Coca-Cola Is It Acidic? (A Comparison of Flavors)

As you may know, anything with a pH less than seven is acidic, which means that most of our favorite carbonated drinks, including Coke, are extremely acidic. The pH of regular Coke is 2.37. If you eat too much of this tasty beverage, it may be hazardous to your health.

The Ingredients in Coca Cola

The specific formula is a closely guarded secret, although the drink comprises carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, caramel coloring, phosphoric acid, caffeine, and natural flavors, according to Coca-Cola. Caffeine and phosphoric acid make it acidic, while carbonated water makes it hazy.

Why Is Coca-Cola Acidic?

Contrary to common perception, carbon dioxide does not cause cola to be acidic. It’s phosphoric acid, an ingredient that extends the shelf life of the goods.

Phosphoric acid is a colorless, odorless crystalline liquid that inhibits the development of mold and bacteria in sugary conditions. It also lends your beverage its distinct acidic taste.

A 12 oz can includes around 30 mg of caffeine, which contributes to the drink’s acidity.

Are All Flavors of Coca-Cola Acidic?

Because phosphoric acid is present in all tastes and variants of coke, they are all acidic. The pH levels, however, vary depending on the taste.

The pH values of the various Coca-Cola varieties are listed below:

Coca-Cola Flavor pH Level
Classic 2.37
Diet 3.10
Zero Sugar 2.96
Cherry 2.38

*All pH values for soft drinks discussed in this article were obtained from the Journal of the American Dental Organizations 2016 study.

Is Drinking Coca-Cola Bad for Your Health?

A can once in a while is alright, but continuous use is hazardous to your health.

The beverage includes a lot of sugar (65 to 70 grams in a 20-ounce container) and artificial sweeteners, which are bad for your blood glucose levels. It is damaging to your teeth and bones and, owing to its acid content, aggravates acid reflux. It is also quite dehydrating due to the high caffeine content.

The Effects of Coca-Cola on Teeth

Cola is very damaging to your teeth. It has two of teeth’s worst enemies: sugar and acid.

The germs in your mouth (we know, yuck! However, we all have them) that feed on sugar and make acid. Drinking acidic drinks is like feeding those pesky tooth killers.

The combination of phosphoric acid and sugar isn’t merely a prescription for cavities. The acid erodes the whole tooth enamel, which cannot be repaired.

or agony and darkness.Most carbonated soft drinks cause tooth erosion, as well as temperature sensitivity, cracking, and discoloration.

Does Coca-Cola Aggravate Acid Reflux?

Because cola (and almost all soft drinks) are acidic, they will irritate your acid reflux.

Carbonates in the drink may also relax the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), which is a valve that prevents stomach acid from refluxing into the esophagus.

Non-Acidic Coca-Cola Flavors

There are many different kinds of cola, such as Pepsi or Dr. Pepper, yet practically all of them are quite acidic.

Here’s a quick list of beverages and their pH levels based on brand and taste.

Soft Drink Brand/Flavor pH Level Soft Drink Brand/Flavor pH Level
Pepsi-Classic 2.39 Mountain Dew 3.22
Diet Pepsi 3.02 Diet Mountain Dew 3.18
Pepsi Max 2.39 7UP 3.24
Pepsi Wild Cherry 2.41 Diet 7UP 3.48
Dr. Pepper 2.88 A&W Root Beer 4.27
Diet Dr. Pepper 3.20 Diet A&W Root Beer 4.57
Dr. Pepper Cherry 3.06 Sprite 3.4

Does Cooking With Coca-Cola Make It Less Acidic?

It may be used in a variety of dishes, but heating or cooking it does not reduce its acidity. When the drink evaporates, it becomes a thick molasses-like syrup that may be used to make a glaze. You might try your hand at this glazed wings recipe or this pecan pie recipe.

Cola may be used as a marinade for meat dishes due to its acidity and sweetness.

Healthy Alternatives to Coca-Cola

Most soft drinks are heavy in sugar and acidity, so if you want a healthy option, you can switch gears and choose for greener beverages. Kale, spinach, celery juices, decaffeinated green tea, coconut water, and soy milk are also low-acid choices. If you want something effervescent, we recommend sparkling water.

Decaffeinated chamomile, fennel ginger root, and lavender teas are also often used to alleviate the symptoms of acid reflux. Watermelon and other low-acid fruits may also be used to produce water infusions.


Cola and other carbonated drinks may trigger acid reflux by relaxing the muscles that hold the acid in your stomach. Overconsumption of these beverages is detrimental for your health and may worsen acid reflux symptoms due to their high sugar and acid content.

It may also destroy bone and tooth enamel, generating ideal circumstances for the formation of cavities.

Overall, it’s acceptable to open a can now and again, but if you consume soft drinks often, we advocate switching to healthier, less acidic choices.

To understand more about acidic drinks and meals, see our article on typical acidic foods to avoid.


What are the acidic levels of Coke?

Coke’s acidity level? The pH is estimated to be 2.6 to 2.7, owing mostly to H3PO4, phosphoric acid. As a fizzy drink, it includes a lot of dissolved carbon dioxide, yet it contributes relatively little to the acidity.

Is Coke acidic basic or neutral?

As you may know, anything with a pH less than seven is acidic, which means that most of our favorite carbonated drinks, including Coke, are extremely acidic. The pH of regular Coke is 2.37. If you eat too much of this tasty beverage, it may be hazardous to your health.

What is more acidic Coke?

Flat coke has a lower pH than carbonated coke. In my lab report on the subject, I discovered that carbonated coke had a concentration of roughly 0.131M, but flat coke had a concentration of 0.064M. We may probably presume that the carbonic acid dissolved in Coke accounts for a considerable percentage of the acidity.

Is Coke more acidic than other sodas?

When compared to other carbonated or fruit drinks, including diet Cola, Coca-Cola regular has the lowest pH (2.5) [36].

What soda is the most acidic?

Regular and diet sodas, in fact, are nearly as destructive to tooth enamel as battery acid. According to research, the most acidic soft drinks include RC Cola, Cherry Coke, and Coke. Other drinks, such as Pepsi, Squirt, Surge, 7 Up, and Diet 7 Up, are similarly harmful to dental enamel.

Is Coke more acidic than coffee?

Is coffee or soda more acidic? The quantity of acid in soda is something that few people address. While coffee and any drink containing coffee are both associated with being acidic, coffee actually has a lower pH level than soda.

Is Coke more acidic than root beer?

Because root beer lacks phosphoric acid, a strong acid, it is less acidic than coke. Root beers are generally often noncarbonated, which reduces the acidity owing to the lack of carbonic acid.

Is Coke more acidic than vinegar?

Is Coca-Cola Classic really as acidic as white vinegar? The average pH of Coca-Cola Classic is roughly 2.53, which is an initial (but inaccurate) evaluation. This places it on the lower end of the white vinegar spectrum.

Which is more acidic coke or Mountain Dew?

Takeaways: Morning Dew has a pH of 3.1, whereas Coca-Cola has a pH of 2.5. As a result, Coca-Cola is six times more acidic than Mountain Dew.

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