Best Caraway Seed Substitutes

Caraway seeds are an item that is often used in baking. However, there are many individuals who do not keep caraway seeds in their kitchen. If you’re trying a new dessert, you could come upon the strange ingredient.

However, there is no need to be concerned if you lack that element. There are several replacements for caraway seeds that yield comparable results. This article will assist you in determining the finest caraway seed alternative for your meal.

What are Caraway Seeds?

The caraway plant produces caraway seeds. You may consume the achenes produced by these plants. Achenes are the scientific name for the caraway seeds produced by the plant.

Despite their name, the seeds are not always seeds. They are dried fruits with one seed apiece. And we’ve been utilizing the seeds for a variety of purposes since 1500 BC. Caraway seeds and plants are used medicinally in many regions of the globe.

Caraway seeds, on the other hand, are not as widely available as other spices. As a consequence, if you don’t have the seeds, it might be difficult to reproduce a recipe that calls for them. Caraway seeds are occasionally unavailable because you forgot to pick them up for your supper or because no shop nearby stocks them.

Fortunately, there are alternatives that are more likely to be accessible in your region.

There are many alternatives to caraway seeds. Here are the top five caraway seed substitutes to help you select the finest one:

1. Anise Seeds:

Similar Flavor
The first caraway seed alternative is the anise seed. These seeds are a spice that you can implement into your baking or cooking. Some common ways of incorporating the seeds are to grind them up or use them whole.
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Anise seeds are often used in baking. If you want a particular taste profile, you may also add the spice to conventional cooking.

Despite its name, the anise seed is not related to the star anise. Anise seeds, on the other hand, have a taste and appearance similar to fennel. And, more crucially, anise seeds taste identical to caraway seeds.

The licorice taste is one of the most noticeable flavors found in caraway seeds. One of the difficulties in finding a fairly comparable alternative for caraway seeds is the taste. The anise seed, on the other hand, has a pronounced licorice taste. As a consequence, anise seeds are an excellent substitute. Because of the licorice taste, people prefer to use the spice in baking.

Anise seeds may also be used in place of fennel seeds. Fennel and anise are both members of the same plant family. Anise seeds, on the other hand, are excellent for baking. Fennel seeds are often used in cooking.

As a caraway seed alternative, anise seed takes first place. Both seeds are mildly sweet and peppery, with a unique licorice taste. Anise seeds are also pretty popular and may be found at your local department shop.

2. Dill Seeds

Buildable Flavor
While anise seeds are known for providing a lot of flavors, there are times where you might need a more subtle spice. Not everyone enjoys the way that caraway seeds taste in their food. To avoid this problem, you may need to take a different approach.
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In many aspects, dill seeds are similar to caraway seeds. The taste profile is the initial point of comparison. Both seeds have licorice and fragrant flavors in common. Dill seeds, on the other hand, have a more earthy flavor than caraway seeds.

If you’re searching for a delicate taste, dill seeds are a good option. Even if you have caraway seeds on hand, dill seeds are a fine substitute. You may reduce the strength of the fragrant, licorice taste provided by caraway seeds by adding dill seeds.

If you’re presenting a dinner to fussy eaters, reducing the taste intensity might come in helpful. Strong tastes may not appeal to children. Replace caraway seeds with dill seeds to make your dish more appealing to your youngsters.

Another thing to keep in mind is that dill seeds have a taste that may be enhanced. Because the taste isn’t as strong, you may add more without going crazy. If you wish to match the strength of the caraway seeds, add dill seeds until you’re satisfied.

On the contrary, if you wish to minimize the strength of the taste, add just a modest quantity. Dill seeds are an excellent caraway seed substitute for whatever you want your food to taste.

3. Star Anise

Intense Flavor
The third viable caraway seed alternative is the star anise.
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When it comes to adding powerful flavor, star anise is an excellent choice. Star anise, unlike dill seed, is used to increase flavor intensity.

Licorice is one of the most prominent tastes in caraway seeds. This is one of the benefits that adding caraway seeds to a meal may give. Star anise is a spice with an almost overpowering degree of licorice flavor. By adding the spice, you may deliver a powerful licorice punch.

In many respects, star anise is a distinctive spice. The form of spice is one of its most distinctive features. The plant’s star form inspired the name “star anise.” The spice usually has eight points and eight seeds in its pod. You may get star anise in its natural star form or ground.

Regardless of how you use the spice, it will give a lot of licorice flavor to the meal. While this is your aim, you must exercise caution. If you’re not cautious, really powerful spices may quickly destroy your cuisine.

It is much simpler to add a spice than it is to remove one. When cooking with strong spices, remember to taste as you go. Neglecting to taste might result in a sour meal for the whole family.

