Best Easy to Clean Waffle Makers

Homemade waffles are one of the most delectable components of a home-cooked breakfast. They are nearly limitless in terms of customization; you may use any ingredients, spices, or flavorings to produce both sweet and savory waffles.

The good news is that making waffles at home is now simpler than ever, as is cleaning up afterward. You’ll discover a terrific hassle-free method to cook breakfast without a mess with these selections for easy clean waffle irons.

We tested a variety of waffle makers and decided that the best easy to clean waffle maker was the Breville waffle maker with smart IQ and simple controls.

The Best Easy to Clean Waffle Irons

This list includes the best easy to clean waffle maker for every requirement or price, as well as waffle makers with extra features from a variety of specifications; there’s an easy clean waffle maker for every chef.

1. Breville Smart Easy to Clean Waffle Maker

Breville Smart Waffle Maker
The Breville Smart Waffle maker takes burnt waffles off the table and gives you control over brownness with easy-to-use controls and smart settings.
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The Breville Smart Waffle Maker provides smart home functionality to your waffle maker. It has a Waffle IQ function that detects when your waffles are done depending on your cooking preferences. Whether you want a light, fluffy waffle or a darker, crisper waffle, this waffle maker will notify you when they are done. It also features a manual cook option if you want to make your own waffles.

Thermal heating also ensures that your waffles cook evenly, with crispy sides and a cooked middle. When you’re done, cleaning is a snap. The waffle maker has an exterior shell made of stainless steel and a nonstick cooking surface. The waffle iron also has a moat to collect excess batter and keep it from creating a mess on the counter.

What it Offers

The Breville Smart Waffle Maker aims to eliminate the guesswork from waffle manufacturing. It provides consumers with the assurance that their waffles will not burn during cooking. Users will also appreciate the decreased mess and cleaning that this waffle maker provides.

This waffle maker is now one of the most sophisticated on the market. The majority of comparable waffle makers have browning controls and other similar options, but the Breville Smart Waffle Maker is one of the few that include smart waffle manufacturing.

Compared to Other Products

Most other waffle makers are completely manual, requiring you to flip waffles and hope that they are thoroughly cooked without burning on the exterior. This waffle maker was among the first to incorporate smart waffle-making technologies into its cooking process.

It enables you to sit back and relax as the waffle maker detects doneness throughout the waffle using thermal heating technology, rather not simply on the exterior as most other waffle makers do.

With a batter moat and stainless steel outer body, the Breville Smart Waffle Maker simplifies cleaning and cooking.

This machine is also one of the few that can create many waffles. Most other waffle makers can only create one waffle at a time, however the Breville Smart Waffle Maker can cook up to four at once.

  • Waffle IQ intelligently makes waffles to your specifications.
  • Thermal heating uniformly cooks waffles, eliminating crispy edges and undercooked batter.
  • Stainless steel is an easy-to-clean material on the interior and outside.
  • Moat to collect and contain waffle batter from leaking out of the waffle maker
  • One of the biggest batch waffle makers on the market, it can cook four waffles at once.
  • It is on the more costly side of waffle makers, costing about $200.
  • Because of the unit’s size, some customers have complained that it is difficult to find a spot to cook the waffles on a tabletop.
  • It might be difficult to figure out how to operate the maker on your first attempt since it provides various settings.

2. Hamilton Beach Non-Stick Waffle Maker

Hamilton Beach Non-Stick Waffle Maker
The Hamilton Beach Non-Stick Waffle Maker is a familiar standard that makes waffle making and cleanup easy, all with restaurant-style waffle quality.
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The Hamilton Beach Non-Stick Waffle Maker is a traditional flip waffle maker that browns waffles on all sides by flipping the waffle. According to Hamilton Beach, this motion also makes the waffles thicker and fluffier.

The waffle maker also has a multi-setting browning control and detachable plates, making cleaning a snap with this easy clean waffle maker.

What it Offers

The Hamilton Beach Nonstick Waffle Maker provides browning control, allowing you to make waffles to your liking. Furthermore, the flipping mechanism is often only seen in restaurants, offering home cooks the opportunity to manufacture restaurant-style waffles at a low cost.

Compared to Other Products

This type has detachable plates that make cleaning a breeze. Removable plates are less prevalent than non-removable plates and, in general, make cleaning simpler.

While detachable plates may be cleaned in the waffle iron, it is much quicker to remove them and run them through the dishwasher. You won’t have to worry about harming the plates, and you’ll know they’re clean.

This waffle maker from a well-known firm is also one of the few on the market with a flipping mechanism, enabling you to produce thicker, restaurant-style waffles in your own home.

