Best Under Cabinet Lighting for Kitchen

Under cabinet lights provide a professional aspect to a kitchen, whether you’re conducting a kitchen renovation or just changing your lighting situation. They give light for food preparation and cookbook reading, as well as a pleasant glow at the end of the day. It’s time to start looking for the finest under cabinet lights for your kitchen.

We’ve compiled a list of the finest under kitchen cabinet lights, a selection of favorites to get you started. In addition, we’ve addressed some of your concerns regarding selecting the proper ones and what to anticipate.

Heres what you need to know:

The Best Under Cabinet Lights — Our Top List

1. Brilliant Evolution LED Puck Light 6 Pack with Remote- Best LED Puck

  • No hardwiring necessary
  • Comes in a convenient six-pack
  • Timers and dimmers are among the customization choices.
  • Best LED under cabinet lighting
  • Requires lots of batteries

Our first set of under cabinet lights delivers focused illumination and is simple to install. They’re battery-powered, with a battery life of up to 100 hours and a brightness output of 55 providing a bright, but warm light.

These lights may be customized in a variety of ways. They include a dimmer choice on both the light and the supplied remote, as well as an auto-off mode to assist save battery life. You have the option of 15, 30, 60, or 120 minutes.

LED lights are a fantastic option since the bulb virtually never has to be replaced. These long-lasting choices are easy to install and have a low profile, making them ideal for lower-level cabinets.

What We Liked

When you are not ready to make major modifications or alterations, Brilliant Evolutions lights are an excellent complement to existing cabinets. Because of the simple six-pack, you can choose how many lights to use and where to set them.

The batteries are simple to change. Simply remove the cover and swap them out. And with the remote, you can control your lights from anywhere.

What We Didnt Like

Three double-A batteries are required for each of them. They do have a long run period, which you can prolong even more by setting them on timers.

2. Albrillo LED Under Cabinet Lighting – Best Fluorescent Strips

  • Long LED life
  • No batteries necessary
  • Fully dimmable
  • Hardware is included, however it is also double-sided tape compatible.
  • Adaptor is bulky

Long fluorescent strips with a 12 watt, 3000k gentle glow are used in Albrillos LED lights for accent lighting. They are simple to install with the provided hardware and do not need any significant hardwiring.

They include a dimmable option with a dial that allows for complete personalization. Because of the frosted cover and lightweight design, these lights may be placed on low-hanging cabinets as long as a plug-in is nearby.

If you do not want to use the hardware for installation, their weight is ideal for double-sided tape, which will help tenants protect the cabinets and avoid cracking. The three-pack provides enough illumination to cover the whole underbelly.

What We Liked

The LED strips are light and simple to install, providing you options whether you are a rental or a homeowner. They are easily installed with screws or double-sided tape and connect to the dimmer switch for versatility.

The bulbs are long-lasting and provide a pleasant brightness in your kitchen. They will not get hot to the touch and will only utilize a low voltage, so you will not have to worry about them.

What We Didnt Like

The adapter is a touch hefty, which may be a problem if you want something a little more low profile. Aside from the converter, the lights have a low enough profile to seem to be a professional installation with hardwiring.

3. Hardwired LED Under Cabinet Task Lighting – Best Hardwired Under Cabinet Lighting

  • Good light tones
  • Dimmer switch compatible
  • Hardwired for a long life
  • Glare-free lens
  • Non-standard connections

If you need a hardwired light, this fluorescent alternative is ideal. It has a 36-inch LED bar with a frosted, glare-free lens. It consumes just 20 watts and is compatible with the majority of dimmer switches.

This bulb has a lifespan of 50,000 hours and comes with easy installation instructions to assure your safety. You won’t have to change the bulbs for a long time, and the low profile fits under many cabinet types.

The fluorescent light illuminates truer colors than standard fluorescents and offers a simple option for lighting up your kitchen without the harsh tones of previous fluorescent bulbs. They’ll make your eyes feel better and avoid eye strain.

What We Liked

Hardwired lights provide extended life without the need for cumbersome adaptors or wires. Furthermore, the gentle, natural light gives better color concentration and less eye strain than certain typical fluorescent lights.

Installation is simple, and the kit contains all of the essential components for a tight and safe fit. The compact profile easily fits under most cabinets, and the dimmer compatibility is useful.

