Is it possible to freeze orange juice?

Orange juice has long been a part of champions’ breakfast, but it’s also a terrific mid-afternoon pick-me-up on its own. The sweetness and tart sour combined into a glass deliver a jolt that is difficult to compare to other juices.

Although oranges used to be a Christmas-only treat, we can now pick up a huge bag from the grocery store and squeeze them all into a big pitcher. But, orange juice, like anything else prepared from fruits, may go bad if stored in the fridge for too long. Thus, in this piece, we’ll see whether you can freeze orange juice.

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Can You Freeze Orange Juice?: The Short Answer

Yes, Freshly squeezed and Store-bought Orange juice does quite well in the freezer and will last for many months (from 8 to a year) instead of days or a week.

Even better, the procedure is not too complicated. Just pour the juice into a freezer-safe container and put it in the freezer. Of course, plastic containers such as Tupperware work quite well. Freezer-safe glass containers, such as Mason jars, are another alternative. Using an ice cube tray is another common method for ensuring that no orange juice goes to waste. Once frozen, you may add orange ice cubes to beverages to enhance flavor and chill them down.

While any orange juice may be frozen (using any of the ways), various types of orange juice will generate varied effects when frozen. We’ll compare store-bought orange juice against freshly squeezed, as well as the quantity of pulp in the juice we’re considering of freezing.

Store-Bought Versus Freshly Squeezed

One of the most crucial things to check before freezing anything is that it hasn’t already gone bad.

One of the primary distinctions between store-bought orange juice and freshly squeezed orange juice is that the former keeps considerably longer in the fridge. So, how long can you keep fresh-squeezed orange juice? If you create your own juice, it will only last two or three days in the fridge before bacteria begins to develop.

When you open a carton of Tropicana or Minute Maid juice, it will last approximately a week in the fridge before turning bad. This is due to the fact that large corporations pasteurize (heat-treat) their juices to prevent hazardous and unhealthy germs from developing.

Hence, if you want to keep any of your own orange juice for later, put it in the fridge as soon as possible. But, it is okay to wait a little longer for store-bought juices.

How Much Pulp?

A big debate surrounding orange juice is the pulp content. Should there be lots of pulp, just some to add to the texture, or none at all?

Although there is no way to resolve the debate here, there is a correct solution for people who wish to freeze their orange juice.

The less pulp there is, the better.

To understand why, consider why water freezes into such regular and consistent forms. Water has extremely few big particles, thus there is nothing to obstruct the creation of ice crystals. Orange juice, on the other hand, is rather different.

Sugars from the fruit will always be present in frozen juice. Since this is what gives it its taste and sweetness, it will never freeze as precisely as water. Placing orange juice with huge pieces of pulp in the freezer aggravates the condition.

When the juice cools in the freezer, the heavy pulp will settle to the bottom of the plastic container or Mason jar. (If you’ve ever left a glass out for too long, you’ve seen this). The bottom of the ice will be flaky and less uniform than the more pure top layer when it freezes. It’s not good for ice cubes, and it’s also not ideal for thawing drinks.

Hence, if you’re freezing your own freshly squeezed orange juice, you should drain it beforehand. This will extract as much pulp as possible from the juice, and when you have a need months later, you will be rewarded. If you’re using store-bought juice, consider getting some without the pulp to save time.

Some Tips, Tricks, and Usages

Mason jars are a great choice for freezing a smaller batch of orange juice (or splitting a large one into several portions). You don’t need to wait for it to thaw to put in a glass—it’s already there. It’s a great option to grab on the way to the office in the morning since it will be ready to drink by lunchtime

If you need orange juice right away and don’t want to wait for it to thaw, you may defrost it in the microwave. If you do this, be sure you consume it all at once; it shouldn’t go back into the fridge.

Use the frozen orange juice to make cocktails, such as screwdrivers, or non-alcoholic drinks, such as Orange Julius. It may also be used in baking and other dishes. Check out some drink and food recipes (including a great looking Orange Mandarin Chicken).

Last Thoughts

Is it possible to freeze store-bought orange juice? Yes. Is it possible to freeze freshly squeezed orange juice? Yes, as well.

Despite those straightforward answers, theres enough to be careful of. Keep an eye out for too much pulp and don’t put off freezing your homemade orange juice for too long. We’re certain you’ll be able to preserve orange juice such that it tastes almost as wonderful as fresh. You’ll never have to go to the supermarket to fulfill that urge again.

Can’t seem to locate any orange juice? Learn how to make an orange juice alternative.


Is orange juice Good after freezing?

Indeed, both freshly squeezed and store-bought orange juice freeze well and will last for many months (from 8 to a year) instead of days or weeks. What exactly is this? Even better, the procedure isn’t too complicated. Just pour the juice into a freezer-safe container and put it in the freezer.

Can you freeze carton of orange juice?

Yes, orange juice may be frozen for up to ten months. You may freeze either leftover orange juice in containers or unopened orange juice in the carton.

Can you freeze juice in plastic bottles?

Pour the juice into freezer bags or a stiff, airtight container using a funnel. If the original container is made of durable plastic, you may use it; just leave a few inches of space at the top of the bottle to allow for growth.

Is it OK to freeze simply orange juice?

A: Simply Beverages may be frozen, however it is not suggested since the juice may swell and fracture or leak the Simple carafe. To get the finest flavor, consume Simply Juices and Simply Drinks before the expiry date and while they are cooled.

Does freezing orange juice destroy vitamin C?

Freezing. The only alternative that does not harm the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, or taste of fresh juice is freezing. Once frozen, raw cold-pressed juices must be kept in the freezer and may be preserved for 6 months without losing taste or value.

Is frozen OJ as healthy as fresh?

A recent research compares the bioaccessibility of fresh, pasteurized, and deep-frozen orange juices (the quantity of nutrients in a substance that may be absorbed by our intestines and distributed to the rest of our body). The findings may surprise you.

What can I do with too much orange juice?

If you do this, the orange flavor will be considerably tangier and more complex.
Marinade. Use OJ in place of typical wine or vinegar-based marinades…. Popsicles…. Salad Dressing…. Cakes and Fast Breads…. Quick Frosting Or Citrus Glaze…. Pickling.
Feb 17, 2018

Is it safe to freeze juice in glass bottles?

Glass is an ideal material for food storage, whether in the pantry, the refrigerator, or the freezer. It is totally safe and simple to freeze food in glass, but there are a few precautions to take.

What is the best way to freeze juice?

It is possible to freeze fresh juice.

This will prevent the nutrients from being lost too soon. Again, an airtight glass container is ideal. Nevertheless, this time, allow approximately a half-inch of room at the top for expansion while freezing. It is best to defrost frozen fresh juice in the refrigerator.

Why shouldn’t you freeze juice?

We don’t advocate freezing juice in general (unless you’re creating popsicles or slushies) since frozen juice doesn’t taste as delicious as fresh juice. But, if properly preserved, juice may be kept in the freezer for up to 6 months. Remember that appropriate storage is essential!

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