Blanco Sink Reviews

Choosing a sink might be difficult. You must consider your demands, the size and design of your kitchen, as well as key elements like as substance and longevity.

In this post, we will provide you our best Blanco sink reviews as well as address often asked topics such as what are Blanco sinks constructed of. What is the best material? You’ll discover how to pick the ideal Blanco sink for you and your kitchen at the conclusion of this article. Let’s get started with the reviews!

Blanco Silgranit Company History

The Blanco sink story begins in 1925, when German entrepreneur Heinrich Blanc established the firm. The company’s first objective was to provide high-quality sinks and taps from a variety of premium materials. Today, the company’s catalog offers one of the most comprehensive selections of materials and colors.

The Blanco sink firm is notable for its constant adaptation to changing times in terms of goods and customer service. Sinks evolve with house designs. To remain an industry leader, the firm seeks to make routine culinary activities simpler to handle with its products.

10 chrome-nickel steel), which is very tough. The stainless steel composition also guarantees that their sinks are dependable and maintain their attractiveness throughout time.Blanco sinks are a popular option among many designers, builders, and homeowners. The firm only employs stainless steel of the greatest grade (18).

Although Blanco stainless steel sinks may be suitable for you, they also offer world-class silgranit sinks in eight distinct hues. Blanco sinks distinguish themselves from other sink manufacturers by paying close attention to detail, customizability, innovation, and overall function.

Blanco Sink Reviews

Now that you know a little bit more about Blanco’s history, let’s look at our Blanco sink reviews, including Blanco silgranit sink reviews, based on some of our favorite models.

1. Blanco Performa Cascade Sink – Best Material

  • Tried and tested for scratch and heat resistance
  • Incredibly durable and long-lasting material
  • Beautiful contemporary design

The Blanco Performa Cascade sink is one of the most distinctive models in the Performa line. The Blanco Performa Cascade Sink is made out of 80% solid granite, providing rock-solid durability. You may use your sink for many years with this strong material.

It is difficult to find any sink in the same price range that is as sturdy as the Blanco Performa Cascade sink. The granite not only makes this sink very robust, but it also protects it from additional problems that may compromise the sink’s appearance. As a consequence, this sink is the greatest overall option among Blanco kitchen sinks.

The Performa Cascade is also completely resistant to heat. You may put a hot pan, boiling pot, or baking sheet directly into the sink without danger of injury. The Blanco Performa Cascade sink can withstand temperatures of up to 536 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Blanco Performa Cascade’s scratch resistance is perhaps its strongest feature. Nothing is worse than casually tossing sharp knives and other things into the sink, only to discover that it is covered with scratches. This tough sink can withstand even the sharpest knife in your kitchen. Despite its exceptional longevity, the Blanco Performa Cascade sink is also aesthetically pleasing.

2. Blanco Diamond Silgranit Sink – Most Practical

  • The double-sided design is ideal for cleaning and preparing.
  • Non-porous surface to eliminate stains
  • Comfortable soft rounded grooves for easy access

The Blanco Diamond silgranit sink from Blancos Diamond line is one of the greatest options for designers, builders, and homeowners. It is ideal for a busy kitchen since it is quite resilient. It has a lovely double bowl design, with the bigger bowl on the left.

50/50 split. The left side is more suited for big pots and plates. The right side is often used for minor cleaning and preparation. This sink, like the others in the Diamond line, is made of Blancos’ durable silgranit, which is designed to look like genuine hard stones. The skin’s surface is smooth, scratch-resistant, and heat resistant (up to 536 F).The sink as a whole has a 50

The attractive colors and design will enhance the appearance of your kitchen. This sink is resistant to stains, acid, and alkalis solutions because to its non-porous surface, making it simple to clean. You will no longer need to spend in heavy-duty cleaning products to keep your sink looking lovely all year.

Its elegant silgranit shape, gently rounded drain grooves, and large size are among its notable qualities. If you have a busy kitchen, the Blanco Diamond Silgranit sink is worth considering. It is reasonably priced when compared to other sinks on the market of comparable size and durability.

3. Blanco BL 440148 – Best Value

  • Natural hard stone appearance
  • Fantastic value for money
  • Large working space

Everyone knows that cooking can be a dirty business. Blanco designed the BL 440148 to complement professional sinks and make washing up after cooking easier than ever. This under-mount sink is both attractive and functional. The BL 440148, like other Blanco sinks, is heat resistant up to 536 F, making it simpler to wash blazing hot pots and pans after cooking.

