Cavaliere Range Hood Review

If you need a new range hood in your kitchen, whether you are replacing an old one or purchasing one for the first time, you must make an important selection.

Range hoods are available in a variety of power levels, finishes, styles, sizes, and other characteristics. This Cavaliere range hood is one of our favorites because, as you can see, Cavaliere range hood reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

However, you are well aware that there are several variations available, so you have a lot of information to sift through before making your ultimate pick! We’ll take a quick yet in-depth look at the Cavaliere Range Hood 30 in this post.

Cavaliere Range Hood Reviews

  • Packed with features available exclusively in more pricier versions
  • Buttons are bright and easy-to-see
  • The sleek and sophisticated style complements almost any current décor.
  • Installation can be difficult
  • Lighting can feel excessive
  • Filter quality is a bit lacking


One of the most appealing aspects about Cavaliere range hoods is their remarkable value. This model is relatively affordable in terms of range hoods, but it still has all of the high-end features you’ll want in a range hood, such as LED lighting and an appealing stainless steel finish.

This is an externally vented range hood with six different fan speeds to select from. Even though the fan may reach 900 CFM, the noise of these fan speeds ranges from 25 to 56 dB. The device also offers some smart features, such as a built-in timer and delayed shut-off choices. The range hood will even notify you when it is time to clean it.

Other things that stick out to us about this Cavaliere model include:

  • Bright, visible buttons
  • Dimmable kitchen lights
  • Fits up to 9 ft ceilings


As Cavaliere range hood reviews indicate, almost everything about this range hood is built with your convenience in mind. Even apparently little elements, such as the 19-gauge brushed stainless steel finish, are meant to improve your experience. In this example, the stainless steel body is incredibly robust, heat-resistant, and visually beautiful.

Well-Lit for Easy Operation

Without an upscale LED selection panel, no contemporary range hood is complete. This Cavaliere features one to assist you in selecting your numerous settings. The buttons adjacent to the LED screen are very bright and simple to see in the dark.

This Cavaliere 30 includes a dimmable overhead light, much like any excellent range hood, making late-night snacking simple and less disturbing. Just be cautious not to accidentally turn on the fans! However, with fans that can go as low as 25 dB, you may not even wake up your family.

Because this range hood has a perfect balance of silence and power, there’s a setting for any requirement, whether you’ve just prepared breakfast and need a quiet fan in the morning or you’ve created a smokey mess of some fried food at dinnertime.

Accurate, Easy-to-Use Timer

The timing settings included into this Cavaliere range hood are really useful. If you’ve ever left your kitchen range hood running for far longer than necessary, pushing up your power bill, this is a feature you’ll love. The auto-off function may be set to any time between one and fifteen minutes.

Quick, Effortless Filter Maintenance

Finally, to help you keep things hygienic, this range hood comes with a 30-hour cleaning reminder. It’s all too easy to forget when your range hood needs a filter change or simply a simple wipe-down, but this function takes care of that for you.

This range hood is designed to fit in kitchens with ceilings up to nine feet high, and it vents outside, resulting in cleaner air in your kitchen sooner.

A Brand You Can Trust

The Cavaliere 30 also has a one-year guarantee and a 30-day worry-free return period for your piece of mind. Both of these rules offer you plenty of opportunity to test the unit before committing totally to it.


Because this is an exterior-venting model, installation might be difficult. However, if you are contemplating the Cavaliere 30, your house is most likely already prepared to accommodate an outside-venting range hood (or you intend to make it so).


Furthermore, the light-up buttons on this item are really bright. While you may like them to be bright and easy to see, blue light may be especially distracting at night. They are also not dimmable, unlike the halogen stove lights on this item.


Unfortunately, we cannot deny that this unit’s higher fan settings may be rather noisy. That is to be anticipated with such a powerful range hood. To some extent, this is what you want to find in a range hood, and thankfully, the volume is balanced off by considerably quieter low-level settings.

Filter Quality

The last disadvantage of this range hood is the poor quality of the filters that come with it. Unfortunately, they tend to come apart quickly, particularly when removed and washed. Fortunately, this is a simple issue to resolve; it should be simple to locate an other type of filter that fits this machine and is more resistant to handling and washing.


Overall, the Cavaliere range hood 30 is a great product that is also reasonably priced. While it may not be ideal for everyone, it is an excellent range hood to consider if you want a quiet, powerful, and low-cost type for your kitchen.

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What’s a good brand of range hood?

The Top 10 Range Hood Brands in 2023
Cosmo. ProLine. Broan. Hauslane. ZLINE. Awoco. IKTCH. FOTILE.

How many CFM should my range hood be?

A minimum ventilation level of 100 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) per 10,000 BTU is suggested for gas cooking surfaces or ranges. However, the hood must have a minimum ventilation power of 500 CFM.

Is 360 CFM enough for range hood?

The width of your range determines the rule for establishing the minimum range hood CFM for electric ranges. On average, 100 CFM is required for every 10″ width of your electric range. For instance, if your cooktop is 36″, you’ll need at least 360 CFM.

Is 900 CFM good for a range hood?

A 900 CFM blower moves 900 cubic feet of air per minute. It can handle heavy oil and smoke, but it’s not nearly powerful enough for outdoor range hoods or individuals who often cook Asian and other strong-smelling cuisine.

What is the life expectancy of a range hood?

Range Hoods: How Long Do They Last? The longevity of your range hood will be determined by the model, quality, and usage. Most range hoods have a lifespan of 12 to 18 years, with an average of 15 years.

How many CFM do I need for a 30 range hood?

The most prevalent varieties of cooktops are 30 inches broad or 2.5 feet long. A range hood with a CFM rating of 250 is required to satisfy the specified CFM requirements. The Hauslane UC-PS18 Ducted Under Cabinet is an excellent choice. Island hoods provide 150 CFM per linear foot of cooktop.

How many CFM is a quiet range hood?

We suggest investing in a hood that has at least 600 CFM. Most households will not be satisfied with less than 600 CFM. Even though the hood is quieter, it is unlikely to eliminate all of the oil, smoke, and cooking scents from your kitchen. That concludes our guide to the quietest range hoods in 2022.

Is higher or lower CFM better for range hood?

In general, a higher-CFM range hood is preferable since it is more adaptable. A 1,000 CFM range hood can be set to operate at lower rates, whereas a 400 CFM fan cannot be set to run faster.

How much bigger should a hood be compared to a range?

The size of your range hood should be six inches greater than the size of your range. You may even get a hood that is 12 inches bigger than your range for maximum coverage. A larger range hood is usually a good idea. You may be able to get away with a hood equivalent to the size of your cooktop with smaller hoods or hoods over electric stoves.

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