4. Fennel Seeds

Most Common
If you are someone who cooks frequently, you likely already work with fennel seeds. But what you might not know is that fennel seeds are also a good caraway seed replacement.
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Fennel is a member of the carrot family, and fennel seeds are used in a variety of recipes across the globe. The aroma of the spice is one of its main attractions. Fennel seeds provide a lot of flavor to your cuisine. The addition of fennel seeds adds a layer of depth to the meal.

Fennel seeds, like caraway seeds, have a distinct licorice taste. Fennel seeds are milder than caraway seeds but stronger than dill seeds. In terms of taste intensity, the spice falls roughly in the center of the range.

Fennel seeds, on the other hand, may contain a lot of flavor. A lot of individuals prefer eating raw fennel because of its taste and texture. Fennel seeds may be used in a variety of cuisines. Fennel seeds are often used in cooking, but they may also be used in baking.

Fennel seeds have a natural sweetness that complements many meals, in addition to the licorice taste. If you’re seeking for a flexible substitute for caraway seeds, try fennel seeds.

Can’t seem to locate fennel seeds? See our list of Fennel Seed Substitutes for more information.

5. Cumin Seeds

Also Common
The last option for caraway seed substitute is cumin seeds. This option is the one you are most likely to find at your local grocery store.
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Cumin is derived from the seeds of a dry plant. Typically, folks will crush up the dried cumin seeds. Most supermarket shops sell both ground cumin and cumin seeds.

There are also several varieties of cumin available. Although less frequent, black, green, and white cumin are also available. The most common kind of cumin seen in supermarkets is a light brown tint.

Cumin seeds have a taste that is both earthy and sweet. To get out the most flavor from the cumin seeds, toast them beforehand. After toasting the seeds, you may use them in almost any cuisine.

Cumin seeds are distinct from the other options on this list. The seeds lack the unique licorice taste that many people want. Cumin seeds, on the other hand, share the other tastes found in caraway seeds. Cumin seeds are an excellent way to complement the other tastes.


Overall, there are several caraway seed replacements available in supermarkets. Each choice adds something special to a meal. All of the choices are tasty in their own way.

Even if you already have caraway seeds, you may experiment with another flavor. Experimenting with spices and taste profiles is an important part of cooking. Experimenting may lead to the discovery of your new favorite food!


Can I replace caraway seeds with cumin?

Cumin seeds, with their warm, earthy scent and sweet, spicy, and bitter undertones, are an excellent alternative for caraway seeds. The opposite is also true, since caraway seeds may be used in place of cumin seeds. Cumin seeds are widely used in Indian, Mexican, and Middle Eastern cuisines.

Can I use star anise instead of caraway seeds?

The anise star.

When used sparingly and in little amounts, it may serve as an excellent alternative for caraway in a hurry!

What is a substitute for caraway seeds in Irish soda bread?

What is the finest caraway seed substitute? Fennel seeds, like caraway seeds, are members of the carrot family. Fennel has a unique flavor and does not taste exactly like caraway, although it does have licorice undertones and a comparable essence. Caraway seeds may be replaced with an equivalent quantity of fennel.

Can you use celery seed in place of Caraway seed?

While celery seeds are not as prevalent in the kitchen as oregano, they are a good alternative for caraway seeds. However, they are not a flavor exchange, just like oregano. What exactly is this? Celery seeds have an earthy, bitter taste similar to celery stalks.

What is the flavor of caraway seeds?

It has a spicy, earthy, and even lemony flavor. It’s impossible to envision a delicious pastrami on rye without it. Aquavit, a Scandinavian spirit scented with spices and citrus peel, and kummel, a sweet liqueur originally distilled in Holland but now mostly manufactured in Russia, both include caraway as a primary component.

What does caraway seeds taste like?

Caraway has a strong scent and flavor. The predominate taste is anise or licorice, with undertones of citrus and pepper adding brightness and warmth. There’s also a bittersweet aspect that helps to balance out the licorice taste and stops it from dominating the other components.

Do caraway seeds taste like anise?

Caraway, sometimes known as meridian fennel, and the fruit (seeds), which have a taste similar to anise, are often consumed whole. Caraway is a spice that is often used in breads (particularly rye) and is also present in sauerkraut.

Is coriander similar to caraway seeds?

Caraway seeds are related to coriander and will provide an earthy, anise taste to any recipe. Caraway seeds may be found in rye bread, potato salad, and Indian spice mixes and meals. Caraway seeds have a strong scent and should be used sparingly.

Is caraway and dill seed the same?

Dill Plant

Dill is milder than caraway, but it can suffice in savory dishes if that’s all you have on hand. You may also combine fennel and dill and use both in lieu of caraway.

Why do Irish eat Irish Soda Bread?

Soft wheat flour performed better in fast breads than hard wheat flour, which is commonly seen in yeasted bread. Because Ireland’s environment was only appropriate for growing soft wheat, soda bread was the ideal fit for the nation.

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