The bowl has a 9.5-inch depth, which makes cleaning a lot simpler. To cut cleaning time, place numerous objects in the sink. The Blanco BL 440148 is available in eight gorgeous colors, making it easy to pick one that complements your kitchen’s decor. The sink is comprised of 80% solid granite, which is scratch and stain resistant.

The Blanco BL 440148 also includes silgranit, which gives it the appearance of a natural hard stone. Anyone wishing to add a touch of beauty to their kitchen at a moderate cost should look into this Blanco sink.

4. Blanco Double Bowl Sink – Best for Busy Kitchens

  • The surface of the silgranit is smooth and easy to clean.
  • Because of its double-sided construction, it can easily fit many objects.
  • Multifunctional

The Blanco Double Bowl Sink is a classic example of Blanco’s flawless quality and workmanship, with a perfect balance of distinctive flair and utility. This sink was created with busy kitchens in mind. The Blanco Double Bowl sink features two equal diameters, allowing you to be more productive when cooking and cleaning.

Blanco’s diamond series is full with sinks that are simple to clean, long-lasting, aesthetically beautiful, and reasonably priced, and the Double Bowl Sink is no exception. The Blanco Double Bowl sink is ideal for washing big pots on one side while preparing food on the other.

All sinks in the Diamond line are stain, heat, chip, and acid resistant. Your Double Bowl sink will not be damaged by even the sharpest knife or the hottest pan. The silgranit surface is so smooth that cleaning is almost pleasurable. Because the surface is made of silgranit, no harsh cleaning solutions are required to remove particles.

A sink like the Blanco Double Bowl would be beneficial to any homeowner who cooks for a big family. When you have a robust and multipurpose sink, cleaning up after huge meals is virtually trivial.

5. Blanco Anthracite Sink – Best Design

  • Compact design suitable for most kitchens
  • 80% granite material for maximum durability
  • Beautiful anthracite color

The Blanco Anthracite sink is one of the best granite sinks available. It is significantly more compact than the other Blanco sinks offered due to its single bowl, making it a good choice for individuals with a smaller cabinet or who do not want a huge sink. Blanco’s Anthracite sink is part of the Blanco Precis collection, a line of high-quality sinks that are built to last.

The design is lovely, as are all Blanco sinks, and it is available in eight different colors. The Anthracite sink has the advantage of providing many of the features of bigger Blanco sinks without taking up too much room in your kitchen. As a consequence, the Anthracite sink is ideal for city dwellers with compact flats.

Although it is smaller than other sinks on the market, don’t be fooled by its modest size. The Blanco Anthracite sink is 80% granite and is designed to last a lifetime. It withstands stains, chipping, and regular wear and tear like no other. The Blanco Anthracite sink is heat resistant and can tolerate temperatures of up to 536 F, making it safe to place boiling hot pots in after cooking.

The depth of the bowl is 28-, which is suitable for all users regardless of height. To accommodate this sink, you’ll need a cabinet at least 33 inches wide. However, many houses have enough room.

6. Blanco Attika Stainless Steel Sink – Most Quiet

  • Made of high-quality stainless steel with a satin polish finish.
  • Contains sound deadening pads to reduce noise
  • Elegant design

The Blanco Attika stainless steel sink is really a piece of beauty. This sit-on countertop sink has a one-of-a-kind Attika frame that is lifted off the counter and has a spacious 10-inch width. The soft stainless steel finish will make an impact on everybody who enters your kitchen.

The Attika, like all Blanco sinks, is heat resistant and can endure temperatures of up to 536 F. The satin polished stainless steel finish is incredibly resistant to water stains and calcium build-up, so you dont need to worry about your sink looking unsightly over time. The Attika has an amazing feature in that it has sound deadening cushions that reduce noise.

Assume you want an exquisite design with high durability and enough of space to get your cleaning done as soon as possible. In such situation, we suggest looking into Blanco’s Attika stainless steel sink.

Available Materials and Styles

Blanco is without a doubt one of the world’s top providers of premium sinks. Blanco’s diverse choice of materials and styles is one of its distinguishing features. Blanco offers a variety of various solutions based on their clients’ aims and wishes.

Stainless Steel

Blancos’ stainless steel units are by far the most popular. Stainless steel is a wonderful material for both home cooking and commercial application, with several advantages. One of the primary advantages of stainless steel is that it does not stain (thus the name). You could fill your sink with five glasses of wine, black coffee, and cranberry juice and it would still seem as clean as rain.