  • Plates that can be removed The detachable plates of the waffle maker may be washed in the dishwasher.
  • Easy Browning control switch Browning control allows you to make waffles as dark as you like.
  • Surface that is nonstick Waffles are simple to remove from the cooking surface and clean.
  • The flipping process is unusual in at-home waffle makers, providing thick and fluffy waffles generally seen exclusively in restaurants and other food service establishments.
  • A batter moat is a tiny interior compartment that collects excess batter before it overflows onto the countertops.
  • Many other waffle makers can cook up to four waffles at the same time, but this machine only makes one.
  • The batter may leak between the detachable plate sections because the location where the removable plates clip in creates a tiny gap in which some customers have observed batter drippage.
  • After using the waffle maker for a while, the nonstick coating may begin to peel, leaving nonstick residue in your batter.

3. Cuisinart WAF-20 Belgian Waffle Maker

Cuisinart WAF-20 Belgian Waffle Maker
The Cuisinart WAF-20 Belgian Waffle Maker offers users freshly-flipped waffles two at a time in a sleek waffle iron design.
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The Cuisinart WAF-20 Belgian Waffle Maker can create two waffles at once and uses a rotating mechanism to make them thick and fluffy.

What it Offers

The Cuisinart WAF-20 waffle maker allows you to cook two waffles at once instead of simply one. This design is unique since most comparable waffle makers on the market only create one waffle at a time. Most multi-waffle makers generate flat, thin waffles, however this gadget allows home cooks to make numerous thick, Belgian-style waffles at the same time.

Compared to Other Products

Unlike other flipping waffle makers and circular waffle irons that can only cook one waffle at a time, the Cuisinart WAF-20 can cook two waffles at the same time. While other typical waffle makers can generate thick and fluffy waffles, they can only do it one at a time. Our waffle cook time is decreased in half thanks to the Cuisinart WAF-20.

  • Flipping waffle maker that makes numerous waffles, unlike spherical waffle irons only cook one waffle at a time.
  • Six-position Browning control knob Six settings allow you to make waffles to your liking.
  • An acoustic indication that indicates when the waffles are done cooking. In addition to LED light indications, the waffle maker emits a three-tone audio beep when the waffles are ready to be removed.
  • At 13 lbs, it is about twice as hefty as other comparable waffle makers, which may make it difficult to store and use.
  • Parts of the housing are made of plastic. The waffle maker’s back post is made of plastic. This post may melt over time due to its proximity to the waffle maker’s cooking surface.

4. Cuisinart Round Waffle Maker

Cuisinart Round Classic Waffle Maker
The Cuisinart Round Classic Waffle Maker delivers a classic, no-fuss waffle-making experience in this easy clean waffle iron.
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The Cuisinart Round Classic Waffle Maker includes a browning control with five levels and can make a single waffle. This item is tiny and takes up little room, which is a typical criticism with other multi-featured waffle makers.

What it Offers

The Cuisinart Round Classic Waffle Maker does not have any extra features that other comparable waffle irons provide, but it does provide a solid cooking experience with a modest counter space footprint.

Compared to Other Products

When compared to other comparable goods, the Cuisinart Round Classic Waffle Maker has the benefit of being tiny, light, and inexpensive. It is the least costly model on our list, making it an excellent choice for first-time waffle makers or those wishing to prepare waffles for a small gathering.

  • Five distinct cooking modes Waffles may be cooked to your preferred doneness using several cooking and browning settings.
  • Cooking slider that is simple to use The slider makes it simple to choose the desired level and make changes in between.
  • Non-stick Although the plates are not detachable, it is simple to clean.
  • It is smaller than other waffle makers and rests directly on the countertop.
  • Affordable This waffle iron is the cheapest on the list, making it ideal for home cooks who want to create a small quantity of waffles or do not cook as often.
  • There aren’t many other features. This waffle iron is one of the most basic available, but that may be an advantage for certain customers.
  • This type can only cook one waffle at a time, as opposed to certain other waffle makers.
  • Plates cannot be removed. The cooking plates are not detachable and must be cleaned in the waffle maker.

5. DASH No Mess Waffle Maker

DASH No Mess Waffle Maker
The DASH No Mess Waffle Maker offers multi-waffle making capabilities in an easy to heat iron with a clean design — all at a bargain price.
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The DASH No Mess Waffle Maker is a waffle maker that can create numerous waffles at once, as well as other grilled dishes like paninis and hashbrowns. While this iron is less adjustable than previous items, it makes up for it with the ability to manufacture different sorts of dishes.

What it Offers

The DASH No Mess Waffle Maker is a multipurpose, large-batch cooking equipment that takes up little counter space. It provides home cooks with a waffle iron that produces a restaurant-quality waffle while still being simple to store and use without taking up too much room.

Compared to Other Products

Unlike other waffle makers, the Dash No Mess Waffle Maker can create more than just waffles. It is capable of producing paninis, hash browns, and pizzas.

It does not provide any further controls or personalization while cooking, unlike other comparable waffle irons. The sole signal is an exterior light. It indicates when the iron is ready to cook and when the waffles are done. There is no other way to modify brownness or doneness but by hand.

