Best 2 Burner Induction Cooktops

Do you want the greatest double induction cooktop? Here are our top five picks for 2021, along with some extra information on how they compare to other cooktops and answers to some frequently asked questions.

Best Double Induction Cooktops

Here are our best picks for 2 burner induction cooktops.

1. AMZCHEF Double Induction Cooktop

Overall Best
AMZCHEF Double Induction Cooktop
AMZCHEF’s signature double induction cooktop is an affordable option with an excellent balance of power, durability, design, and safety features.
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  • A durable crystal glass surface
  • There are ten different temperature ranges ranging from 140 to 464 degrees.
  • It comes with a built-in cooking timer
  • The automatic off system can help prevent fires
  • Only has a one-year warranty
  • Instead of a single solid surface, it has a break in the centre.

This well-designed twin induction cooktop provides a good assortment of features at an affordable price, making it our top pick for 2021. This item, like other double induction cooktops, has separate controls on each sides. Notably, it allows you to cook depending on power or temperature, which is always a welcome feature.

The top surface is made of crystal glass, which is a tough and easy-to-clean material for cooktops. It’s not unusual, but it’s an excellent value for the money. We also prefer the usage of sensor touch buttons on cooktops, which are typically more durable than physical buttons.

However, it is the safety features that actually distinguish this cooktop from the competition, and two in particular stand out. The first is a cooking timer that goes from 1 to 180 minutes and can automatically turn off the burner when it is finished. This makes it considerably safer and easy to use for extended periods of time, however we never suggest leaving any stovetop unattended.

A kid safety lock, which prevents inadvertent touches on the controls from interfering with cooking, is the second safety feature. That’s a function that more cooktops should have, and it’s especially useful if you have a busy kitchen.

Finally, the six anti-slip feet provide an added layer of security. Bumping countertops may cause interference with other induction cooktops, so these are a sensible addition to an already excellent product.

Of course, no cooktop is flawless. This unit has a little crack in the centre that you can see through the glass, which isn’t ideal for structural integrity. This device is unlikely to fail on you, but it is worth mentioning. It also only comes with a one-year guarantee, which we believe is inadequate for a product in this price bracket.

2. Duxtop Double Induction Cooktop

Best Double Induction Cooktop for Temperature Control
Duxtop 9620LS/BT-350DZ
Duxtop isn’t an especially well-known brand, but this premium cooktop offers a much more precise temperate selection than the competitors.
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  • 20 temperature levels in each mode
  • Power-sharing functionality is included to improve efficiency.
  • Programmable for up to 10 hours
  • Full glass surface
  • More expensive than the competitors
  • When just one burner is used, there is limited power on the right.

If you’re looking for a high-quality cooktop, Duxtop’s premium twin induction cooktop is well worth a look. The exceptionally large number of temperature settings, however, distinguishes this device. Most induction cooktops have 8-10 modes, but this one has 20, and accuracy is always welcome.

This cooktop also contains an exceptionally lengthy digital timer, with a maximum duration of 10 hours. This product lasts more than three times as long as the AMZCHEF above, making it a far superior alternative for slow cooking while you’re away from home.

It has a greater temperature range than our top pick, ranging from around 100 degrees to 460 degrees. As you would expect, this is a superior overall performer, but it doesn’t take the top slot since it’s also far more costly than everything else on this list.

We really enjoy the rapid boil button, which is helpful enough to be used on a daily basis in most houses. Meanwhile, the control panel’s great slant enables excellent visibility for the system even from a distance.

Overheating prevention, a child lock, and even automated pan detection are among the other interesting features. In a nutshell, there’s a lot to like here.

However, there are a few factors to consider about its performance. The first is that the left burner is more powerful than the right. When just one burner is turned on, the left burner may utilize the entire 1800W of electricity, whilst the right burner is restricted to 1000W at most.

If you use both burners, the system will automatically adapt so that the total power does not exceed 1800W. This implies that at equal temperature settings, both sides will operate at a maximum of 900W, which is quite low for fast cooking food.

Consider this device if you need a lot of controls or if you want the greatest alternative and money isn’t an issue.

