8 Bamboo Shoots Substitute

The crisp taste of bamboo shoots is something we all adore. They’re a springtime favorite and a staple in many Asian recipes.

Fresh bamboo shoots are a rare delicacy in most areas of the globe, and when they’re out of season, they’re much rarer and more costly.

While canned bamboo shoots are more widely accessible, they lack the freshness and taste of fresh bamboo shoots.

If you can’t find fresh bamboo shoots at your local grocery store, or if you don’t want to use canned bamboo shoots in your recipes, there are many substitutions that will work just as well.

What Are Bamboo Shoots?

Bamboo shoots, also known as bamboo sprouts, are a healthy and delicious component of the bamboo plant. They’re crunchy on the exterior and soft, sweet, and crisp on the inside.

The shoots have long been a mainstay in many Asian cuisines, especially when combined with meats and salads.

The vegetable’s crisp, somewhat sweet interior makes it an ideal complement to chicken soup or beef stew. It is also often used in Asian fried rice.

Bamboo shoots are also among the best vegetables for the human body. They are low in fat and high in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and proteins.

As a result, they are ideal for a healthy heart, low blood pressure, weight reduction, and a strong immune system. Lignans and phenolic acid, which have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities, are also found in shoots.

Now that we’ve established the health benefits, taste, and texture of bamboo shoots, it’s time to introduce you to some more incredible veggies that are just as crisp, sweet, and nutritious.

Bamboo Shoots Substitutes

  1. Water Chestnuts
  2. Baby Corn
  3. Jerusalem Artichokes
  4. Bean Sprouts
  5. Jicama
  6. Asparagus
  7. Daikon
  8. Hearts of Palm

Water Chestnuts

Water chestnuts, a Chinese staple, provide a characteristic crunch to a number of dishes, including moo goo gai pan.

Water chestnuts, with their sweet and nutty taste and significant crunch, are an excellent substitute for bamboo shoots in stir-fries.

Many grocery shops sell sliced and canned water chestnuts, but fresh or whole water chestnuts are a superior and more flavorful ingredient to your dish.

Using water chestnuts in your home cooking, whichever sort you have on hand, will undoubtedly widen your culinary horizons.

Baby Corn

If baby corn isn’t already your favorite snack, chances are you’ve seen it canned at your local grocery. In any event, this delightful corn type is an excellent replacement for bamboo shoots.

Baby corn is a terrific vegetable that can be used as a bamboo shoots alternative in salads, soups, curries, and stir-fries due to its crisp texture and mild sweetness. It’s equally as tasty to cook baby corn as a side dish for meaty entrees.

The lovely thing about baby corn is that, unlike adult corn, it may be eaten whole. Another benefit of baby corn is that it is not as sweet as regular corn, making it more adaptable and ideal for a variety of dishes, particularly stir-fries.

Jerusalem Artichokes

The Jerusalem artichoke is not a genuine artichoke, so don’t be fooled by its name. It is a plant that is also known as earth apple, sunchoke, or sunroot.

A Jerusalem artichoke tastes similar to a water chestnut and is somewhat sweeter than a potato. It has the same crisp texture of bamboo shoots but turns more creamy when cooked.

When it comes to cooking, Jerusalem artichokes are quite adaptable. You may boil them and mash them with butter and salt to make mashed potatoes. They may also be fried as a sweet and crispy snack or roasted with olive oil and seasonings.

Bean Sprouts

Bean sprouts provide a juicy crunch to a variety of Asian dishes, from savory stir-fries and rich stews to morning egg rolls.

Although they are usually available in cans, fresh ones taste and texture considerably superior. They are, however, more difficult to come by.

Bean sprouts are quite crunchy and produce a juicy snap, but their flavor is fairly neutral, almost like a bland salad.

They are composed of more than 90% water. When you combine that with the bland flavor, it’s easy to see why they’re nearly never eaten raw on their own. A much better alternative would be to include them into a zesty salad or to lighten up a hefty stir-fry.

They absorb the aromas they are surrounded by when cooked, making them a perfect bamboo shoots replacement in meat-based dishes with loads of spices and herbs.


Jicama, a Mexican root vegetable, is a popular dish in Latin America and a good alternative for bamboo shoots.

Jicama is also known as the Mexican potato with good cause. It looks like a potato with its brown skin and white flesh.

This root’s edible section is juicy and crisp, with a taste described as a cross between bamboo shoots, apples, and water chestnut.

