Jarlsberg Cheese Substitutes: 5 Popular Options

Today, superb Jarlsberg cheese substitutes such as Gruyere and Gouda are available. However, if you are unfamiliar with the Norwegian Jarlsberg cheese (pronounced YARLS-burg), you may be perplexed.

What is Jarlsberg Cheese?

Jarlsberg cheese is a mild, semi-soft cow’s milk cheese that is connected to the Swiss cheese family but is sweeter than regular Swiss cheese. It tastes nutty, buttery, and mellow. It complements sandwiches, cheese platters, and prepared foods wonderfully. Jarlsberg cheese is a cross between Gouda and Swiss Emmental.

Jarlsberg is a versatile cheese that may be used in a broad range of dishes. The finest Jarlsberg cheese alternative is determined by its function in the recipe. It is essential to consider ratio exchanges and the availability of alternative cheeses when replacing Jarlsberg cheese.

We talk about five Jarlsberg cheese replacements for five distinct applications.

Our top Jarlsberg substitutes are:

  • Sliced Gruyre as a replacement for Jarlsberg cheese in sandwiches
  • For spicy melted Mexican meals, use cream cheese instead of Jarlsberg.
  • Plant-based charcuterie platters benefit from vegan Gouda cheese.
  • Comt as an alternative to Jarlsberg for souffls and quiches

Sliced Gruyère:

Gruyre is less creamy and less mellow than Jarlsberg. If you’re thinking of a sandwich melt, Gruyre melts extremely nicely, but it also works amazingly well when sliced.

Gruyre cheese works nicely as a stand-in in recipes where it can shine. Jarlsberg is often used because of its delicate qualities, which may often complement the bolder flavors of other components. So be wary of adding Gruyre if the recipe calls for a softer cheese to serve as a background.

However, Gruyre pairs well with robust tastes like fruits, caramelized onions, mustards, and pecans. A dish that initially called for smoked ham, sweet apple relish, and sliced Jarlsberg on rye may become delectably fascinating with the addition of Gruyre.

Substitution Ratios: Because Gruyre has a stronger taste than the mild Jarlsberg cheese, you may want to use somewhat less Gruyre to compensate. If the recipe asks for 100 grams of Jarlsberg, try 80 grams of gruyre instead.


Raclette looks like Jarlsberg cheese and is packed with holes. It is quite similar to Jarlsberg. It has a creamy texture and a mild, nutty taste.

This cheese, like Jarlsberg, melts very nicely owing to its moisture ratio and fat content. If a recipe called for Jarlsberg cheese, it would be a logical option for fondue or melting on top of a sandwich.

Raclette is not intended to be eaten raw, but rather for melting and grilling. It is often available in a range of tastes, ranging from mild to those with additional herbs such as chiles and peppercorns. Unless you are adding more flare to your dish, it is usually advisable to use mild-flavored Raclette for the Jarlsberg cheese.

If you’re going to melt the cheese over sandwiches, meats, or vegetables, keep in mind that this cheese is generally sliced finely before melting, usually less than one centimeter.

Substitution Ratios: Because the two cheeses are so similar, it may be used in place of Jarlsberg in fondues and sandwich melts at a 1:1 ratio.

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Cream Cheese:

If you’re looking for a savory Mexican meal with melted cheese and hot chiles, there’s a possibility it calls for Jarlsberg cheese. Jarlsberg cheese is often used to fill jalapeo peppers for an oozy, cheesy delicacy. It is also a common ingredient in cheese dips and sauces.

Jarlsberg’s mild taste makes it an ideal receiver for the robust and complex flavors prevalent in Mexican recipes, such as lime, cilantro, chili peppers, and even chocolate!

When developing a replacement for a delicious cuisine like Mexican, one must first determine if the cheese provides a distinct taste or serves as a host for the other flavors. In most situations, Jarlsberg and Mexican food serve as a vehicle for the many tastes.

This implies that the required replacement must have exceptional melting characteristics in order to create the proper consistency, as well as a mild enough taste not to overpower the other components.

For this reason, we recommend cream cheese. The mild taste serves as a good vehicle for the typical Mexican ingredients, letting them to merge and contrast harmoniously. It also melts into a smooth consistency that is ideal for fillings and sauces.

When cooking the cream cheese, use caution! If you use excessive heat or overheat it, the texture and taste of the cream cheese will alter.

While cream cheese is somewhat more sensitive to heat than Jarlsberg, it is widely accessible, making it an intriguing option for Jarlsberg cheese.

Cream cheese may be substituted for Jarlsberg cheese in a 1:1 ratio due to its mild taste.

Have extra cream cheese? Cream cheese may be readily stored by freezing.

Vegan Gouda cheese

If you’re assembling a plant-based charcuterie board, try include a vegan smoked gouda type cheese. In general, gouda is a wonderful Jarlsberg alternative, but we opted to add a vegan version for our needs today.

Plant-based diets have grown in popularity over the past decade, so if you’re throwing a party, chances are you’ll have some plant-based foodies around. Fortunately, the plant-based dairy business has kept up with demand admirably, producing an incredible array of tasty dairy-free cheeses.

Your vegan Jarlsberg replacement will go well with a variety of fruits, nuts, bread, and even vegan dark chocolate!