What We Didnt Like

They feature non-standard connectors, which may need extra installation time. Because the knockouts are somewhat smaller than the industry standard, you’ll need to acquire a suitable connection if you require a second one (the package includes one appropriate connector).

4. Lvyinyin Under Cabinet Puck Lights – 2nd Choice LED Puck

  • Ultra low profile
  • Comfortable lighting
  • Comes with connector adaptors
  • Includes a dimmer function
  • Wires can be bulky

These puck-shaped lights have an ultra-low profile that fits perfectly under most cabinets, regardless of design. They are not battery-powered, but they do provide a simple connected connection to each other without the need for hardwiring.

The kit includes everything you need for installation and allows you to connect and replace lights as needed. They feature a long lifespan and a suitable dimmer function, which gives you some customizing possibilities.

They are nearly imperceptible behind cabinets. The kit includes everything you need to complete your installation, but you will be unable to utilize any of your current dimmer switches.

What We Liked

These puck type lights have one of the lowest profiles we’ve seen, allowing you to illuminate even the most difficult nooks in your kitchen. They’re simple to connect using connection switches, and you may add more as you go.

The light generated is pleasant and has a daytime hue. They are easy on the eyes and simple to install. Furthermore, with the possibility of adding additional lights to the mix, you may personalize lighting as desired.

What We Didnt Like

When installation, the connections are difficult to conceal. In certain circumstances, this may make managing the puck lights’ low profile more challenging until you find out how to properly conceal the connecting cables.

5.Wobane Under Cabinet Lighting Kit – 2nd Choice Fluorescent Strips

  • Straightforward installation
  • Pleasing light
  • 180-degree connectors for stacking
  • Wont damage cabinets
  • No 90-degree connectors

These flexible strips provide everything you need to deal with non-standard lighting settings. They twist and bend where you need them to, allowing you to put them behind cabinets or along the wall.

They connect using the included connecting cords and produce 1100 lumens with a total power output of 12 watts. They won’t become heated and will still provide the brightness you’d expect for culinary tasks.

They attach using double-sided tape to avoid damaging the surface of your cabinets and to enable for future changes if your requirements alter. Installation also does not need the use of any specific tools.

What We Liked

Simple to install strips make lighting up your kitchen a breeze. Furthermore, all connections are provided, and no additional tools are required. The lights have a low profile and may be installed in a variety of kitchen cabinets without hurting the surface.

The lights are bright enough to see what you’re doing without tiring you out. You’ll also have brightness options thanks to the inbuilt dimmer.

What We Didnt Like

If you want to place it in a corner cabinet, you’ll have to be creative since it doesn’t come with any 90-degree connections. The peel and stick approach is simple, however it might be difficult to adhere the tape to certain under cabinet surfaces.

6. LED Under Cabinet Lighting by NSL – 2nd Choice Fixture / Hardwired

  • Customization options for ensuring the proper kind of lighting
  • Low profile
  • Up to 400 watts may be connected to a single power source.
  • Two installation methods
  • Installation could be challenging

These hardwired lights provide a more customisable option than typical fluorescent lights. They include three distinct color temperatures and two different brightness levels, so you may customize the appearance and feel to your liking.

There are hardwired and plug-in installation options available, and the lights may be linked up to 400 watts on a single power source. They cover a lot of ground and don’t have hotspots or bleed through.

It has a lifespan of roughly 50,000 hours and is a simple solution for your under cabinet lighting requirements. The three-year manufacturer guarantee protects your investment, yet everything is simple.

What We Liked

These lights’ customization capabilities are not only entertaining to experiment with, but they also let you realize your lighting ambitions. Depending on the style of your kitchen, you may choose various temperatures, and two different dimming options make the light pleasant for all times of day or activity.

The installation choices are excellent, with the ability to hardwire or plug in. Because the profile is modest, they will look nice on a variety of cabinet types.

What We Didnt

They lack the current design of some of the other lights on the list, and there are no alternatives for wrapping around or adjusting the quantity of light. Because of the size of the screws and the enclosure, certain hardwiring installations may be difficult.