Its sweet and nutty tastes merge wonderfully in a fresh zesty salad when eaten raw. When cooked, it may absorb the tastes of other spices, vegetables, herbs, and meat.


You should definitely try this crisp alternative of bamboo shoots, if not for health reasons, but for the simple pleasure of savoring its unique taste.

Asparagus has a considerably stronger taste than bamboo stems. Many people equate the flavor to mushrooms and broccoli, however when cooked, it tastes more like beans.

Asparagus is a versatile vegetable since its taste varies depending on what it is served with. It rapidly absorbs different flavors throughout the cooking process. It complements garlic wonderfully and, when combined, may take your cuisine to new heights.

Asparagus may be cooked in a variety of methods, including boiling, grilling, and frying. Just don’t overcook it since it will lose part of its nutrition and crunch.

Hearts of Palm

Palm hearts are found throughout Central and South America, as well as Florida, and are derived from the core of palm palms. Palmito, chonta, and palm cabbage are some names for them.

They taste like a cross between water chestnuts, bamboo shoots, and asparagus. When compared, they do taste somewhat sweeter than bamboo shoots.

They provide a crisp texture to salads, but if you don’t like them fresh, combine them into a creamy dip or grill them with other veggies, meats, herbs, and spices.


There you have it, the eight finest bamboo shoot alternatives. Try one of our options the next time you want to add crunch and bulk to your supper while also improving its nutritional profile.

Water chestnuts, for example, are a wonderful alternative if you want a similar flavor with a little more crunch. If you want something with a similar texture but a stronger flavor, try asparagus. Hearts of palm are another alternative if you want a vegetable with a somewhat sweeter flavor than bamboo shoots. Related to this post is Common Velveeta Cheese Substitutes and How to Replace

Finally, if you like the taste of bamboo shoots but don’t have any on hand, choose an option from our list to compensate for the crunch, and season with a few drops of bamboo essence.


What can be substituted for bamboo shoots?

Bamboo Sprouts

Carrots may be substituted for potatoes in slow-cooked meals such as pork. If you’re stir-frying chicken, pig, or beef and the recipe calls for bamboo shoots, substitute asparagus, carrot, white cabbage, or broccoli.

What do bamboo shoots taste similar to?

If you’ve never had these soft and crispy sprouts, you may be wondering how they taste. We may remark that they taste something like maize. When cooked, the shoots may be rather sweet. This delicacy is often used fresh, dried, or canned in cooking.

What is the difference between canned and fresh bamboo shoots?

Bamboo shoots are often preserved commercially, but fresh, locally farmed bamboo has much superior taste and texture. Fresh bamboo shoots may be refrigerated for up to two weeks. If the shoots are stored longer than this, or if they are exposed to sunlight, a bitter flavor develops.

Can you substitute water chestnuts for bamboo shoots?

Can I use bamboo shoots instead of water chestnuts? You may substitute bamboo shoots for water chestnuts, but be sure you use fresh bamboo shoots rather than canned bamboo shoots. Fresh shoots taste and feel similar to freshwater chestnuts.

Why not to eat bamboo shoots?

According to Healthline, raw bamboo contains the chemical cyanide, which, if consumed in large quantities, may result in serious health consequences related with cyanide poisoning. This is a plant defense mechanism that is seen in other plants such as cherries and apricots.

Are bamboo shoots the same as bean sprouts?

What Is the Distinction? Both sprouts and shoots are young plants, however shoots are somewhat ‘older’ and are cut from the seed. Because they are taken at the period of growth right before the plant erupts into maturity, shoots are densely packed with nutrients.

What flavor are canned bamboo shoots?

Bamboo shoots have a sweet, earthy flavor, but they are unique in that they keep their crisp texture even when cooked.

What is the point of bamboo shoots?

Bamboo shoots are a common element in many Asian dishes. They’re nutrient-dense and may be linked to a variety of health advantages, including weight reduction, better digestive health, and lower cholesterol levels.

Why do Japanese eat bamboo shoots?

Bamboo shoots are considered an auspicious snack and bloom at the same time as the sakura cherry blossoms, another sign of spring in Japan. The time and meaning of their physical bursting through earth inspire haiku poetry, and they even have their own season in Japan’s traditional calendar.

Do you rinse canned bamboo shoots?

Canned bamboo shoots go nicely with almost any protein and spice — just be sure you thoroughly clean them before using.

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