  • Makes four waffles at once, making it one of the most powerful waffle makers accessible to amateur cooks.
  • Can prepare a variety of dishes as well as other items such as flatbread pizzas, paninis, and hashbrowns.
  • Overflow zone Extra batter is collected in a tiny space on each side of the waffle plates. This section may also provide you with extra, smaller waffle goods.
  • Discounted pricing This waffle maker is far less costly than similar devices while simultaneously making four waffles.
  • The case is made of plastic. The waffle maker’s outside casing is completely plastic, and it may begin to melt or damage after prolonged usage.
  • There are no controls. Unlike most other waffle makers, this one does not have any exterior buttons or sliders. It just has a light indication that tells you when the machine is hot and when the waffles are done.
  • There are no other extra features. While this waffle maker can cook huge quantities rapidly and make numerous food varieties, it lacks any smart features or adjustments.

How to Easily Clean a Waffle Maker

Allowing the waffle maker to cool after cooking is the simplest method to clean it. The beautiful thing about waffle batter is that it dries relatively quickly even if it has spilled on the surface. Once the waffle machine has cooled, use a paper towel or moist wipe to remove any leftover waffle batter.

If you have any residual mess, sprinkle a tiny bit of cooking oil over the plates and let them aside for a few minutes. This should assist lift the residual waffle batter, and then repeat the procedure with the paper towel. It should now be clean.

See our article on how to prevent waffles from sticking to the waffle maker.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most often asked questions concerning waffle iron cleaning.

What is the easiest way to clean a waffle iron?

The simplest approach to clean a waffle iron is to attempt to clear up the majority of the mess after you’ve finished cooking your waffles. The waffle batter is simple to remove after it has dried. To clean the waffle maker’s cooking surface, use a paper towel or cloth.

Can you wash the waffle iron in the sink?

No, waffle irons are appliances that should not be washed in the dishwasher. This practice may harm the waffle iron’s housing and cooking surfaces, and it is also potentially hazardous to you. Instead of cleaning your waffle iron in the sink, consider the techniques listed above to clean it.

How do you clean a waffle iron without removable plates?

While the most convenient waffle maker features detachable plates, cleaning a waffle iron without removable plates is still simple.You can easily clean up any leftover waffle mess with a paper towel or moist cloth. Before trying to wipe it off, ensure that the maker is disconnected and fully cold.


If you’re looking for the finest easy to clean waffle maker on the market, the good news is that there’s a waffle iron for every price and cooking taste that also happens to be simple to clean.

Both a basic circular, one-waffle maker and a high-end smart waffle maker that creates batches at a time and detects when waffles are correctly cooked are available. Both are also simple to clean.


What is the best waffle maker for easy clean up?

The Cuisinart WAF-200 4-Slice Belgian Waffle Maker is our favorite since it’s easy to use, clean, and produces lovely quartered waffles in no time. The Cuisinart Classic Round Waffle Maker was our top value option.

Are waffle makers hard to clean?

You can’t simply throw your waffle maker in the sink to soak in soapy water since it’s an appliance. It is unsafe and may cause harm to your waffle maker. However, the grooves that produce your delicious waffles might be difficult to clean.

What is the best way to clean a waffle maker?

How to Quickly Clean a Dirty Waffle Maker
Remove the waffle maker from the oven.
While it’s still hot, clean it.
Using a pair of tongs, wipe clean with a moist paper towel.
To remove baked-on batter, use a chopstick, toothpick, or toothbrush.
When the waffle maker has cooled, clean it with a towel, soap, and water.

Which is better a Belgian waffle maker or a regular waffle maker?

Classic waffle makers feature narrower plates than Belgian waffle makers, resulting in thinner, crisper waffles all around. The fundamental difference between a standard, classic waffle and a Belgian waffle is that traditional waffles lack the dense, fluffy interior of Belgian waffles.

What waffle maker does Bobby Flay use?

Looking for a weekend brunch idea? Brown Butter Waffles using Chef Bobby Flay’s new GreenPan Premiere 4-Square Waffle Maker.

How do you clean a waffle iron without removable plates?

A waffle iron with non-removable plates is a bit more difficult to clean, but it’s still not a difficult chore. To begin, use a paper towel to remove any crumbs or oil from the plates and beyond. If there is any lingering food particles, a soft bristle brush may be used to remove it.

How do you remove carbon buildup from a waffle maker?

To remove extra carbon buildup that cannot be removed with a brush, one manufacturer suggests using a foodservice-grade degreaser to restore the plates to proper operating order. In addition to care for the grids, owners should clean the complete waffle maker at the conclusion of each day.

Can I clean a waffle maker with vinegar?

Cleaning a Waffle Iron
It was filthy.
Using a paper towel, sprinkle vinegar over it.
Drizzle vinegar liberally on the handle of a spoon or chopstick.
Take cautious not to push yourself too much.
That’s it – you’ve just thoroughly cleaned your waffle maker!

Should I use Pam on waffle maker?

Cooking sprays, such as Pam, are an easy method to oil your waffle machine so the waffles slip right off. Spray for two seconds on top and bottom, and you’re ready to go!

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