Horseradish Sauce Manufacturers with the Best Reviews

Horseradish, a sour and fragrant sauce, expertly balances heat and zest to produce a sophisticated and flavorful dressing for your favorite meals. This sauce adds heat and flavor to improve your meals, whether you use it to your steak, prepared ribs, or a side of veggies.

So, which brand of horseradish sauce is the best? Although there is much discussion on the subject, we have selected some of our favorites and encourage that you check them out to see which one you like!

Best Horseradish Sauce Brand Reviews

Now you know what to look for when choosing the finest horseradish sauce. These are our best picks for this one-of-a-kind condiment.

1. Zatarain Peppered Horseradish

Zatarain Peppered Horseradish
Zatarain’s peppered horseradish brings on a lot of gusto! It’s made with several tangy and zesty ingredients to bring a lot of flavor to your meals. You can use it as a dip, spread, or dressing, and it suits well with Bloody Mary’s.
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To bring out the powerful, delectable overtones of spice, the horseradish is coupled with lemon juice concentrate and vinegar. We enjoyed this recipe since it just has five calories per serving, making it ideal for healthy snacks and dinners for individuals watching their calorie consumption!

This horseradish sauce is considered modest in terms of heat. It isn’t very spicy, but it adds interesting spices and tastes to any food.

Also, since this sauce is more watery than others, it works best in salads, dips, and prepared foods.

  • a lot of zing and taste
  • Excellent for combining with various dips and cooked foods.
  • Each serving has just five calories.
  • Prepared using basic components
  • It’s a little watery.
  • There isn’t a lot of heat.

2. Atomic Horseradish

Atomic Horseradish
If you want heat, then this is the horseradish sauce for you! The atomic horseradish is beyond hot. One whiff of the contents in the jar will bring tears to your eyes and take your breath away. The ingredients include horseradish, vinegar, salt, a bit of sugar, and several other spices to pack in the heat.
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What makes this sauce so tempting is that it is kosher and vegan, plus it is created with farm-fresh ingredients to enhance the taste. This horseradish sauce is best stored in the fridge to retain its freshness; however, the heat may fade with time.

It seems to keep in the fridge for up to three months, which shouldn’t be a problem. Although it may not last as long as other horseradish brands, it is still an excellent product.

  • Extremely spicy and hot
  • Using farm-fresh ingredients
  • Vegan and kosher approved
  • When refrigerated, it keeps for three months.
  • The heat dissipates with time.
  • The extra spices are not mentioned on the package label.
  • It cannot be kept in the pantry.

3. Woeber Horseradish Sauce

Woeber Horseradish Sauce
The Woeber’s horseradish sauce is one of the best for sandwich spreads and dips. It has a smooth, creamy texture that outcompetes all other brands. This horseradish sauce is mild while still having a hint of spice.
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Although it is not ideal for cooking, it makes an excellent dip and dressing sauce. This horseradish sauce also has a long shelf life. Because of the preservatives in the mix, you may store it in the pantry even after opening.

The ingredient list for this sauce is lacking. Horseradish is mentioned fourth or fifth, and its concentration is lower than that of the other components. Preservatives and artificial tastes seem to predominate in the blend. Corn syrup and cornstarch are placed before horseradish, for example.

Although it has a smoky, zesty taste, it may not be the ideal choice for you. It’s also not as homey as other brands. Yet, it is identical to many restaurant kinds and as delicious!

  • Smooth, creamy texture
  • Excellent for spreads and dips.
  • Moderate and not very spicy
  • Has a lengthy shelf life
  • Contains a lot of preservatives
  • Horseradish is a minor component.
  • Not as good for cooking.

4. Inglehoffer Cream Style Horseradish

Inglehoffer Cream Style Horseradish
Another creamy and delightful horseradish sauce comes from Inglehoffer. Their horseradish sauce comes in a squeezable bottle so you can add just the right amount of seasoning to your food. Inglehoffer horseradish sauce is an excellent sauce for dips, dressings, spreads, cooking, or creating spicy marinades.
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Although it is not considered spicy in the traditional sense, it is hotter than mild. Inglehoffer’s condiment likewise used freshly grated horseradish roots as the principal component. The fresh aspect energizes the taste and adds a natural tang that horseradish sauce fans will like.

High-fructose corn syrup and sugar, on the other hand, are put rather high on the ingredient list with other preservatives. Corn syrup appears three times in the list. Thus, although it is a wonderful and smooth horseradish sauce that goes well with wasabi or mustard, it may not be the healthiest option.

