Can Coffee Creamer Be Freezed?

Extending the shelf life of your favorite coffee creamers during sales or stockpiling is possiblebut how?

Liquid creamers tend to have tight expiration dates, while powdered creamers can last for weeks. Freezing is a popular way to preserve food, but can you freeze coffee creamer?

Read on to discover if you can freeze coffee creamer, the best methods, and what to do with your frozen creamer.

Can You Freeze Creamer

Yes, you can freeze coffee creamer.

There are two types of coffee creamers: powdered and liquid. Also, you must take into account if the creamer is dairy-based on a vegan alternative. It is an important factor because dairy spoils faster than other substances.

It is possible to freeze the coffee creamer right before the expiration date, extending its shelf life to three to six months. However, the best reason to freeze creamer is to extend it for a few more weeks rather than months. Although, for stockpiling purposes, it may be necessary to freeze the creamer until special occasions, such as the holidays.

However, powdered forms dont usually need freezing, as they are meant to last much longer than the liquid form. If you were to freeze powdered coffee creamer, it might become more clumpy and hard to break up. Powdered creamers are best left alone on the counter or cupboard until their expiration date.

Overall, freezing coffee creamers work best with liquid forms and last a long time. When done right, the consistency and flavor will remain the same. Although, the longer it is in the freezer, the more it may lose its flavor as its prone to frostbite.

How to Freeze Coffee Creamer

There are several ways you can freeze coffee creamer to prolong its lifespan and enjoy.

In the Original Bottle

Using the original bottle is the simplest method to freeze creamer.

For example, if you have used half of your creamer but anticipate you may not use it for a while, freeze the rest of the creamer in the original bottle. Be wary of the expiration date, as the furthest dates are best. If you freeze the bottle near or past the expiration date, there is no guarantee it will remain fresh.

If your bottle is closed but approaching the expiration date, you can freeze it to extend its life by about six months. This method is best for extra bottles to avoid wasting a surplus supply.

Before you put your creamer in the freezer in the original bottle, write the date you put it in the freezer. If you have other frozen bottles, put the oldest date in the front, with the fresh supply in the back.

A Separate Container

If you want to differentiate between your current supply and set aside creamer for later, consider using a separate container.

You can use another bottle, such as stainless steel or BPA-free plastic. Some people use freezer bags by writing the date on them, freezing, and thawing in the fridge when its ready. Use in the next two days for best results after thawing.

Ice Trays

A common way you can freeze creamer is to use ice trays.

Pour the remaining coffee creamer into your ice tray, freeze, remove them, and place them in a freezer bag. After you put them in a freezer bag, write the date you froze them on the front of the bag, and use them after thawing.

The creamer cubes can be used for various recipes or instant creamer for your coffee, as each cube is one serving.

If you cannot wait for thawing, you may use the microwave or stove to melt the frozen creamer cubes for an instant cup of coffee.

A Large Container

There may be an occasion that the original bottles may burst if frozen for too long. Thats why people pour creamer into larger containers, which is also best for those who use a considerable amount of creamer weekly.

A larger container may also make the freezer tidier instead of having ample amounts of creamer bottles. However, make sure the creamers have similar expiration dates, as mixing old and new creamers can change the taste and increase the possibility of consuming spoiled contents.

How Long Will Coffee Creamer Last In The Fridge/Freezer?

Regular coffee creamer will last two weeks in the fridge. After you freeze and begin thawing in the fridge, it is best to use it within two or three days. However, it can stay one week after thawing in the refrigerator.

In the freezer, coffee creamer may last four to six months. You can thaw for two days in the fridge and use it within one to two days for best taste.

Over time, the texture may change, including in the freezer. To avoid any drastic changes, use the coffee creamer as quickly as possible after thawing in the fridge.

How to Tell If Your Frozen Coffee Creamer is Bad

There are three ways to tell if your frozen coffee creamer has gone bad:

  • odor modification
  • Texture modification
  • Different preferences

Like spoiled milk, frozen creamer may smell sour or have an off-odor, hinting it may no longer be fresh. This is best determined after thawing, where you can view the consistency and smell the contents.

Texture changes such as curds or chunks also suggest the coffee creamer has gone bad. While curds are infamously known to create cheese, curds also signal an increase in lactic acid, which may cause stomach issues in an uncontrolled environment.

Lastly, if the taste is sour after thawing, more than likely, its no longer fresh.

Always check expiration dates, including the date you put the coffee creamer in the freezer. If it is six months past the expiration date, more than likely, its no longer safe enough to consume.

What to Do With Frozen Coffee Creamer

If you are unsure what to do with your frozen coffee creamer, consider these seven ideas.

Iced Coffee

It may seem obvious, but you can try iced coffee with your frozen coffee creamer.

