7 Peach Schnapps Substitutes

Peach schnapps is created by combining peach flavoring with clear grain alcohol. DeKuyper debuted it in 1984 and it quickly soared to the top of American schnapps sales. Its tangy, peachy taste is delicious on its own or in drinks and sweets.

We have 7 peachy substitutes for it, as well as some amazing cocktail ideas that call for peachy liquor. Let’s get this party started.

Peach Schnapps Substitutes

  1. Peach brandy
  2. Peach bourbon
  3. Peach vodka
  4. Peach Margarita
  5. Peach rum
  6. Peach gin
  7. Peach whiskey

Peach Brandy

This is an excellent option for individuals who want their drinks with a bit extra zip.

We recommend that you try E&J Peach. It’s a lovely blend of peach liqueur and vanilla spice overtones. It’s great over ice or as a mixer in any peach-based drink.

Peach Bourbon

Peach bourbon is a deftly blended whiskey with just the right amount of peachy sweetness and delicate spices, perfect for individuals who love strong-yet-sweet cocktails.

After a long day at the office, it makes an excellent afternoon drink or cocktail foundation.

We recommend the Hiram Walker Peach Brandy. It may be used to prepare delectable beverages that will amaze all of your guests. Pour it over ice or include it into your favorite drink.

Peach Vodka

Peach vodka is an excellent alternative for individuals who want a stronger alcohol taste in their beverages. It’s stronger than schnapps and has a nice sweetness from the peach flavor.

We recommend New Amsterdam Peach Flavored Vodka. It’s made using the greatest grains from America’s heart and tastes like a Georgia peach. Its peach taste is complemented with orange blooms and a touch of vanilla. It’s light and refreshing, with a smooth, clean finish.

Peach Margarita

Another delectable alternative is to purchase ready-made peach margaritas. This great cocktail highlights the sweet, rich taste of fresh peaches and may be consumed directly from the bottle.

We recommend the 1800 Ultimate Peach Margarita. This cocktail combines 1800 Silver Tequila, peach, and margarita. It has a crisp, invigorating taste profile with a tangy finish. It goes well with empanadas!

Peach Rum

Peach rum is one of the greatest alcoholic beverages for the winter. It’s tasty, sweet, and thick. The delicious drink is especially ideal for alcoholic sweets. It goes well with fish sticks and other white-meat-based meals.

Malibu Peaches and Cream Rum is a must-try. The fragrance is a blend of molasses, peach, and coconut. The rum flavor dominates, with coconut and cream overtones and a sweet, fruity finish.

Peach Gin

Peach gin has a naturally mellow peach taste that is complemented by fruity undertones.

We recommend Seagrams Peach Twisted Gin if you wish to try this option. It’s a fruity take on Seagram’s Extra Dry Gin. The peach liqueur complements the herbaceous flavor of the gin.

Peach Whiskey

This last choice on our list will not disappoint if you enjoy smoky tastes. The peach aromas complement the whiskey’s subtle warmth. This option is best served on the rocks or with a splash of iced tea.

Crown Royal Peach Flavored Whiskey will brighten your day with exquisite sweetness. Crown Royal creates this amazing blend with luscious Georgia peaches. As a consequence, the whiskey is bright, with excellent peach taste and Crown Royal’s signature delicacy.

Peach Cocktail Recipes to Try at Home

It’s cocktail hour now that we’ve covered all of the greatest peach schnapps replacements and brands. You may prepare them using peach schnapps or one of our options.

Woo Woo

Woo Woo is a simple cocktail recipe that is similar to Sex on the Beach but does not use orange juice. It’s great for those looking for a quick cocktail fix.

Ingredient list:

  • 37 1/2 ml Vodka;
  • 37 1/2 ml Peach Schnapps/substitute;
  • 90 ml Cranberry Juice;

Mix everything in a highball glass with ice and whisk for 15 seconds with a bar spoon.

White Carnation

The White Carnation cocktail is ideal if you want a drink that looks as good as it tastes. It’s a fruity concoction that’s smooth and creamy.

Ingredient list:

  • 12 1/2 ml Peach Schnapps/ substitute;
  • Splash of Cream;
  • 50 ml Vodka;
  • 50 ml Orange Juice;
  • Soda Water;
  • Orange Slice;

as well as orange juice. Add a pinch of cream and the soda water. Finish with an orange slice to round off this wonderful drink.Instructions: Fill a mixing glass halfway with ice, then add the vodka, schnapps, and soda.

