Comparison between Crumpets and English Muffins

Do you create English muffins or crumpets when life throws you batter? Both types of round, soft, and fluffy pastries are great with melted butter, jam, honey, and a variety of additional sides and toppings for breakfast. They are also known as griddle cakes because they may be baked on the stovetop rather than in the oven.

But don’t be fooled by their similarities; their contrasts are significantly larger. Let’s get started since there’s so much to discuss and compare, from batter and texture to cooking procedure.

Crumpet: The “Spongy” One

A crumpet is best described as a round, chewy cake with holes on top. Baking soda is used in the recipe to generate the spongy, distinctive surface texture.

Crumpets are only cooked on one side to let the other side to soak up the exquisite jams, sweet cocoa butter, and honey that may be added. They are often had for breakfast or in the afternoon with a cup of tea.

English Muffin: The “Bread-Like” One

English muffins are flatter and drier than crumpets, and since the recipe does not call for baking soda, the holes are on the inside rather than the top. When English muffins are fried on both sides, they become quite crispy.

Its smooth surface is ideal for slathering on jams, honey, and creams. English muffins are also incredibly simple to freeze.

Crumpet vs English Muffin: What’s The Difference?

After reading the two descriptions above, you may have noticed the fundamental similarities between crumpets and English muffins: both are griddle cakes, round, with a spongy or fluffy texture, and are often eaten for breakfast or with afternoon tea.

So, what distinguishes each of them? Let’s look into it.

They Have Different Origins

Crumpets are said to have originated in late 17th century England as crompit cakes, which were little, firm, oval-shaped biscuits fried on a griddle with a pancake-like appearance. Yeast and baking soda were added to the recipe during the Victorian era to give them a soft, spongy appearance.

English muffins, contrary to popular belief, were invented in the United States by a British immigrant called Samuel Bath Thomas as an alternative to crumpets. Around 1880, Thomas, who ran a bakery in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood, invented the toaster crumpet.

These became a fashionable alternative to hotel and restaurant toasts. They were called English muffins in 1894, and the rest is history.

They Are Made With Different Ingredients

Milk, yeast, baking soda, and baking powder are used to make crumpets. The components create a wet batter with a hydration of 90% or more, resulting in a loose and spongy texture.

English muffins are produced with solid dough as opposed to watery batter. While milk is sometimes used, the classic recipe does not. Since they include more yeast or sourdough, they rise higher than crumpets. Baking soda is periodically added to the dough to make it rise even more.

They Are Cooked Differently

Since crumpet batter is highly liquid, it is poured into ring molds and cooked on one side only. Along with the loose batter, this cooking procedure gives the final pastry its unique spongy look with holes on top. Cooking time for crumpets is 20-25 minutes.

Meanwhile, the English muffins are uniformly cooked on both sides. As a consequence, the pastry is uniformly browned and fluffy on the inside. Cooking time for English Muffins is around 2 hours.

They Have Different Textures

Crumpets are cooked on one side with a high-hydration batter, giving them a frothy look and a moist and soft feel. They don’t rise as much as their doughy relatives.

English muffins are created using a firm dough that rises more owing to the increased yeast content. Because of the sourdough fermentation, they have a bread-like consistency.

They Are Usually Paired With Different Dishes

Crumpets soak up toppings like melted butter, marmalade, or honey like a sponge. They go well with sweet spreads, while other people like them with savory sides such as eggs or sausages. They’re often consumed in the morning or with afternoon tea.

English muffins, on the other hand, are sliced in half and stuffed with savory or sweet components like sausage, eggs, bacon, cheese, and chips. They are a terrific alternative to toast and provide a substantial lunch or breakfast since they resemble bread.

Crumpet vs. English Muffin: Which One’s Healthier?

Crumpets have less calories than muffins, but muffins are healthier since they include less fat and no cholesterol. Let’s have a look at their nutritional values.

Crumpet English Muffin
102 calories
19.6 g water 
3.99 g protein
0.76 g fat
19.9 g carbohydrate
1.58 g fiber 
1.59 g sugar
73.4 mg calcium 
1.8 mg iron 
10.8 mg magnesium 
41.4 mg phosphorus 
49 mg potassium 
191 mg sodium
42.3 µg folate
132 calories
25.3 g water
5.14 g protein
0.98 g fat
25.6 g carbohydrate
2.03 g fiber 
2.05 g sugar
94.5 mg calcium 
2.32 mg iron
13.9 mg magnesium 
53.4 mg phosphorus 
63.2 mg potassium  
246 mg sodium 
1.04 mg vitamin C

The Breakdown: Key Differences

Now that we’ve gone through them thoroughly, let’s summarize their significant differences.

Key Differences Crumpet English Muffin
Origin Anglo-Saxon alternative to “pikelets” Originally made by an English immigrant in New York as an alternative to crumpets.
Texture Liquid batter Solid dough
Preparation Baked on one side Baked evenly
Cooking time 20 — 25 minutes 2 hours
Appearance Spongy Bread-like
Serving Served whole with toppings Cut in half and paired with sweet and savory ingredients
Nutritional value Fewer calories Less fat and no cholesterol


One thing that English muffins and crumpets have in common is that they both make great British breakfasts.

The primary distinction between the two is that English muffins resemble a little, round loaf, whilst crumpets resemble a round, fluffy sponge. While crumpets are fewer in calories, English muffins are lower in fat and have no cholesterol, making them the better choice.


How are crumpets different than English muffins?

Crumpet recipes do not call for yeast and have a looser batter. They are also served whole, as opposed to divided English muffins. English muffins have a more bready feel and are roasted on both sides.

Are crumpets healthier than English muffins?

The primary distinction between the two is that English muffins resemble a little, round loaf, whilst crumpets resemble a round, fluffy sponge. While crumpets are fewer in calories, English muffins are lower in fat and have no cholesterol, making them the better choice.

Why do Americans call crumpets English muffins?

We do this because we are British and speak our own form of the language known as “English.” An English crumpet is a griddle bread produced in the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, and Australia from an unsweetened batter of water or milk, flour, and yeast.

What is the American version of an English muffin?

In the United Kingdom, English muffins are often referred to as muffins; sweet American-style muffins are sometimes referred to as American muffins to distinguish them.

What is the American version of a crumpet?

A crumpet is a typical English bread that is eaten for breakfast or as a teatime snack. It is popular in the United Kingdom and former British colonies such as Canada and Australia. An English immigrant originated the English muffin in America (so Americans saw it as an English-style muffin).

Are crumpets sold in America?

Crumpets are currently available in many grocery shops in the United States, although they are not as ubiquitous in the bread department as English muffins.

How do British eat crumpets?

English crumpets are a traditional British breakfast food, served warm and fresh from the toaster with a little crispness to the outer and a warm soft core, and soaked in melted butter that pours through all the holes. Serve with hot tea for a traditional flavor of England.

What does a crumpet taste like?

Crumpets have a similar flavor and appearance to English muffins. The distinction is that crumpets are lighter than English muffins. Although crumpets have a crust on the exterior, the insides are airy, spongy, and yeasty – and they aren’t sliced open.

Are you supposed to toast crumpets?

To improve the flavor and texture of crumpets, they should be toasted or cooked. When you purchase crumpets, they are extremely pale and solid; by toasting and coloring them, you generate flavor, and the browner (but not burned) they get, the more flavorsome they become.

What do the British call cupcakes?

A cupcake (also British English: fairy cake; Hiberno-English: bun) is a miniature cake that may be cooked in a little thin paper or aluminum cup. Frosting and other cake decorations, such as fruit and sweets, may be used, as with bigger cakes.

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