Best French Fry Cutter for Sweet Potatoes

Few things satisfy like a huge basket of french fries. While they are tasty, they are high in fat and calories and are not very healthy. Sweet potato fries, on the other hand, provide the same delightful crispiness while saving calories and fat.

Today, we’ll look at some of the finest french fry cutters on the market, so you can start making delicious sweet potato fries right in your own home.

The Best French Fry Cutter For Sweet Potatoes

Now that you know what to look for when choosing the finest sweet potato french fry cutter, let’s take a closer look at five models that are up to the job.

1. ICO Stainless Steel French Fry Cutter

Best French Fry Cutter
ICO Stainless Steel French Fry Cutter
This affordable and well-designed fry cutter is an ideal option for home use, and it includes everything you’ll need to make delicious sweet potato fries at home.
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This lightweight stainless steel cutter features a cleverly constructed cutting motion that keeps your hands as far away from the cutting area as possible. The huge suction cup on the bottom of the device adheres to almost any surface, allowing for stable, slip-free operation.

This ICO fry cutter comes with two replaceable cutting blades: one for little fries and one for bigger steak fries. Aside from potatoes, you can use this cutter to make a variety of other vegetables into tasty fries.

This machine has significant downsides despite being one of the most cheap cutters on the market. It cannot compete with raw sweet potatoes or yams, which must be par-boiled before slicing. There will also be no cutting attachments for slicing chips or ribbons.

Aside from those limitations, this slicer is one of the most affordable and user-friendly alternatives on the market.

  • Affordable
  • Keeps hands safely away from cutting surface
  • No-fuss satisfaction guarantee
  • Lightweight and easy to store
  • Prior to slicing, sweet potatoes must be par-boiled.
  • It takes a lot of work to cut through potatoes.

2. Sopito Professional Potato Cutter

Sopito Professional Potato Cutter
If you’re looking for a heavy-duty french fry cutter without breaking the bank, this model from Sopito might be ideal for you.
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This device has a sturdy structure that outlasts most of the budget-conscious potato cutters on the market. Because each component is composed of stainless steel, it is rust-proof and simple to clean.

The big handle provides lots of leverage when you engage the cutting action, making it simpler to chop more potatoes with less effort. The handle is detachable, making it simple to store the slicer in a small cabinet. The cutting surface and pushing block are both easily removable, making cleanup a snap.

The one significant disadvantage of this slicer is that it just has a single cutting blade for slicing steak fries. Other cutting surfaces are manufactured by Sopito, but they are not included and must be ordered separately.

Aside from that, this slicer is one of the greatest choices for delivering restaurant-quality house-cut french fries to your home.

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Long handle gives tons of leverage
  • Quick and easy cleaning
  • Affordable
  • Only includes a cutting blade

3. New Star Foodservice French Fry Cutter

Best Commercial Cutter
New Star Foodservice French Fry Cutter
Best Commercial Cutter
If you’re looking to make the jump to a commercial-quality unit, this cutter from New Star is one of the best french fry cutters you’ll find.
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The most noticeable difference between this model and light-duty models is the heavyweight construction and polish. Cast iron is used for the base and handle, and commercial grade suction cup feet hold it in place.

With a weight of fifteen pounds, you can expect this cutter to last a lifetime and withstand whatever you can throw at it. Because of the weight, the cutting action is much smoother, and it requires less work to cut through a sweet potato or any other vegetable.

Another thing to note about this New Star cutter is that it comes in a number of configurations, allowing you to choose the one that works best for you. The cutter may be purchased alone or as part of a package that includes several cutting blades. You may also purchase the various cutting blades separately.

  • Heavy-duty cast iron construction
  • Requires less effort to cut
  • Strong enough to cut raw sweet potatoes
  • Available in a variety of configurations
  • Expensive

4. Mandoline Potato Cutter

Mandoline Potato Cutter
An affordable and exceptionally versatile cutter that can replace a variety of kitchen gadgets, this mandoline slicer is ideal for home chefs who need their tools to pull their weight in the kitchen.
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This mandoline slicer can cut a variety of vegetables, as well as fries and chips, wavy and waffle cuts, ribbons, flowers, and more. Almost every feature is customizable, so you may cut thin or thick, large or little, using this easy tool.

To keep your hands safe from the cutting surface, a huge ergonomic disk with grip pins holds whatever vegetable you’re slicing. The disc clips onto the slicer to keep it from sliding away and exposing your fingers.

On the side of the slicer, you’ll find simple settings for shape and coarseness, as well as a knob for running the cut flower knife for ornamental cuts. The foot and safety guard have a non-slip coating to keep the slicer and your hand in place.

Keep in mind that, even with all of the safety measures, mandoline slicers may be hazardous, so be extra cautious to keep your fingers away from the cutting surface, particularly during cleaning.