Blancos stainless steel sinks are meticulously crafted. They are almost hard to scratch, damage, or discolor, making them an excellent option for both people and organizations. The sleek stainless steel finish adds a modern touch to the kitchen while staying understated. Adding a Blanco stainless steel kitchen to your house is a significant investment.


Silgranit is an intriguing material that has swiftly risen to prominence among sink makers. Silgranit is made up of 80% granite, 20% acrylic, and 20% ceramic. Because silgranit sinks are non-porous, staining is never an issue.

Natural hardstone sinks need constant polishing, however silgranit looks great all year with no upkeep. To remove dirt from silgranit, all that is required is a quick rinse and scrape after each cleaning.

Blanco silgranit sinks are available in eight distinct colors:

  • Truffle
  • Cafe brown
  • Cinder
  • Metallic grey
  • Biscuit
  • White
  • Anthracite
  • Biscotti

With so many possibilities, finding the ideal sink to complement the rest of your kitchen is extremely simple.


If you want a sink that is distinct from the norm, a fireclay sink can be the right choice. Blanco handcrafts each fireclay sink using a high-quality clay combination and fires it in a kiln. As a consequence, you get a sink that is incredibly robust, scratch-resistant, and looks fantastic in your kitchen.

Steel Art

If you want a more refined look, a Blanco steel art sink could be exactly up your alley. These attractive sinks are made with a single thin sheet of stainless steel and are meticulously manufactured. Steel Art sinks, like stainless steel sinks, are very sturdy, heat and scratch resistant, and will last a lifetime.

Why Choose a Blanco Sink?

With over a century of expertise in the field, it’s no wonder that Blanco outperforms numerous other sink manufacturers in terms of quality and innovation. Here are some of the characteristics that distinguish Blanco from the competition:


When it comes to inexpensive, high-quality sinks, Blanco is the clear option for designers, builders, and homeowners. Few firms can provide the same quality materials and designs as Blanco at the same pricing point, which is why they have dominated the business for decades.

Blanco is the go-to firm for getting the most value for money while also making your kitchen seem like something out of a home design magazine. The only potentially significant expense is installation. That varies based on where you reside and who you employ.


Blanco sinks are notable for their dependability, which is an important consideration when selecting the ideal kitchen sink. When you choose Blanco, you never have to worry about clogging or other problems that other sink manufacturers have.

The faucets seldom leak, the handles are wonderfully smooth, and the wear and tear is negligible. But nothing is perfect. Minor difficulties may arise along the road, but Blanco sinks come with extended warranties to assist you in resolving concerns as they arise.

Consistent Water Pressure

Consistent water pressure is an important aspect to look for when purchasing a sink. Where spouting water is intimidating and inadequate, the appropriate flow makes it simpler to clean dishes. A sink with enough water pressure will not waste water, eventually saving you money on your electricity bill.


Blanco is notable for having a wide range of sink sizes to select from in order to serve a wider consumer base. You should be able to locate a sink that fits exactly in your kitchen with their extensive variety of sink alternatives. When washing a lot of dishes at once, a bigger sink is preferable. A huge sink, on the other hand, need more cabinet space.

Blanco has various tiny designs that are ideal for individuals with limited room if you have a small kitchen. Blanco changes all of their products when homes and flats alter to ensure that practically all clients have a choice.

How to Maintain Your Blanco Sink

Blanco sinks are almost indestructible, but not invincible. They are resistant to cracks and chips, but not completely resistant. Because the bulk of damage occurs during installation, you must pick a reliable provider to install your new Blanco sink.

If you do encounter chips or cracks, there are a variety of repair solutions available. Depending on the hue, little chips are nearly imperceptible. If you have a problem with your sink, you can always take advantage of the Blanco warranties, but it is advisable to attempt to repair the issue on your own first.

Disadvantages of Blanco Sinks

Blanco sinks have few drawbacks, but there are a few minor concerns that might arise. The majority of damage occurs during shipment, so inspect for cracks before installing your sink. Check for other items, such as stains; however, eliminating stains is simple and simply takes a common cleaning solution.


It’s okay if you’re still uncertain after reading our Blanco sink reviews! We’ve compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions for you below:

What kind of styles do Blanco stainless steel sinks have?

Blanco stainless steel sinks have a luxurious satin polish surface. This exquisite polishing method makes it easier to clean the sinks and protects them from water stains and calcium deposits.

