How to Use a Garlic Press

A cookware shop will have devices for each culinary activity you can think of. Some aren’t really beneficial. (I still have my banana slicer and salad scissors from three Christmases ago.) Other kitchen gadgets, such as the garlic press, may be game changers.

Garlic is an essential element in many dishes. Garlic is a kitchen essential because the fresh cloves offer bright flavor to dishes and sauces. However, cutting garlic into small bits or shredding it with a cheese grater may be time-consuming, and the garlic scent on your hands isn’t always simple to remove. Then, while eating your handmade supper, you bite into a piece of garlic, which overpowers the rest of the meal and leaves you with garlic breath for hours.

A garlic press, sometimes known as a garlic crusher, is an equipment used in the kitchen to crush garlic cloves. Cooks Illustrated, a well-known cooking magazine from Americas Test Kitchen company in Brookline, Massachusetts, says, A good garlic press can break down cloves more finely and evenly than an average cook using a knife, which means better distribution of garlic flavor throughout any given dish.

Garlic presses enhance the taste while evenly dispersing it throughout the meal. In other words, you won’t have to worry about eating a huge taste of raw garlic. Not to add that garlic presses cut down on cooking prep time.

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What does a Garlic Press/Crusher Look Like?

Garlic presses are typically hand-held metal appliances that resemble nutcrackers. They exist in a variety of sizes and materials, including metal and plastic, but they always include a chamber to contain the garlic, two handles, and a grid of tiny holes to mince the garlic.

A garlic press’s characteristics vary; some are bigger to handle larger or more cloves. The size of the perforations varies as well. Some are greater in size than others. Cleaning devices and other sophisticated features are included into certain garlic presses.

How to Use a Garlic Press

It is really easy to use a garlic crusher. Squeeze the handles firmly together while holding the press over a dish, container, or straight into the food you’re making. You may have aromatic, minced garlic in less than 10 seconds.

After you’ve done, open the press and scrape out the skin with a food brush or knife. Yes, I did say skin, which brings me to my next question.

Do You Need to Peel Garlic Before Using a Garlic Press?

No, there is no need to peel the skin first. The garlic is pushed through the openings by a garlic press, leaving the peel intact in the chamber.

Some individuals still like to peel garlic before pressing it, and that is a personal choice. However, peeling garlic is not required, which saves time.

How Do You Clean a Garlic Press?

Some people avoid garlic presses because they are difficult to clean, but the majority of presses on the market now are very simple to clean. Spray your garlic press with a little cooking oil before using it to make cleaning simpler afterwards.After using the press, remove the peel and any garlic residue using a sharp item such as a toothpick or knife. Then, rinse the instrument with warm water and clean it with mild dish soap with a toothbrush or small sponge.

Because some garlic presses are dishwasher safe, you may run the press under hot water to remove any leftover garlic before washing it in the dishwasher.

Are There Other Functions of a Garlic Press?

Yes! Some garlic presses claim to press not just garlic but also ginger, shallots, and tiny peppers.

Should You Get a Garlic Press?

Garlic preparation may be time-consuming, and if you find yourself hating the task of mincing garlic with a Chef’s knife, a garlic press may be the solution for you. If you cook often, this device will make your life simpler.

But, before you commit, think about how you like your garlic in your cooking. Look for one with fewer holes if you want finely shredded garlic. If you want little garlic cubes, seek for ones with wider holes. Both choices are available on certain garlic presses.

Consider the materials as well. The finest garlic presses are made of heavy-duty stainless steel that will endure a long time. Plastic ones may function for a time, but they aren’t as long-lasting as metal ones.

Bottom Line?

Not everyone needs a garlic press. Some skilled chefs, such as the late Anthony Bourdain, publicly oppose the garlic press. A garlic press, on the other hand, is a terrific addition for the home chef who may not have the time or talent to rapidly and effectively mince garlic with a knife.


Do you need to peel garlic when using a garlic press?

The clove does not need to be peeled before being placed in the pressing chamber. After usage, you may clean the press by removing the garlic peel in one piece from the chamber.

What is the difference between mincing garlic and using garlic press?

Knife-Minced Garlic: Mild again, with soft and delicious chewable garlic chunks. Garlic Press: More taste overall than knife chopped garlic, with a mild burn in the throat. It’s somewhat sweet but also little abrasive.

What else can I use my garlic press for?

Cook’s Illustrated suggests using a garlic press to crush other tiny ingredients (such as olives, capers, anchovies, ginger, and canned chipotles) or to extract small amounts of onion or shallot juice.

Why do chefs not peel garlic?

Garlic skin isn’t waste; it has a lot of taste and may be used in cooking. Keeping it not only reduces food waste, but it may also add a whole new level of garlic flavor to your recipes. If you’re going to strain the sauce anyhow, you can simply crush the garlic clove and leave the skin on.

Do chefs use garlic press?

4. Press the garlic. The garlic press was deemed more worthless by cooks than any other instrument.

Are garlic presses any good?

While using a garlic press saves time, the results are more intense than cutting or mincing it by hand. A knife-minced garlic will produce a sweeter flavor and a gentler odor in recipes that call for raw garlic. Cooked garlic, on the other hand, loses some of its pungency, and a garlic press may be a real time saving.

When should you use a garlic press?

“I use it for garlic toast, aioli, marinades, and salad dressings.” “All of these recipes call for finely minced, almost pureed garlic, and the garlic press is ideal for this,” she explains.

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