Apron Sink vs. Farmhouse Sink

If you want to rebuild or spruce up your kitchen, the sink is a fantastic place to start. As one of the most utilized locations in the kitchen, you want a product that is both appealing and functional.

If you’ve already begun looking for sinks, you’ve probably come across or heard the words apron and farmhouse sink. What, if any, difference does they seem to have?

Apron Sink vs Farmhouse Sink

In a nutshell, apron sinks and farmhouse sinks both refer to a big, deep kitchen sink type that is popular in many contemporary kitchens. The sinks are mostly the same, although there are a few minor changes. A farmhouse sink may be an apron sink, but an apron sink doesnt necessarily have to be a farmhouse sink.

Apron Sinks

The apron sink gets its name from the exposed front that sticks out from the sink area. The revealed front allows for easier access and is more comfortable for taller people. It eliminates the need to stretch into the sink and eases back pain.

Furthermore, an apron sink may often have many basins separated by a divider along the middle. The two separate sinks are ideal for keeping your dishes separate. In other words, you can easily keep your most valuable glassware apart from the rest of your dishes.

Apron sinks are a terrific addition to any house because of their beauty and ease.

Farmhouse Sinks

The farmhouse sink group includes numerous styles, some of which may also be considered apron sinks. Essentially, farmhouse sinks that are also apron sinks have the chic exposed front.

A farmhouse sink is often composed of porcelain or fireclay and is white, however different colors are available.

The fireclay type is the most popular farmhouse sink today because it is resistant to deterioration from prolonged use and is simple to clean. The clean and crisp finish also makes for an appealing alternative in the kitchen.

A traditional farmhouse sink features a single basin, yet the centre portion may be separated into two independent sections. These sinks’ deep basins are ideal for bigger homes and individuals who do a lot of dishes.

Some examples

There are several varieties within the farmhouse sink family. A farmhouse laundry sink has a huge capacity for water and another basin for cleaning and stacking dishes or clothes.

A drainboard farmhouse sink resembles an apron sink in that it has an expanded lip on the front. The objective of a drainboard sink, on the other hand, is to collect any water that may overflow or spill, resulting in a clean kitchen. A drainboard sink typically has a single bowl.


Farmhouse and apron style sinks have become increasingly popular in modern kitchens. Of course, kitchens can have both a farmhouse and apron sink pre-installed or inserted into an already-existing area. The price, however, is not low.

It is critical to correctly install these sinks, since incorrect placement may result in warped cabinetry and water damage to adjacent hardware. If you choose to install a farmhouse or apron style kitchen sink in your home, your cabinets will be permanently altered to fit the sink’s weight and appearance.

An apron-front sink, in particular, is difficult to install in your house since it needs a certain style of cabinet. Because of the overhanging front, there is usually a set of drawers underneath and a special sort of counter surrounding to support the sink’s weight.

It is customary for farmhouse and apron sinks to cost about $400 for installation, however this price might jump if problems emerge.

Installing a farmhouse or apron-style sink in your kitchen may and will change the arrangement of the whole space. To save money and time, do extensive study before making any changes to your property.

Final Thoughts

Try a farmhouse or apron style sink to add some flare and character to your kitchen. While the installation may not be inexpensive, the benefits will be well worth it. The large bowl and stain-resistant materials guarantee that this sink will survive for a long time in your house.

If you have a big family, a farmhouse style sink is your best choice. The single basin is ideal for washing a big number of dishes. If you have a small family, an apron-style sink is perfect since it generally comes with two split areas, which is ideal for individuals who do not need to wash as many dishes at once.

Consider your budget and the aesthetics you want in your kitchen before investing in a new farmhouse or apron style sink.


What is the difference between an apron sink and a farmhouse sink?

Apron sinks have a wall mount faucet, but farmhouse sinks have a farmhouse kitchen faucet, countertop, or even a wall mount.

What are the drawbacks of a farmhouse sink?

However, one disadvantage of farmhouse (or apron front) sinks should be noted. Because these sinks are so enormous, and because they protrude in front of the cabinets (thus the apron front), they need a unique countertop cut.

What is the purpose of an apron sink?

There is no need to bend over the front counter with an apron sink. Instead, you may operate without leaning over by standing immediately in front of the sink. In reality, this design evolved to fulfill the demands of farm women who spent long hours in the kitchen caring to their family’s cooking and laundry needs.

What kind of farmhouse sink does Joanna Gaines use?

It’s no wonder that the fireclay farmhouse sink has made a comeback among American homes, thanks to its efficient design and timeless and aesthetic appeal. Thanks to Joanna Gaines, the fireclay farmhouse sink has gained added popularity and has become a favorite feature in new home kitchens today.

Why do people love farmhouse sinks?

Larger objects, such as pots, pans, and baking sheets, are easily washed in a farmhouse sink. In a farmhouse sink, as compared to a standard-sized sink, you may easily soak your kitchenware.

Why are farmhouse sinks so expensive?

A farmhouse sink, by definition, entails more than a standard one, and the price difference is warranted. These bigger, deeper, more statement-making fixtures are often built from more costly materials like fireclay or copper.

What is the alternative to a farmhouse sink?

Apron sinks, like farmhouse sinks, have a deep cut. The sole distinction is that the front of an apron sink is visible. That is why they are sometimes known as “apron front” sinks. Aprons are popular accent elements in modern kitchens for good reason.

Do farmhouse sinks need a special drain?

As there is a 2″ drain hole, you will not need to buy anything else.In most circumstances, the stainless steel drain adapters that come with the trash disposal machine may be used. Farm sinks are typically 3 1

Are farmhouse sinks dated?

Are farmhouse sinks outdated? Farmhouse sinks are not going out of style anytime soon. Indeed, House Beautiful has highlighted several instances of this timeless design element throughout the years, including pieces on the contemporary farmhouse style, modern farmhouse kitchens, and modern farmhouse décor.

Do you need a special cabinet for apron front sink?


Whatever you choose, you will almost certainly want a customized or custom cabinet to fit your new farmhouse or apron sink. This is because there are many different types of sink designs, and how they must be placed usually necessitates the use of a non-standard cabinet.

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