  • Affordable
  • Serves a variety of different functions
  • Cuts sticks, waffles or waves, and more
  • Not as safe to use as a traditional potato cutter

5. ROVSUN Commercial French Fry Cutter

ROVSUN Commercial French Fry Cutter
Offering the perfect blend of performance and value, this ROVSUN commercial cutter is ideal for home chefs hoping to elevate their fry game, no matter how thick or thin they prefer them.
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This cutter has a different design than most others, which employ a handle to create the cutting action. This type includes a spinning wheel akin to a drill press and lots of leverage to quickly cut sweet potatoes or any other vegetable.

This cutter’s most noticeable feature is that it comes with three different cutting blades and pushing blocks, allowing you to cut anything from shoestrings to steak fries without the need for extra accessories.

Almost all of the components are constructed of food-grade 304 stainless steel, which is rust-proof, simple to clean, and has a glossy appearance that will enhance the beauty of any kitchen. If there is a disadvantage to this cutter, it is that its vertical design takes up a little more space than other models.

  • Includes three different cutting blades
  • Easy to turn wheel handle makes cutting a breeze
  • Slip-proof design
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Takes up more space than most other models

What to Consider When Buying a French Fry Cutter

Before we get into the finest french fry cutter alternatives on the market today, let’s take a look at the essential factors to consider while choosing the right equipment for your kitchen.

Types of Cutters

French fry cutters may be powered or mechanical, and each design has advantages and disadvantages.

Powered French Fry Cutter

Powered cutters run on electricity or compressed air. To chop the potato, either an internal motor or compressed air is used, depending on the mechanism.

Powered cutters are suitable for industrial kitchens that use hundreds of pounds of french fries each week. They’re also a good option for anybody who would prefer not do the hard labor of chopping french fries.

Sweet potatoes are a difficult vegetable to chop and take some power to do it. A motorized cutter removes the need for physical labor and makes quick work of tougher veggies like sweet potatoes.

The disadvantage of using a powered cutter is that it needs energy, so you must be able to put it up near an electrical outlet. This kind of potato cutter is also more costly, and it has more moving and motorized components than a mechanical cutter, so it is more likely to fail.

A motorized cutter is essentially necessary in busy restaurants since hand cutters cannot keep up with the needs of a busy kitchen.

Mechanical Cutters

Mechanical french fry cutters are simple gadgets that run on you, the user, rather than energy. This design is the most simple to use, as well as the most economical and accessible.

A mechanical cutter is preferred by many home cooks and commercial kitchens because it provides numerous intrinsic benefits. For one thing, you are not bound to an electrical outlet, so you may place the device anywhere you choose. A manual cutter is less prone to breakage and requires less maintenance since it has fewer moving components.

Mechanical cutters need some elbow grease and may be tiring to operate for extended periods of time. However, with a sharp knife, you’ll be able to quickly cut sweet potatoes into ideally sized strips that are ready to be fried or baked.

Mechanical cutters are usually less expensive, making them perfect for small restaurants, cafés, and home kitchens.

Characteristics & Features to Look For

Whether you’re a busy restaurant or a home chef trying to take your cuisine to the next level, there are a few key characteristics to look for when buying a french fry cover.


Even if you’re a home cook who only uses a french fry cutter a few times a year, the materials utilized to make it are important to consider. All components should be constructed of heavy-duty cast metal, and the cutting blades should be stainless steel.

Plastic will not be able to withstand the weight of strong vegetables like sweet potatoes, which are tough to slice. A stainless steel blade is essential because it retains its sharpness well, is simple to clean, and is corrosion resistant.


When it comes to sweet potato cutters, ergonomic design is essential, particularly if you’re using a manual cutter.

Cutting potatoes is strenuous job, and anybody who has ever chopped a few dozen potatoes will tell you that it wears on your arms after a time. An ergonomic design means that you can do the task with little effort. You’ll be able to chop more potatoes while using less energy.

Removable Blades

It is vital to be able to remove the blades since it enables you to sharpen the cutting surface as needed to obtain clean and consistent cuts. The greatest potato cutters include replaceable cutting surfaces that may be sharpened quickly to produce the best results.

A Variety of Cutting Surfaces

French fries are available in a variety of forms and sizes, ranging from razor-thin shoestring fries to substantial wedges. Most cutters can do all of these distinct cuts if the blade set and push block are changed.

Some individuals are satisfied with a cutter that just cuts one kind of french fry, but if you want a flexible instrument that can handle fries, wedges, chips, garnishes, and more, youll need a cutter with interchangeable cutting surfaces.

Ease of Cleaning

Most potato cutters aren’t dishwasher safe, and even if they were, they’re usually too huge and bulky to fit in the dishwasher.