The Benefits Of Under Cabinet Lighting

Installing under cabinet lighting in the kitchen may be really beneficial. These lights provide installation flexibility in some circumstances, with merely a peel and stick light where you need it and, in others, hardwiring to complement your kitchen improvements.

Cabinets may sometimes obscure the light from ceiling lighting, making it harder to see what you’re doing. Good illumination is essential while dealing with blades and other instruments, possibly irritating chemicals (jalapeno anyone? ), and other risks.

Under-cabinet lighting is out of the way and offers immediate illumination where it is needed. When turned off, it disappears and creates a fantastic accent piece for all types of kitchens.

LED fixtures may really save you money on your power bill if you choose them. Overhead lighting is a major energy user. You may lower your total energy use by employing the targeted lights under the cabinets.

In addition, under cabinet lights are:

  • Simple to set up Many types do not even need physical wiring or a nearby socket.
  • Value-adding Because under cabinet lighting often seems bespoke, you are adding value to your kitchen design.
  • Budget-worthy Many under cabinet lights are also significantly less expensive than replacing your above lamps.

Types Of Under Cabinet Lighting

There are many types of under cabinet lights to choose from. Here are some popular solutions and their advantages.

Power sources

Switches and controls that turn off the lights.Power sources for under-cabinet lighting vary. If you don’t have an outlet handy, a set of battery-powered lights is the best option. The advantage is that you can place them wherever, but the disadvantage is that most of them will need special attention.

If you wish to connect lights together, plugin options make installation simple. They are often more powerful and enable you to control all lights at once. Furthermore, without batteries, you will not have to bother about replenishing your power source. You will, however, have to give up a kitchen outlet or arrange your lights in accordance with your power supply.

If you’re undergoing kitchen renovations and want to install more permanent fixtures, hardwired lighting are a wonderful option. These alternatives are hardwired straight to an existing switch, allowing you to manage them just like any other fixture in your home.

Light Design

Under cabinet lights are classified into three types:

  • Puck fashion These circular lights, which resemble a hockey puck, are often battery-powered. They are simple to arrange across non-standard cabinet designs and provide a great deal of versatility, especially in corners.
  • Bar fashion These lights employ lengthy bars to offer full lighting, but they might be difficult to use if your cabinets aren’t standard. They are, however, simple to install by hardwiring or plugging in.
  • Tape lighting These modest lights provide a temporary answer to your illumination demands. They are typically a versatile answer for odd cabinet scenarios since they peel and cling to where you need them.

Puck type lights may not provide as much light as you want, but they are easy to set up. Bar lights may be used everywhere, although they may need certain cabinet configurations to be effective.

Bulb Types

Light Emitting Diodes will be the most convenient and cost-effective solution for light bulb kinds. LED lights have a low power yet generate a bright light that is ideal for kitchens and workstations.

Halogen lights are very bright and perform effectively if there is little to no lighting in the area where they are installed. However, if you don’t have dimmer settings or customisation, they might be much too bright.

Incandescent lights are inefficient and might get too hot to use under cabinets. They may seem warm and inviting, but they are not the ideal option for this sort of illumination.

A Checklist For Choosing The Right Lights

When choosing your lights, consider the following factors to guarantee you acquire the proper sort.

What Is The Purpose?

Installing bright lights at the front of your cabinets is the way to go if you require light over your work area for food processing. Bar lights and puck-style lights may provide illumination without interfering with your sightlines.

Installing at the rear of the cabinets is the best option if your main goal is to brighten your backsplash. Simple tape lights would do, or hardwiring a bar light with a dimmer control will assist you in creating the desired mood.

What Are Your Power Needs?

If your kitchen just has one outlet (hi, older kitchens! ), picking a plug-in alternative may be too difficult. Alternatively, if you had ten feet of under cabinet area to illuminate, turning on individual battery-powered lights one by one would be inconvenient.

The style of lighting you use should complement your kitchen. If you’re already performing some work or are experienced with electrical wiring, a hardwired alternative offers long-lasting lighting choices. A fast battery puck light would serve if you need some light in that one dull place.

Examine your lighting requirements, kitchen design, and readiness to remodel. These three factors will assist you in determining which sort of power supply is appropriate for your cabinet lighting.

How Long Should Lighting Be?