It’s particularly strange given that one of Inglehoffer’s characteristics for this sauce is freshly grated horseradish. Because of the preservatives, this sauce has a longer shelf life, which is ideal for individuals who use this condiment infrequently.

  • Contains freshly grated horseradish
  • The texture is smooth and creamy.
  • spicier than mild
  • Extended storage life
  • Squeezable bottle for easy application
  • There is much too much corn syrup.
  • There are a lot of preservatives.
  • Not ideal for cooking

5. Beaver Horseradish Sauce

Beaver Horseradish Sauce
The Beaver horseradish sauce is a medium heat sauce that has a mild kick to it. It’s best as a cooking sauce to add to prime ribs, steak, shrimp, or other delicious meals. The main ingredients are horseradish roots and vinegar, which gives it a sharp tang!
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This sauce contains some preservatives. Several of the components, however, were chosen to be healthier alternatives to conventional sauces. The primary component in this mix is horseradish root, which is 100% pure and fresh.

To keep the quality of this horseradish sauce, keep it refrigerated as soon as you have it. It’s also not as hot as the label implies. Although Beaver claims that it is spicy and may need mayonnaise to cool it down, we have found that this is unlikely for most horseradish sauce fans.

  • Mildly spicy taste
  • Excellent for cooking
  • Fresh horseradish root is used in this recipe.
  • There are few preservatives.
  • Refrigeration is required.
  • Not as appealing as advertised

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some frequently asked questions about horseradish sauce.

What is Horseradish?

Horseradish sauce contains a key component called horseradish. To make a tangy sauce, the horseradish root is pulverized and combined with other ingredients. The root is somewhat acidic and quite hot.

What are the Main Ingredients in Horseradish Sauce?

Horseradish root, vinegar, sugar, soybean oil, and spices are the most typical components in horseradish sauce. Often, the herbs used to impart heat to the sauce are not explicitly disclosed and are considered part of the brand’s secret recipe. While sugar is not always included in horseradish sauce, it is a popular ingredient. Corn syrup is another common preservative in horseradish sauce. Depending on your health preferences, you may want to investigate these two components.

What is Horseradish Sauce Used In When Cooking?

Horseradish sauce is widely used as a dressing, dip, spread, or marinade component. It goes great with red meat meals like prime ribs and steak, but it also goes well with shrimp. Horseradish sauce may also be used with mustard, mayonnaise, wasabi, or hummus to make such sauces more spicy. These mixtures are typically smeared on sandwiches and eaten.

How Spicy is Horseradish Sauce?

The heat level of horseradish sauce varies. The horseradish root itself contains some heat and is responsible for the fiery taste of horseradish sauce. Spices and vinegar may be used to increase the acidity and spice of the meal. Before purchasing, read the product description to confirm that the horseradish sauce meets your heat requirements.

How Do I Store Horseradish Sauce?

Horseradish sauce may be kept in either the pantry or the refrigerator. Since they include a lot of preservatives, most horseradish sauces may be kept in the cupboard for a long time. These sauces are smoother as well and are most often used as a spread or dip. Horseradish sauce is often produced without preservatives and stored in the refrigerator. To keep the contents fresh, the container must be maintained cool at all times. These sauces are prepared with all-natural ingredients and are frequently healthier. They do not, however, have extremely extended shelf life.

How Long Can I Keep Horseradish Sauce in My Pantry?

Unopened, horseradish sauce will keep in your cupboard for a few months. Most sauces are only edible for four to eight weeks after they are opened. Check the expiry date on the bottle and carefully read the directions to ensure that your sauce does not deteriorate too quickly.

What To Look For When Selecting a Horseradish Sauce

Before we get into the greatest horseradish sauces, it’s important to understand what to look for in this savory condiment.


Of course, the most important feature of any sauce is its taste. Horseradish sauce should have a wonderful blend of spicy and acidic flavors. It should be somewhat acidic with just enough sweetness to avoid becoming sour.

Seek for elements that will increase the acidity, such as vinegar and lemon juice. Be mindful of the sugar and other sweet ingredients that assist to balance this sauce.


The heat of horseradish sauce is widely recognized. It’s fiery, hot, and delicious. That is why people adore it! While selecting a horseradish sauce, consider how hot it is. Most horseradishes are mild, but there are a handful that are hotter.

When choosing on the degree of spiciness you want from your horseradish sauce, know your boundaries and expectations.


