetable drawers have developed into a few distinct items throughout time:

  • As intended, the top drawer contains root veggies.
  • The center drawer houses pasta and other grain packs.
  • The bottom drawer is presently holding all of my linens that I use as props (along with what we use on a daily basis!). I can readily see what I have because of the drawer structure.

The Cabinet

This was one of the most important requirements for me. I wanted a hidden storage place for items we don’t use every day, such as an electric carving knife, food processor, waffle oven, and so on.

I also needed a space to store other items that require a darker, colder environment. I won’t say it’s half full of appliances and half full of four packs of local beer, but

Padfoot made certain to investigate the ultimate outcome and report back with his findings. Fortunately, these were paws-itive reviews.

Don’t worry, I loathed myself as soon as I wrote that pun.

That’s how it appeared immediately after the first construction visit, and here is how it looks after all three trips and being populated:

Moreover, the rear window provides me this view, and it’s sort of amusing to observe Penny’s confusion when she sees me in the pantry while she’s in the backyard.

Back of door storage

Last but not least, we built the storage on the back of the door ourselves at a later period.

It took us a while to locate what we were looking for, but this OXO extendable wall-mounted organizer has served us well given that we don’t have a coat or cleaning supplies closet on the first level. Everything is simple to grab and store!

So far, so good.

Top shelf storage

The only disadvantage of having things kept so far up is that I am not Slender Man and cannot reach them.

IKEA provided me with this adorable tiny white stool, which has been ideal for providing me with the additional height I need.

Minimal decor

I also like that I can still show off my massive fork and spoon without having to put it on display in the main living space. I love them, but I don’t need to be seen by visitors having supper. It feels a touch rough, not completely finished.

And we’re doing all we can to finish the home and become adults. You know, like clean and orderly grownups who showcase local nautical artwork rather than obscene adult items. That’s not our style.

We make little changes week by week, gradually making the place more practical. I can’t wait to take a photo of it in a few years to see how much it changes and how our requirements change!

Shop the items in our pantry

  • OXO Good Grips Airtight Food Storage POP Containers, 10-Pack
  • IKEA and The Container Store white storage containers
  • OXO wall-mounted expandable organizer
  • IKEA’s white stool
  • Throughout the years, I’ve purchased a variety of cake stands, serving platters, and baked food storage containers from Target, Home Sense, Home Goods, and Crate & Barrel.

This article was not sponsored by California Closets; I just wanted to share my own experience and thoughts with you!


How do you turn a closet into a pull out pantry?

Here’s how to get started:
Examine your closet and pantry space.
Clean and declutter your closet.
Reorganize your closet contents.
Install movable shelves….
Measure the measurements of your “new” pantry to determine the appropriate height, breadth, and depth of your closet pantry shelving, as well as the number of shelves required.
Additional information…•Jan 28, 2020

What is slide out pantry?

Pull Out or Slide Out Pantry Units enable you to access the complete contents of your pantry by sliding your pantry baskets out utilizing a smooth sliding mechanism.

What is the minimum walkway for a pantry?

According to experts, the typical walk-in pantry should be at least 5 feet wide by 5 feet long. This will provide enough room for shelves (and counters if desired) as well as a minimum pathway of 36 inches for one person.

What is the standard depth for California Closets?

12″, 14″, 16″, 20″, and 24″ are the most typical depths for a bespoke reach-in closet. Our house custom closets, on the other hand, may be created to match your exact design requirements.

What are the disadvantages of pull out pantry?

Cons: May be difficult to clean (if you choose the wicker variant). It might be difficult to keep clean since kitchen things must be packed in a certain manner to fit into the area. If you have little children nearby, they may pull the drawers down since they aren’t fastened.

Can you use drawers as a pantry?

Pantry drawers not only offer efficient and quick access storage, but they also look wonderful, especially when combined with a longer run of drawer cabinets.

What is the difference between a butler’s pantry and a walk-in pantry?

A butler’s pantry is simply a little kitchen with plenty of counter space and, in many cases, a sink. A walk-in pantry, on the other hand, is more of a storage space. Of course, these enormous pantries may not be suitable for every house or budget.

Is it a good idea to have a walk-in pantry?

A home chef’s best buddy is a walk-in pantry. When it comes to pure storage capacity, they take the cake. They have many walls of floor-to-ceiling shelves and can store hundreds of ingredients, cookbooks, snacks, pots, pans, medium to large kitchen equipment, and other items.

What is a secret pantry?

A scullery, also known as a butler’s pantry, is a tiny kitchen where employees prepare food or clean up after meals. A secret area where the host and guests would not see soiled dishes.

Do walk in pantry add value?

Walk-in pantries increase the value and marketability of a home.

According to the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) and the National Association of Realtors (NAR), homeowners may anticipate to recuperate 52% to 67% of their investment.

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