Peppermint Kiss

Did you know that basil is a love symbol in Italy? It also makes this drink ideal for a romantic evening.

Ingredient list:

  • 75 ml Pineapple Juice;
  • 25 ml Vodka;
  • 5 ml Peppermint Schnapps/substitute;
  • 5 ml Lemon Juice;
  • 6 Basil Leaves;
  • 25 ml Melon Liqueur;
  • Raspberry (for garnish);

In a cocktail shaker, combine the ingredients with ice and mix for 15 seconds. Fill a Collins glass halfway with the mixture and garnish with a raspberry and a basil leaf.

Peach Long Island

In China, peaches are considered a symbol of longevity. This drink, on the other hand, will undoubtedly extend happy hour. This complicated drink is wonderfully complemented by the peach taste.


  • 25 ml Vodka;
  • 25 ml White Rum;
  • 25 ml Peach Schnapps/ substitute;
  • 25 ml Gin;
  • 25 ml Triple Sec;
  • 50 ml Gomme syrup;
  • 35 ml Lemon Juice;
  • A splash of Coke;

In a glass with ice, combine all of the ingredients. Don’t forget to pour some fresh lemon juice on top. Before serving, combine the ingredients and garnish with a lemon slice.


The 7 options we highlighted are excellent substitutes for peach schnapps, whether you want to use it in a drink or a dessert.

Do you like a dark, sweet drink with a peachy flavor? Peach-flavored whiskey, rum, bourbon, or brandy are all good options. If you prefer something lighter and more summery, margaritas, gin, and vodka are your best bets.

Have you found your favorite? Now it’s time to put some of our cocktail concoctions to the test. On a hot summer day, the Woo Woo is the drink to have by the pool.

A Creamy White Carnation is ideal for an at-home cocktail party. The Peppermint Kiss drink is ideal for a first date, while the Peach hard Island drink is a delightful way to unwind after a hard day at work.


What can I substitute peach schnapps for?

Alternatives to Peach Schnapps
Brandy made from peaches.
Bourbon made with peaches.
Vodka with peaches.
Margarita with peaches.
Rum with peaches.
Gin with peaches.
Whiskey with peaches.

What drink is similar to schnapps?

Archers peach schnapps is more in line with the American schnapps style. Kräuterlikör (herbal liqueur) is comparable to amaro in Italy. Jägermeister, Underberg, Kuemmerling, Killepitsch, and Wurzelpeter are some well-known brands.

Can you use peach liqueur instead of peach schnapps?

Fruit liqueurs are rich in taste, and the flavoring in the beverage is generally fresh actual fruit. What exactly is this? However, under North American criteria, peach liqueur and peach schnapps may be used interchangeably, but not by European ones.

Is peach schnapps just vodka?

Schnapps is a distilled alcohol prepared by fermenting fruit juices and base liquor. The term “schnapps” refers to two types of liquor. The first is a fruit brandy, often known as eau de vie, while the second is a powerful, generally transparent, distilled alcohol, similar to a lightly flavored vodka.

What liquor is in peach schnapps?

Peach schnapps is prepared by combining a clear grain alcohol with peach flavour. DeKuyper, which debuted the spirit in 1984, is the most popular brand in the United States.

What of alcohol is in peach schnapps?

Heaven Hill Distilleries owns and produces this product. The taste is peach. The alcohol content is 15%.

Is schnapps just flavored vodka?

European schnapps, sometimes known as real schnapps, is similar to a mildly flavored vodka. Fruit juice is fermented with a base liquor to produce schnapps (which is essentially a fruit brandy). Schnapps should have a 32% alcohol concentration, which equates to 64 proof.

What’s the difference between peach schnapps and liqueur?

Peach schnapps are alcoholic drinks created from distilled peaches. Fermented peaches are used to make peach brandy, which is then aged in oak barrels before serving. A liqueur is a flavoring and distilled liquor that has been flavored with sugar, fruits, herbs, spices, and other components.

Is schnapps similar to vodka?

Real schnaps (spelled with just one “p”) are prepared in Germany by fermenting fruit juices and the base liquor. These are fruit brandies, often known as eau de vie, and are a powerful, generally transparent, distilled liquor similar to a mildly flavored vodka.

Are peach schnapps and peach liqueur the same?

Peach liqueur is also known as peach schnapps, peach brandy, and crème de pêche. Whatever you decide, be sure it’s prepared with genuine peaches. Lower-quality peach liqueur, particularly in the United States, is often merely a neutral alcohol with artificial peach flavour.

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