Horseradish sauce should be between a paste and a liquid sauce. You don’t want a watery sauce since it won’t work well as a dip or spread. Conversely, you don’t want anything too thick since it will be difficult to boil down or combine.

Depending on how you want to utilize your horseradish sauce, you may encounter a variety of textures. Dips benefit from creamy and silky consistency. A more liquid-based sauce, on the other hand, is great for marinades and adding to your favorite meat recipes.


Fresh ingredients are usually a welcome addition to sauces. Horseradish sauce is no exception. There is a noticeable difference in flavor between freshly grated horseradish roots and non-fresh roots.

You should also keep a watch out for preservatives. Although they’re great for prolonging the life of your favorite sauce, they’re not great for your health. High-fructose corn syrup and other chemicals may also alter taste.


Another factor to consider is the shelf life. Refrigerated horseradish sauces do not have extended shelf life, which might be problematic for people who do not consume their sauce on a daily basis. Nonetheless, pantry shelf-lives may be too long for others. Check the expiry date to ensure that your horseradish sauce has a long shelf life.

Final Thoughts

Getting the perfect horseradish sauce boils down to a few crucial considerations. While selecting the perfect sauce for your requirements, keep texture, heat, and ingredients in mind. You should first decide whether you want a creamy dip or a spicy dressing for your sauce. Combine that with the degree of heat you want and the quality of the ingredients, and you’ll be well on your way to discovering the greatest horseradish sauce for you.

These were some of the greatest horseradish sauce brands we discovered, each providing a particular function in your home cooking. Be sure to look them up. You could discover a new favorite condiment!

Other condiments:

  • Alfredo Dressing
  • Teriyaki Dressing
  • Cocktail Dressing
  • Pizza Dressing
  • Sauce for Enchiladas


What are the best brands of horseradish?

Horseradish 8oz Jar Pure Horseradish – Homestyle.
St…. Zakuson Gourmet Horseradish with Beets 8.8 Oz.
Big Top Western Horseradish Root, 1 Pound (Sold by Weight)….
Extremely Hot Atomic Horseradish – “2 Pack” – 6 Oz Jars – 12 Ozs.
Horseradish Sauce by Woeber (2 – 16 oz)
More to come…

Is store bought horseradish good for you?

Horseradish sauce, like other processed foods, has a high salt content. Too much salt may raise your chances of getting hypertension, heart disease, and stroke. While consuming manufactured goods, like readymade horseradish sauce, it’s crucial to keep portion amounts in mind.

What is the hottest brand of horseradish?

Do you think you can stand the horseradish heat? Beaver Extremely Hot Horseradish is ideal for anybody who like their cuisine hot… and we mean very spicy. Our horseradish is created from 100% pure, fresh grated horseradish roots and is traditionally served with red meat.

What are the different types of horseradish sauce?

The prepared form is more popular in North America and is what most people think of when they think of horseradish sauce; the creamed version is more popular in Britain and is what most people think of when they think of horseradish sauce. Horseradish Sauce comes in two varieties: creamed and pickled (also known as “prepared horseradish”). The preserved

Who is the number one producer of horseradish?

The world’s biggest producer of horseradish is located in Eau Claire on a family farm founded by a German immigrant. A 90-year-long heat wave at Eau Claire shows no signs of abating. Huntsinger Farms is the hub, and the heat source is horseradish, which has been cultivated and processed on the property since 1929.

Who is the top producer of horseradish?

The lion’s share is grown in Illinois: Collinsville-based J.R. Kelly Co. is the nation’s biggest provider, selling 10 million to 12 million pounds of roots each year, giving it the moniker “The Horseradish House.”

Who should not eat horseradish?

Horseradish may irritate the digestive system if you have stomach or intestinal ulcers, inflammatory bowel disease, infections, or other digestive tract diseases. If you have any of these symptoms, avoid using horseradish.

Who should avoid horseradish?

Horseradish is not indicated for those who have hypothyroidism, ulcers, gastritis, or renal illness. 7 If you have any of these illnesses, it is advisable to consult with your doctor about your specific horseradish usage.

Does horseradish raise blood pressure?

Horseradish contains potassium, which helps to protect your heart by decreasing blood pressure and regulating the movement of fluids and minerals.

How do I choose horseradish?

Select solid roots with no mold, soft patches, or green spots. Older roots will seem withered and dried. They could even start to grow. They should be avoided.

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