Do Blanco stainless steel sinks rust?

Although your Blanco stainless steel sink will not rust, you may see rust-like stains after a time. Orange stains on your stainless steel sink are most usually caused by cast iron pots or steel wool cleaning pads. You may easily remove these markings using a standard cleaning solution.

How do you clean a Blanco silgranit sink?

Cleaning your Blanco sink has never been simpler thanks to advancements in sink materials. When you initially install your silgranit sink, it is essential that you carefully clean it to remove any dirt that may have accumulated during the installation process. To clean your sink, use a basic dish detergent or a gently scrape with bleach.

Do silgranit sinks make a lot of noise?

If you’ve ever had a stainless steel or cast iron sink, you know how loud they can be while washing dishes. These sinks are inherently sound-deadening and significantly less loud than conventional sink designs due to the nature of silgranit.

Are Blanco sinks easy to install?

Installing a Blanco sink is similar to installing any other style of sink. Blanco sinks are mostly under-mount (sit beneath the counter) or drop-in (rest flat on the counter). Use a sink harness kit to provide extra support while installing your Blanco sink.

Are Blanco sinks high-quality?

Blanco is a well-known brand in the kitchen and home design industries. The firm was founded in 1925 and first entered the US market in the early 1990s. Blanco has since established itself as an industry leader in terms of quality, pricing, and innovation.


Blanco is a major manufacturer of kitchen sinks, with alternatives for various types of houses and individuals. Upgrading your kitchen does not have to be a difficult undertaking if you select the correct brand, and we feel Blanco is among the finest in the industry. When you purchase a Blanco sink, you know you’re getting high-quality materials, practicality, helpful features, and excellent customer service.

With so many possibilities, selecting the best Blanco sink for your house might be difficult. To prevent problems later on, always choose a sink based on your own preferences and kitchen layout. With our Blanco sink reviews, we hope you now know a little bit more about this incredible brand and have the knowledge you need to choose your new sink. People also like Best Granite Composite Sinks Reviews

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Is BLANCO sinks a good brand?

When it comes to inexpensive, high-quality sinks, Blanco is the clear option for designers, builders, and homeowners. Few firms can provide the same quality materials and designs as Blanco at the same pricing point, which is why they’ve dominated the business for decades.

How durable is BLANCO sinks?

SILGRANIT is exceptionally resistant to heat and can handle boiling water, hot pots off the stove, and sheet pans directly from the oven. Don’t be concerned if you drop a knife or a metal item into your sink and it leaves a mark. The metal has really worn away onto the surface of the sink.

What are the advantages of BLANCO sinks?

All BLANCO sinks are strong, sanitary, and long-lasting. Sinks should always be constructed using high-quality materials. They are more difficult to replace than other kitchen components. When selecting sink materials, keep upkeep in mind. A high-maintenance sink may not be the greatest choice.

Will a white BLANCO sink stain?

Blanco Silgranit sinks are resistant to scratches and stains.

Can you use bleach on a BLANCO sink?

GENERAL CARE & CLEANING: Any non-abrasive cleanser (e.g., Bar Keeper’s Friend, Soft Scrub with Bleach, or dishwashing soap) may be used on a daily basis. To remove any water spots or soap film buildups, rinse and wipe the sink dry after each usage with a clean, soft cloth.

Which is the best company in kitchen sink?

The Top 10 Kitchen Sink Brands in 2023
Direct from MR.
Kraus. Kohler.
Sinks in Nantucket.
American slang.

Can you use vinegar on a BLANCO sink?

Pour a little warm vinegar or vinegar-based cleanser into the sink and let it soak for a few minutes to remove stubborn stains. Rinse and dry with clean water.

Is BLANCO made in China?

BLANCO SILGRANIT®, MADE IN CANADA and designed in Germany, is Canada’s premier coloured sink material, a distinctive and durable composite available in over 100 styles and seven colors.

What kind of sink lasts the longest?

1. Made of stainless steel. When it comes to kitchen sinks, stainless steel is almost unbeatable. This top kitchen sink material is exceptionally robust, withstanding large spills from pots and pans as well as scratches from sharp knives and utensils.

What is the disadvantage of composite sink?

Resistance to heat

Granite composite kitchen sinks, like all sinks, are heat resistant. They are not, however, heat-proof and cannot tolerate severe temperatures, such as a hot skillet removed from the stove and put immediately into the sink. The acrylic resin in the granite composite sink mix may distort or melt.

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