3. Aobosi Induction Burner

Best Budget Double Induction Cooktop
Aobosi Induction Burner
Aobosi’s burner doesn’t have as many features as some of the more expensive options, but it’s quite durable and offers excellent performance for its lower price.
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  • Good balance between each of the burners
  • Reasonable four-hour timer
  • Excellent warranty period
  • It comes with a keep-warm system
  • Occasionally has temperature sensor issues
  • High preset temperature

Although the price range for twin induction cooktops is limited enough that money alone should not be a big influence in your selections, the Aoboris induction burner is a wonderful budget alternative. Despite its reduced price, it offers certain features that we really appreciate.

The power range between the two sides is one of the most prominent qualities. The left side has wattages ranging from 200 to 1800, while the right side has wattages ranging from 200 to 1600. That’s much more than the Duxtop above, and it makes this cooktop stand out as a viable option for most kitchens.

This item also has a 24-month performance guarantee, which is approximately twice as long as most of its rivals. That is, provided rivals offer a guarantee at all, since many will instead rely on a standard 30-day shop warranty. In conclusion, despite its reduced price, this cooktop provides excellent protection.

This burner has nine settings in total, yet each burner only has eight since the left is somewhat more powerful than the right. It also has temperature settings that are the same on both sides and climb by about 36 degrees at a time. That isn’t as excellent as the Duxtop, but it will enough for most families.

This appliance has a four-hour cooking timer as well as a two-hour keep warm mechanism to keep your meal hot enough to eat. Aside from that, this cooktop is quite quiet for a cooktop and incorporates the controls inside the cooktop to assist save space.

However, there are two possible drawbacks, which is very typical for items in this price bracket. First, the standard default is for the highest temperature. That’s OK if you often need to boil water, but we’d like to see a default somewhere in the center that you can modify up or down as required. That is essentially more beneficial to individuals.

Second, the temperature sensors might have issues, owing to the cheaper components they employ. You may need to disregard its statistics and manually change the cost.

In conclusion, when it comes to the finest double induction cooktop, you get what you paid for.

4. Dyrabrest Double Induction Cooktop

Dyrabrest Double Induction Cooktop
Dyrabrest’s double induction cooktop is an excellent budget choice, but it also stands out for having a higher maximum wattage than most other units.
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  • Draws up to 2400W across its burners
  • cheaper than any other option on this list
  • Excellent for even heating
  • Not as durable as premium options
  • Relatively little-known manufacturer

The utilization and distribution of electricity distinguishes Dyrabrests’ twin induction cooktop from the competition right away. Most twin induction cooktops are 1800W machines with maximum power on just one side, however this equipment uses 2400W at maximum and equally distributes 1200W to both sides.

This means that neither side has as much power as other units, but it may keep temperatures consistent on both sides as long as your connectors can handle the power flow. That alone makes it worthwhile to investigate, particularly if you want to cook the same meal on many burners at the same time.

This item, like other double induction cooktops, has a black crystal screen on top that provides exceptional temperature resistance and an easy-to-clean front. It also has a huge fan for greater heat dissipation beneath the device, as well as vital safety measures such as a locking mechanism.

That being said, you get what you pay for, and this company isn’t as well-established or well-known as some other brands. That implies you may have greater difficulty contacting customer support, even if most people who have purchased this product seem to appreciate it.

In other words, although this isn’t our favorite low-cost alternative, it’s worth considering if money is a factor.

5. Noxton Induction Cooktop

Noxton Induction Cooktop
Noxton’s dual induction stovetop immediately stands out thanks to its unusual vertical orientation and exceptionally high power.
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  • Maximum of 3500W of power
  • In certain kitchens, the odd design may make it simpler to use.
  • Cooks faster than many competitors
  • Surprisingly competitive pricing
  • Needs professional installation
  • Limited displays and controls

For a few of reasons, Noxton’s induction cooktop stands out on our list. This makes it difficult to suggest to everyone, but it is a much better option for certain kitchens.

The orientation is the first thing that sticks out. Most induction cooktops are horizontal, allowing you to lay pots side by side. Because this unit is vertical, pots should be placed at the front and rear. As a result, it’s ideal for counters that are deep but not as broad as you’d want. Because a cooktop takes up a lot of counter space, this is important in certain kitchens.

