Chihuahua Cheese Substitutes: 5 Popular Options

Chihuahua cheese is also known as queso menonita since it was created by Mennonite farmers in northern Mexico’s Chihuahua province.

Chihuahua cheese tastes mildly like cheddar and Monterey Jack. If you wish to replicate those qualities without the primary cheese, don’t panic; there are various Chihuahua cheese substitutes, such as Muenster and Oaxaca cheese.

What is Chihuahua Cheese?

Chihuahua cheese is a semi-hard, white cow’s milk cheese. You may choose between pasteurized and unpasteurized milk kinds. It is a young cheese, which means it has been aged for three to six months. Many grocery store variants have been aged even less.

Chihuahua cheese’s texture makes it ideal for shredding, crumbling, or melting. It is a highly adaptable cheese that may be used in a variety of Mexican-style meals.

Mexican has a variety of applications. Chihuahua cheese is used to make tamales and chiles rellenos. It’s simple to replace chihuahua cheese with more easily accessible components. Several cheeses, including Muenster and Oaxaca, share a similar color, taste, and texture characteristic to chihuahua cheese.


At your local supermarket, you can get two types of mozzarella. This delicately flavored, white cows milk cheese is available in soft blocks or pre-shredded packets.

Quick and Easy

The most simple method to get this cheese is in packages of shredded mozzarella. Two cups dry measurement is equivalent to eight ounces.

The majority of shredded cheese is sold in compact, resealable packets. This allows you to easily measure your cheese and store any leftovers in the resealable bag in your refrigerator.

Fresh From The Deli

Mozzarella is a soft, sliceable curd cheese when it is fresh. This cheese is made fresh everyday in several Italian delicatessens. You’ll spend more than you would at the supermarket, but the taste is worth it.

It might be tough to shred blocks or balls. It has a significantly softer texture than chihuahua cheese. It is best to finely slice it.


Mozzarella is widely recognized for being the ideal pizza cheese. When distributed in a thin layer, it melts evenly and has that traditional stretch when you peel a piece away from the pie.

When topping enchiladas or chili, use it in place of chihuahua cheese. For taste and garnish, it will produce a wonderful coating of stretchy, melted cheese.

If you can’t get this cheese, there are various substitutes that taste comparable.

Mild Cheddar Cheese

Mild cheddar is a cow’s milk cheese that originated in Somerset, England. It takes its name from the cheddaring process. To produce curds, cheesemakers mix rennet into cow’s milk. The curds are then chopped into slabs, which are stacked and turned repeatedly. This one-of-a-kind method removes moisture and acidifies the curd.

Flavor Composition

Cheddar has the greatest taste similarities to chihuahua cheese. It’s sweet and little tart at first, but it grows sharper as it matures. Mild cheddar matures about three to six months. Chihuahua is a zesty, young cheese.

Add Some Color

Chihuahua cheese is white or pale yellow in color. Cheddar comes in both white and yellow varieties. You may add some color to your food by using yellow, but keep the taste the same.

Meltable Filling

Mild cheddar melts well. When melting cheese into a filling, such as quesadillas, a mild cheddar works well in place of chihuahua cheese.

Sharp cheddar may not melt as well, so use mild. Mild cheddar will also keep you closer to a mellow taste profile.


Mild cheddar is one of the most often seen cheeses in American supermarkets. While Walmart sells queso chihuahua, cheddar is a quick and cheap option. Shredded cheese comes in eight-ounce packets that equal two cups. In your recipe, use the same amount of cheese.

Muenster Cheese

Muenster is a semi-soft cheese produced in the United States. Food historians say it is an imitation of Alsatian washed-rind cheese called after the German city of Munster.

Muenster cheese was created when German immigrants manufactured their cheese in their new home using locally obtained ingredients. In labeling, the spelling now separates the two.

Distinct Color

While muenster is a semi-soft cheese, it has a much smoother texture and is not crumbly like chihuahua cheese and the other cheeses on the list. The cheese’s body is pale, with a brilliant orange rind.

The distinctive rind is caused by annatto, a sweet, nutty flavour. Annatto is also present in yellow cheddar, but it colors the whole cheese. Muenster cheese is sweeter than chihuahua or mild cheddar.

Smooth and Creamy

Because muenster is often served as an appetizer, it is a good substitution for chihuahua cheese in appetizer recipes. When melted, it becomes creamy, making it great for queso dip or cheese sauce to top loaded nachos.

Muenster may also be the main attraction in a sweet and creamy side dish to accompany your Mexican meal. Mix some muenster into the Queso Chihuahua Polenta. Prepare your polenta according to package directions, then add some muenster cheese shortly before serving.


Muenster is another common cheese found in American supermarkets. It will most likely be available in 8 ounce blocks rather than pre-shredded, like with our other chihuahua cheese replacements. Fortunately, the measurements are the same whether you grate the cheese yourself. One cup of shredded cheese equals four ounces.

Monterey Jack

Monterey Jack is a semi-hard white cheese from California that was named after two monks and a salesman. It has a moderate, somewhat sweet taste and is manufactured from cow’s milk. It is less sour than chihuahua cheese, but somewhat firmer and crumblier.

The earliest manufacturers of what we now call Monterey Jack cheese were Franciscan monks in the 18th century in Monterey, California. A guy called David Jacks eventually commercialized their monastic-style farmers cheese.


Monterey Jack is frequently accessible in supermarkets. It is priced and packaged similarly to cheddar or Muenster. The variety of Monterey Jack varieties distinguishes this cheese.