Under cabinet lighting should, in general, run the length of your cabinets. This maintains the space evenly lighted and avoids further dark patches from interfering with your work. If you’re hardwiring lights, it’s ideal to run them the length of your cabinets.

If you’re emphasizing certain areas, such as an accent tile, puck type lighting may be adequate in some cases. Although you will not have consistent illumination, you should try equally spacing out your puck lights the length of your cabinets.

Do You Need Special Features?

A simple lamp is excellent for basic illumination activities. Dimmer choices, on the other hand, enable you to best tailor the appearance and feel of your lights. Some lights come with dimmer choices, but others may be hardwired to work with regular dimmer switches.

You may also want the ability to change the color of the light to suit your needs. Some under-cabinet lighting has tone controls that range from warm to chilly. When combined with dimming options, you should have enough flexibility to get the desired appearance and feel.

You should also evaluate the quantity of lumens required to light your room. More lumens take more electricity yet give a brighter environment. Fewer lumens improve the environment but may not supply enough light for demanding activities.

A timer is another wonderful option that may help you save money on energy expenditures and eliminate the irritation of having the lights on all the time for no reason. If you have a string of battery-powered lights, a timer may save you the trouble of turning them all off one by one.

What Are the Accessories I need?

With our top six lighting kits, you shouldn’t need any extras. They come with everything you need for setup, connectivity, and power. If motion detectors or timers are not already included in the package, some individuals may add them.

Accessories may make working the lights easier. Other accessories may assist you in installing the lights in an unusual location or changing the color of the lights themselves.

Making The Most of Under Cabinet Lighting

Our top picks for the finest under cabinet lights allow you to enhance circumstances and guarantee that the ambience of your kitchen is exactly what you want. They guarantee that you can perform duties and that your kitchen has a pleasant ambience.

Whether you use puck lights or bars, hardwiring or batteries, your kitchen may certainly benefit from some additional illumination. Use the selections here wisely, and you will add a fantastic touch to the overall decor of your kitchen.


What is the best lighting for under cabinets in kitchen?

A: LED lights are ideal for placing beneath cabinets. They are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and produce little heat, making them ideal for use in kitchen cabinets and closets.

What color light is best for under kitchen cabinets?

If you’re putting LED under cabinet lights in the kitchen, choose a color between 3000K and 6000K, which means warm white light, natural white light, or cool white light. This is because anything below 3000K casts a yellowish-orange tint, making it difficult to discern colors accurately.

What are the choices for under cabinet lighting?

Whatever lighting design you choose, under cabinet lights are available in three installation options: plug in, battery, and hardwired. Plug-in and battery-operated lights are straightforward to install and provide immediate delight. A competent electrician is required for hardwired lighting.

Are LED strip lights good for under kitchen cabinets?

Putting strip lights beneath your kitchen cabinets provides concentrated, bright lighting for cooking, meal preparation, and dishwashing. LED strip lights are a popular option for kitchen cabinets since they cast light directly onto the work area.

What are the disadvantages of under cabinet lighting?

Cons: Light output may be insufficient for certain tastes or purposes.
If a track and lens are required, you may have to pay an additional fee.
A separate power source may be required.
Dimmer than other under cabinet lighting options.

Should you put warm or white light under cabinets?

The majority of under cabinet lighting applications need static white light, while some require color shifting RGB lights or dynamic tunable white. You must choose a color temperature, or shade of white light, for white output. Kelvins are used to measure color temperature; the lower the temperature, the warmer the light.

How do I choose LED lights for under cabinets?

When determining which sort of under cabinet lighting is most suited to your requirements, keep the following three factors in mind:
Positioning and available space.
Optional Power.
Light Fixture Type.

Should kitchen cabinets be lighter or darker than floor?

There are no hard and fast laws about whether your floor should be brighter or darker than your cabinets, but as a general guideline, darker flooring with light cabinetry and vice versa. Contrast is a valuable technique for establishing the proper balance between your kitchen cabinets and your floor.

What color light does food look best under?

Understand your food and your light.

When photographing these items, use a light source with a warm color temperature ranging from 2,700 to 3,500K. To preserve the natural color of the food, always use a light with a CRI or Color Rendering Index of 82 or better.

Why is under cabinet lighting so expensive?

Materials and labor are the two major factors that influence the cost of installing under-cabinet lighting.

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