The power is the next important detail. This device requires a 220-240V socket, which is bigger than most kitchens’. In fact, it’s so high that you may need to hire a professional electrician to install it. One of the burners has a maximum power output of 2000W, which is more than any other on this list and ideal for high-temperature cooking.

A kid lock and ergonomic touch controls are also included. Unfortunately, there are certain disadvantages to consider.

The cooking timer, which ends at 99 minutes, is the major disadvantage. That is much cheaper than most of its rivals, and in our opinion, far lower than it should be for a premium-priced device. It does not have to be 10 hours, but at least 4 hours would be considerably more beneficial.

This cooktop also does not have as many displays or controllers as some other models. In conclusion, this is a terrific cooktop to purchase if you want as much power as possible, but its shortcomings prevent it from being the ideal option for anybody looking for a standard device with more settings.

How We Picked Double Induction Cooktops

Double induction cooktops are unique kitchen appliances since they are the smallest alternative that is genuinely beneficial for cooking. Many recipes need two burners, so if you don’t want to invest in a range, a dual induction cooktop is a good alternative.

To start narrowing down the options, we looked at various pricing ranges to establish some basic groups. There were three of them: regular, premium, and budget. While all of the finest two burner induction cooktop options are technically premium devices, most people like recommendations with a wider price range, so we started there.

Following that, we examined the many brands on our list to determine which firms are the most reliable. Companies having a lengthy history are typically more trustworthy than young enterprises that might fail at any time. Established businesses also have greater distribution and customer service networks.

We looked at customer reviews after determining the top brands. To be honest, it’s difficult to evaluate a large number of items for their predicted lifetime. Sure, it results in the greatest evaluations, but there’s only so much we can test ourselves while still delivering reports to you and getting them out quickly enough to be useful.

This is when the aggregate mood of other customers comes into play. More reviews are always better for determining which goods work and which do not. However, contrary to popular belief, this was not the last stage in our review process.

After determining the most popular models, we examined the features and settings of the other cooktops on the list. The size of the burners, the time it takes to heat up, safety features, and the overall size of the unit are all characteristics.

On that final point, opinions differ, but we eventually determined that larger is preferable than smaller for these items. Pots and pans vary in size, thus the bigger the double induction cooktop, the simpler it is to utilize two large pans at the same time.

Smaller cooktops are practical, but you may not be able to use both burners at the same time if they are too tiny. That negates the point of purchasing a double cooktop, and after some deliberation, we determined that this was a deciding factor in our assessments.

Double Induction vs Regular Cooktop

Double induction cooktops are basically comparable to conventional cooktops, with the obvious exceptions that they are larger and more costly. A double induction cooktop is basically two units connected together, albeit they normally share a power connection rather than having separate plugs.

However, bigger units are more durable than single burners. They are inherently heavier, making it more difficult to accidently crash into them. Finally, twin induction cooktops may have a greater maximum power rating than standard single-burner cooktops. As a result, they are a superior option for cooking at very high temperatures.

More comparison: Induction Cooking vs Gas Cooking

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions concerning twin induction cooktops.

What Are the Price Ranges for a 2 Burner Induction Cooktop?

While costs vary by retailer, most two-burner induction cooktops cost between $100 and $200. If you seek hard enough, you could discover a unit that is outside of this range, but it is more likely to be on the high end than the low end.

Most units in this price range really sell for between $140 and $180. This implies that there isn’t much of a difference between a low-cost cooktop and a high-end one. As a result, rather of focusing exclusively on price, consider the quality and features of a cooktop.

Are Induction Cooktops Good for First-Time Buyers?

Yes, but only with the proper pans. Induction heating generates heat by employing electromagnetic fields, however it requires a sufficient number of metal pans. The magnet test is recommended by most businesses since any pan that a magnet clings to should function with an induction cooktop.

Are Induction Cooktops Better than Electric Cooktops?

In general, yes, as long as you have the proper pans to utilize induction. In general, induction cooktops are more expensive than electric cooktops. There are many reasons for this, but the majority of them boil down to efficiency.

Electric cooktops are often sluggish, have uneven heat distribution, and have a lot of residual heat when turned off. Induction cooktops cook more evenly and quickly than electric cooktops. They also use less energy and produce almost little residual heat when turned off.However, induction cooktops are often more costly than electric cooktops. This is an example of paying for quality.