As a result, it is critical that the cutter you use is simple to clean. All of the primary components should be easily removable for easier cleaning, and you should be able to thoroughly clean the machine and reassemble it with minimum effort.

Mounting Style

Another important element to consider is how the cutter is mounted to the work surface, whether at home or in a restaurant.

A standard commercial grade french fry cutter has an integrated mounting bracket with holes for bolting the machine to its work area. This configuration works effectively in commercial kitchens where the cutter is seldom changed. You can even attach it on a heavy-duty chopping board for home cooks to make it easy to move around as required.

Heavy-duty suction cups are used to secure certain commercial and most lighter-duty variants to the work surface. This configuration is great since the suction cups hold the cutter firmly while operating but can be simply removed for cleaning and storing the device. Best of all, the suction cups won’t scratch the surface, so there’s no need to drill holes in your countertop to attach it.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve covered the majority of the critical factors to consider when choosing the finest french fry cutter for your kitchen, but most customers have a few more questions. Continue reading to find out the answers to the burning questions you may have regarding french fry cutters.

Does a french fry cutter have any other uses?

French fry cutters are much more useful than their name suggests. Other veggies, such as eggplant, squash, peppers, and others, may be simply chopped using these instruments. You may be able to use your french fry cutter on other veggies as well, depending on the cutting blade you have fitted.

Can I make french fries in a food processor?

Some food processors come with a number of accessories that enable you to utilize your food processor for a variety of culinary jobs you probably didn’t think were feasible. A few manufacturers provide a specific cutting disc that can be used to create french fries, although most food processors are incompatible with this feature.Furthermore, food processors that can create french fries can usually only make one or two types of french fries, but a specialist french fry cutter may make six or more.

Is a sweet potato cutter a smart investment?

Some individuals ask whether they really need a fry cutter in their culinary toolkit. If you just want to use the cutter once in a while, it may not be the best option for you. However, if you like making your own fries at home, you’ll appreciate the ease, speed, and professional quality that a french fry cutter provides.A french fry cutter is safer, simpler to use, and gives considerably more consistent results than a knife.

Final Word

Each of the models we’ve examined above is an excellent pick for the best french fry cutter for sweet potatoes. You should have no problem choosing a great sweet potato cutter for your kitchen based on your demands, budget, and the features and traits that are most essential to you.


Can you use a french fry cutter on sweet potatoes?

Using a fry cutter, cut sweet potato fries

You can also cut fries using a fry cutter! Because it is a uni-tasker (only suitable for one item) and very huge, it is reserved for the most serious home chefs. We acquired one since we produce a lot of fries at work! It results in perfectly shaped fries.

What is the best slicer for sweet potatoes?

Any way you slice it, the Mueller V-Blade Mandoline Slicer from Amazon is my favorite.
Mandoline Slicer Mueller V – Blade. Excellent value for money.
Japanese Mandoline Slicer by Benriner. The market’s sharpest mandoline.
Mandoline DASH Safe Slice.
Adjustable Mandoline Slicer by Kyocera.
Chef’s Mandoline Slicer from OXO SteeL.

What’s the best french fry cutter?

Manual French Fry Cutter 2″
GProMe Mandoline Slicer has the most versatility.French Fry Cutter Expert.
Thunder Group 1 has the best design.
Overall winner: Cuisinart PrepExpress French Fry Cutter.
Prep Solutions French Fry Cutter and Vegetable Chopper are the most affordable.
Commercial of the Year: Zimtown

What do you use to cut sweet potatoes?

Make use of a big, sharp knife.

Use a sharp chef’s knife with a touch of weight to assist cut through the potatoes for easy cutting. To securely push down on the top and handle of the knife during each cut, use both hands with your fingers curled.

How do you use a crinkle cutter sweet potato?

All you have to do is peel and slice your sweet potato using the crinkle cutter. Vertically first, then horizontally into the fries. These are really delicious with my own fry sauce. Give them a go and let me know what you think!

Can you use a potato cutter on sweet potatoes?

Commercial Grade French Fry Cutter by New Star

When slicing sweet potatoes (or other veggies), the long handle provides excellent leverage. This type features strong suction feet, allowing you to install it without drilling into your counter. You may also mount it on the wall so that the potatoes fall directly into your container.

What kind of knife should you use to cut sweet potatoes?

Petite Chef knife, 8″ After peeling the potato, choose a spot on it that can sit on the cutting surface without rolling or wobbling.Because sweet potatoes are thick, you’ll need a knife that is both large and sharp enough to make a clean cut, such as a 7-5.

Can the KitchenAid slicer slice potatoes?

The KitchenAid® 13-cup food processor with french fry disc and dicing kit makes thick slices of potato ideal for french fries.

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