Many cheesemakers mix Monterey Jack with Colby or Cheddar to produce Colby Jack or Cheddar Jack. Pepper Jack is made using dried chili flakes. Experimenting with the taste and texture variations available with these Jack cheeses can give a new dimension to your Hispanic-inspired recipes.


Monterey Jack has the greatest melting point since it is the toughest cheese on our list. It can withstand the heat required to make Queso Frito.

Questo Frito is Spanish for “fried cheese.” Cheese chunks are breaded and deep-fried in the same way as mozzarella sticks are.

Soft cheese crumbles more easily than hard cheese. In recipes that call for queso chihuahua crumbles, use any kind of Monterey Jack. Fortunately, when crumbling cheese over a meal, measurements are seldom a problem. Use to your liking.

What if you can’t get Monterey Jack but need something similar? See popular cheeses like monterey jack.

Oaxaca Cheese

Oaxaca, often known as quesillo, is a white, semi-hard cheese from the Mexican state of Oaxaca. When made in Chihuahua’s northern region, Oaxaca cheese is also known as queso asadero.

When Dominican friars from Italy moved in Oaxaca, they took the string cheese method with them. The friars, like the original mozzarella manufacturers, did not have access to water buffalo milk in Mexico. Instead of goat milk, they used cow milk to make queso de Oaxaca.

Texture and Flavor

The consistency is akin to string cheese. The taste profile is similar to Monterey Jack.


This soft, stringy, sweet cheese goes well with tacos, nachos, and other foods. Stuffed pepper recipes, such as Chiles Rellenos, pair well with Oaxaca cheese since it melts easily.


Many southern states sell fresh queso asadero. However, there are Mexican cuisine markets in many places where you may obtain real components for your recipes. Just remember that queso asadero and Oaxaca cheese are the same thing.

Oaxaca cheese is not often sold pre-shredded in packages like American cheese. It comes in 8 ounce rounds. The 4 ounces = 1 cup rule still applies to this cheese.

You may be wondering what kind of cheese is in the numerous dips and meals served in Mexican restaurants. Many of the cheeses on our list are comparable in terms of color, texture, and taste.

When one cheese is exchanged for another, a discriminating taste will notice the minor changes in the meal.

What Cheese Do Mexican Restaurants Put on Tacos?

Tacos with chihuahua or asadero cheese are common in Mexican restaurants. These are great options for creating tacos at home. You may crumble or grate the cheese straight from the block.

Is Chihuahua Cheese the same as Queso Fresco?

Queso Fresco is a young, crumbly cheese that resembles feta. It’s delicious crumbled over tacos or salad, but it doesn’t melt nicely. Use chihuahua or one of the other replacements on our list to melt cheese for a dip or stuffing in empanadas or quesadillas.


What is a substitute for Ocosingo cheese?

Ocosingo Bola

This ball of soft, mature cow’s cheese from Chiapas has an extraordinary smooth feel. The ball is aged after being wrapped twice with Oaxaca (mozzarella-like) cheese. It goes well with crackers. Italian caciocavallo and edam are acceptable substitutes.

What is cheese can I substitute for Mexican cheese?

Buffalo mozzarella with additional salt sprinkled on top is the best substitute. Queso Oaxaca is the most well-known and iconic Mexican cheese, as well as the most sought after outside of Mexico.

Is Chihuahua cheese similar to Monterey Jack?

Chihuahua Cheddar

Queso chihuahua, also known as queso menonita, is a soft white cheese that melts well. It tastes like mild Cheddar or Monterey Jack. It may be found in quesadillas and sauces.

What is a good substitute for taco cheese?

Feta. When it comes to flavor and texture, feta cheese is similar to cotija in that it has a salty, somewhat acidic flavor. As a result, it goes well with salads, tacos, pizzas, and everything in between. It has a crumbly texture and hence works well as a substitute for cotija cheese.

What is a Mexican queso substitute?

Though it lacks the creamy smoothness of queso oaxaca, Manchego might be a wonderful alternative. Manchego cheese is a sheep’s milk cheese from La Mancha, Spain, but it’s also one of Mexico’s most popular cheeses.

Is Chihuahua cheese similar to mozzarella?

It is created from cow’s milk, as opposed to sheep’s milk. It’s a semi-hard cheese, so it’s more like pizza mozzarella than fresh mozzarella. Migrants from the other way brought Chihuahua cheese into Mexico.

Is Chihuahua cheese the same as queso fresco?

Is Chihuahua Cheese equivalent to Queso Fresco? Queso Fresco is a young, crumbly cheese that resembles feta. It’s delicious crumbled over tacos or salad, but it doesn’t melt nicely. Use chihuahua or one of the other replacements on our list to melt cheese for a dip or stuffing in empanadas or quesadillas.

What are the 4 cheeses in Mexican cheese?

Sargento® Monterey Jack Cheese, Sargento® Mild Cheddar Cheese, Sargento® Queso Quesadilla Cheese, and Asadero cheese are combined in this fine-cut mix. Sargento® 4 Cheese Mexican provides a rich, creamy taste to enchiladas, burritos, quesadillas, and other Tex-Mex favorites.

What is a substitute for queso costeño?

In Colombia, a cheese known as queso costeo is utilized. In the absence of that, use Mexican queso cotija, and in the absence of that, try it with some dry feta cheese. When creating the dough, grind the cheese as finely as possible; it should be the consistency of fine bread crumbs to get the desired appearance and feel.

What is another name for Chihuahua cheese?

Chihuahua cheese (Queso Chihuahua) is a semi-soft Mexican cheese prepared from pasteurized or raw cow’s milk. After the Mennonite villages of Northern Mexico, the cheese is also known as Queso Menonita and Campresino Menonita.

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