How Large Are Double Induction Cooktops?

Most double induction cooktops are around 2 feet by 1.5 feet and four inches tall. The length and breadth of these goods might vary by a few inches, but the heights are all quite consistent. When you’re attempting to handle numerous huge pots, inches count, therefore larger is preferable.

Are Double Induction Cooktops Easy to Clean?

Yes, but don’t put them in water. Cleaning them with soapy water and a sponge is typically sufficient. Here’s why it’s so simple.

The surface of most induction cooktops is made of black crystal glass. While the specific contents vary according on the manufacturer, they are essentially ceramics with exceptional durability and heat resistance.As previously stated, induction cooktops do not directly heat the cooktop while heating a pan. That is what you see with gas stoves and electric cooktops, but induction heating employs electromagnetic to directly heat the bottom of a pan. This implies that the glass surface does not get too heated.

Because the surface is not heated, it does not carbonize droplets of food waste that may fall on it. Instead, most food just lies there, waiting to be washed away with a sponge and soap.You may clean a double induction cooktop almost immediately after turning it off. After you remove the pan, there is practically little residual heat, so you can probably place your hand on the stove in seconds with no danger to yourself.

Most double induction cooktops, however, are not waterproof. It is preferable to wash them down rather than immerse them in water. Never immerse your unit because it will be destroyed.


Finding the finest double induction cooking system is more about determining which characteristics are important to you than anything else. The majority of the goods in this category are basically identical, however there are variances in power consumption, temperature settings, and safety features.

The AMZCHEF cooktop is our favorite overall choice for most people, but the Duxtop is a terrific alternative if you want a quality cooktop. The Noxton isn’t as excellent for most people, but its high power and peculiar orientation make it appealing to a certain group of individuals.

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Which brand of induction cooktop is best?

The Best Induction Cooktops
The GE Profile 30-in Induction Cooktop is the best overall induction cooktop.
Frigidaire 30-inch Induction Cooktop is the best value induction cooktop.
Bosch Benchmark 30-in Induction Cooktop is the best smart induction cooktop.
Frigidaire Gallery 30-inch Induction Range is the best induction range.

What is the most reliable brand of induction range?

Profile Bosch Bosch Benchmark and gagina are the most dependable induction cooktops for 2023. Last year, we did not repair a single profile or Bosch induction cooktop. GE profound real cooktops include a bridge permitting.

What is the best scratch resistant induction cooktop?

Miradur® is the first and only scratch-resistant glass-ceramic cooking surface on the market. It can endure the mechanical and heat strains of daily cooking – as well as scratches.

What is the best induction cooktop for boiling water?

9100MC Duxtop Portable Induction Cooktop

Throughout each test, the Duxtop 9100MC received the highest marks for performance and simplicity of use. It was the quickest to boil water, held extended simmers well, and was easy to regulate while cooking.

What are the disadvantages of an induction cooktop?

Pricey. Induction cooktops are still more costly than ceramic or gas cooktops, despite price reductions. Cookware’s lack of adaptability. Because induction cooktops cannot utilize aluminum, glass, pyrex, or copper, you will most likely need to purchase new cookware.

Do professional chefs use induction cooktop?

The usefulness and sustainability of induction have won over an increasing number of professional cooks, both in their restaurants and at home.

What is the life expectancy of an induction range?

An induction range’s lifetime is measured in working hours rather than years. An induction gadget for the home kitchen is projected to last 10,000 working hours. Depending on how often you cook, this should last at least ten years.

Can I use cast iron on induction?

Induction cookware is heated by magnetic fields, hence it must be made of conductive, ferrous metals. As a result, cast iron is an excellent choice for induction cooking.

Do induction ranges scratch easily?

Even while induction cooktops do not scratch readily, they may happen. Steps may be taken to reduce the likelihood of scratches appearing, however this is not guaranteed. When little scratches do emerge, they may be rubbed off using a variety of simple ways that will not cause more harm to the cooktop.

Is ceramic induction better than glass induction?

The primary difference between glass ceramic and induction hobs is that induction hobs use less energy and cook quicker than glass ceramic hobs.

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