For a cheese dish, cut vegan gouda into cubes. It can even be shredded and melted into a soup!

Substitution Ratios: Vegan gouda may be used 1:1 as a Jarlsberg cheese substitute for a charcuterie platter.


When it comes to producing the ideal Jarlsberg cheese souffl, it might be difficult if you are unable to locate one of the most vital components, Jarlsberg cheese. If the recipe is time-sensitive, your best bet may be to find a suitable Jarlsberg cheese alternative. We suggest replacing Comt cheese for this sort of dish.

Comt is another cow’s milk cheese with a creamy texture and mild taste. It has nutty undertones and melts effortlessly into velvety sweetness, similar to Jarlsberg. Comt is a natural Jarlsberg alternative because to its mild taste and ease of melting.

It’s worth mentioning that, considering its flexibility, Jarlsberg is a fairly affordable cheese. Substituting it with a cheese like as Comt might raise the overall cost of the meal while also adding flare to the presentation.

Comt has a similar flavor and texture to Jarlsberg and may be used as a Jarlsberg alternative in souffls and quiches in a 1:1 ratio.

Are Gruyère and Jarlsberg Similar?

Yes, depending on the recipe, Gruyre may be a good Jarlsberg alternative. Gruyre has a little stronger flavor and is less creamy than Jarlsberg, yet it melts beautifully. It’s also great sliced, which is why we use it as a sliced Jarlsberg cheese alternative for sandwiches.

Is Gouda Similar to Jarlsberg?

Yes, Gouda, a renowned Dutch cheese, may serve as an excellent Jarlsberg alternative. Because Jarlsberg is essentially a cross between Gouda and Emmental, it naturally retains many of Gouda’s characteristics, including its mild, buttery taste. When compared to mature Gouda, young Gouda has excellent melting properties. Another advantage of Gouda is that it is widely accessible.

Can you Substitute Jarlsberg for Swiss?

Jarlsberg cheese is a cross between Gouda and Swiss Emmental. Jarlsberg has the appearance and consistency of Swiss Emmental, both of which are filled with irregular holes.

Jarlsberg cheese, on the other hand, is significantly sweeter and nuttier than its Swiss equivalent. Apart from this little taste variation, both cheeses are great melting cheeses. Swiss Emental is another a widely accessible cheese that may serve as a Jarlsberg cheese alternative.


What is a substitute for Jarlsberg cheese?

Sliced Gruyère as a Jarlsberg cheese alternative for sandwiches is one of our favorites. For spicy melted Mexican meals, use cream cheese instead of Jarlsberg. Plant-based charcuterie platters benefit from vegan Gouda cheese.

Is Gruyere cheese similar to Jarlsberg?

Jarlsberg Cheese is another Swiss cheese with a taste profile comparable to Gruyere. It is gentler than Gruyere, making it an excellent option for individuals seeking a softer and sweeter flavor. Another advantage of Jarlsberg is that it is often less pricey.

Is Jarlsberg cheese similar to Swiss cheese?

Jarlsberg® is a unique invention that is frequently mistaken for a Swiss cheese. Jarlsberg® is a cross between Gouda and Emmental (both of which are Swiss cheeses). The shape and arrangement of the holes in Jarlsberg® are distinctive – and inextricably linked to the mild, nutty flavor.

Are Emmental and Jarlsberg similar?

Jarlsberg has the consistency, texture, and hole formation of Swiss Emmental, but a sweeter, more nut-like taste than its Swiss-made equivalent. Another factor worth noticing is the difference in density and weight between the two.

What is the best cheese substitute?

Can’t Consume Dairy? Here Are the 7 Best Cheese Substitutes
Ricotta from Kite Hill. Kite Hill is for you if you’re vegan or lactose intolerant yet like the flavor and feel of cheese.
Sauce made from sweet potatoes.
Cheese made from cashews.
Zucchini Cheddar.
Spread with tahini.

Is Jarlsberg cheese similar to mozzarella?

Jarlsberg cheese has a taste comparable to mozzarella. They’re sweet and buttery, rather not as harsh as our prior alternatives. Jarlsberg also has a nutty taste to it.

What is a less expensive substitute for Gruyere cheese?

Swiss American Cheese

This cheese is likely to be available at any supermarket shop. It’s prepared in the Swiss tradition and looks a lot like Emmental cheese. When you want a less expensive alternative to Gruyère, use it instead.

What makes Jarlsberg cheese different?

Jarlsberg® varies from Emmental because to distinct manufacturing procedures, lactic acid and bacteria cultures, and textures and smells. As a consequence, the cheese has fewer holes, is less dry, softer, and has a creamier texture.

Can I use mozzarella instead of gruyere?

Can I substitute mozzarella with the Gruyere? If you want a nice melting cheese, substitute Gruyere for the mozzarella. You should be aware that adding mozzarella to a dish might totally change its taste. It doesn’t melt as well as Gruyere, but it’s still a unique cheese.

Is Jarlsberg a Cheddar?

Although it is occasionally mistaken for a Swiss cheese, Jarlsberg® is a one-of-a-kind hybrid of Gouda and Emmental. The shape and pattern of the holes are distinct and inextricably linked to the mild, nutty taste.

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