If you used ice trays to separate your frozen coffee creamer, put it in a cup of coffee or instant brew at room temperature. One cube will be enough for one coffee cup.

Also, there will be more taste, as most iced coffee has ice cubes. With frozen coffee creamer, there is no need for ice cubes to make an iced coffee. As a result, you will have a delicious iced coffee with a strong flavor to your desire.

Coffee Creamer Ice Cream

Since its already frozen, why not make ice cream? Coffee creamer ice cream is quick and easy to make.

Add your favorite coffee to the frozen coffee creamer, mix, and thats it! Before you add the coffee to the frozen creamer, make sure its cool to ensure the creamer stays cold yet creamy. Thaw the frozen creamer at room temperature to ensure its soft enough to scoop and consume.

You can add almond shavings, peanuts, or chocolate bits to make it sweeter, including syrup.

Creamy Iced Coffee

If youre looking for a fun-filled texture and something different than your average coffee, try a creamy iced coffee.

Its similar to ice cream but much softer, combined with your favorite coffee. The consistency may be similar to a smoothie. You can use a blender to mix slightly and loosen the frozen creamer to your desired texture.

Pour in your favorite milk or coffee, mix, and enjoy!

Coffee Creamer Cubes

If youre looking for bold flavor in your coffee, consider coffee creamer cubes. The concept is similar to coffee cubes, designed to combat watery coffee for better flavor.

You can combine your coffee and creamer into one, place them in ice trays, freeze them, then use them in your coffee.

If youre into espresso shots, you can combine the espresso and creamer in the ice tray and drop them into your morning coffee for a boost. You can mix different flavors, such as creating a hazelnut coffee creamer cube and putting it in your French vanilla coffee.

Blended Coffee and Frozen Creamer Drink

In the mood for a drink similar to frappes? Use your frozen creamer ice cubes and blend them on low. After, pour your desired coffee at room temperature.

Add milk and whip cream for a drink thats solid. For more flavor, consider adding espresso shots.


Now that you know you can freeze coffee creamergive it a try!

Stockpiling enthusiasts already freeze their creamer, especially after a huge sale and with holidays approaching.

You can consume different recipes or create your own ideas using frozen coffee creamer, as it reduces the need for ice cubes or water, bolstering the flavor of your coffee.

Overall, you can freeze creamer safely and effectively as long as you keep track of expiration dates. If you use separate containers, make sure theyre clean and suitable for freezing. If you arent sure which freezing method to use, the most popular way is using ice trays with freezer bags.


Can you freeze International Delight creamer?

International Delight bottles should not be frozen. The liquid will expand and spill over the top of the bottle.

How do you store coffee creamer long term?

Powdered creamers, on the other hand, can last longer than liquid creamers. They typically have a shelf life of 9 to 12 months and can be stored at room temperature in a cool, dry place. Once opened, they should be used within a few weeks and stored in an airtight container.

Can you freeze bottles of Coffee Mate creamer?

You certainly can! When I first started stockpiling, I was able to get coffee mate for free. We were not able to consume it all before the expiration, so I decided to place it into the freezer and see what happened. It worked!

Can you freeze silk coffee creamer?

Can I put Silk goods in the freezer? It is not recommended. Although freezing does not affect their safety or nutritional value, Silk products change in texture when thawed.

Does frozen creamer go bad?

Coffee creamer may be stored in the freezer for four to six months. You may defrost it in the fridge for two days and utilize it within one to two days for the finest flavor. The texture may alter over time, especially in the freezer. To prevent any extreme changes, use the coffee creamer as soon as it has thawed in the fridge.

What is the shelf life of International Delight creamer?

As long as you pop it back in the fridge after every use, our creamer will stay day-makingly delicious for 14 days after opening.

Can I freeze coffee creamer to save for later?

Is it possible to freeze coffee creamer? Of course, you can freeze coffee creamer. In fact, it’s possible to freeze it in single-serving quantities so that your mother can use exactly what she needs when she visits, without the need to defrost the whole container worth each time she comes over.

Why doesn’t creamer go bad?

That’s because, in essence, the dairy has been “canned.” All bacteria is killed during the canning process (heating it up, mostly) and then they seal it up quickly, so it can sit on your shelf for half a year before it starts to solidify.

How long does it take for coffee creamer to expire?

The shelf life all depends on the type of creamer you have. Generally, the liquid dairy creamer, both opened and unopened, will last refrigerated between one to two weeks, shares food blog, Lucky Belly.

Can you freeze yogurt?

The effects of freezing on yogurt. You can store yogurt safely in the refrigerator in a closed container at 40°F (4°C) for 1–2 weeks (2, 3). However, if you decide to store it in the freezer, you can extend its shelf life to 1–2 months (2).

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