4 Creamy Substitutes for Burrata Cheese

What’s the name for mozzarella and cream in a hot cheese pouch? Burrata!

In Italian, burrata means “buttery.” It was invented in the early 1900s by Apulian cheesemakers as a means to use up excess mozzarella bits.

Burrata has a creamy texture and a buttery flavor. When you cut it open, creamy cream flows out. It goes well with nearly anything, including salads, roasted vegetables, toasts, pizzas, spaghetti, and so on, but it’s also excellent on its own.

What are its replacements? Mozzarella, bocconcini, feta, and cream cheese are among the ingredients. Let’s see how these four cheeses may stand in for burrata.

Burrata Alternatives

  • Mozzarella cheese
  • Bocconcini cheese
  • Feta cheese
  • Cream cheese

1. Mozzarella Cheese

In Italy, leftover mozzarella was formerly utilized to produce burrata, as previously stated.

Mozzarella is a curd formed from cow or water buffalo milk that is stiff and stretchy. It is well-known for its adaptable texture, somewhat acidic taste, and culinary adaptability. The primary distinction between burrata and mozzarella is that burrata is creamier than mozzarella.

It is typically created by cooking curd, which is then stretched and shaped into a wet ball by hand. The more recent it is served, the better. Brining the cheese, on the other hand, increases the salt concentration, giving it a strong, salty taste.

Mozzarella cheese may simply be substituted for burrata cheese in pizza, spaghetti, and salads. We propose combining it with sliced tomatoes and basil in a Caprese salad.

2. Bocconcini Cheese

Bocconcini are little nibbles in Italian. These mozzarella-like balls, the size of an egg, are a Naples delicacy made from cow or water buffalo milk, similar to mozzarella.

Although bocconcini’s interior is not creamy, it does contain the delicate, tangy, and creamy taste of burrata cheese.

Their stretchy texture pairs nicely with salads or when wrapped with prosciutto. These bite-sized pleasures go well with a cheese platter, salad, pizza, or antipasto.

3. Feta Cheese

Because of its creamy combination of salty, acidic, and sour overtones, Greek-born feta has become a popular cheese all over the globe.

It’s created from sheep’s milk or a mix of sheep and goat milk. The texture varies with age; younger feta has a more creamy and spreadable texture similar to burrata. Older feta, on the other hand, is crumbly and drier.

While some feta cheese, like burrata, is creamy and spreadable, most kinds are saltier and tangier.

It is delicious eaten raw on a cheese plate or in a salad, or melted over pizza, pasta, pie, or eggs.

If you can’t locate Feta cheese but want a comparable taste, you may replace any of the typical feta cheese alternatives.

4. Cream Cheese

Cream cheese, one of the most well-known cheese kinds in the United States, is made from cream and unpasteurized cow’s milk.It has one of the longest shelf lives of any burrata substitute, ranging from 3 to 6 months.

Cream cheese has a mellow, sweet taste with a pleasant touch of sharpness, much like burrata. It spreads well but is not as creamy as burrata. It is available in a variety of tastes, including strawberry, chive, onion, smoked salmon, pineapple, paprika, and many more.

What foods go well with cream cheese? It is often used in desserts such as cheesecakes and frostings. It goes well with bagels and pastries as well.

Have extra cream cheese? Cream cheese may be readily stored in the freezer.


Now that you know the finest burrata cheese substitutes, you can start shopping for them at your local Italian deli or cheese shop.

You only have to choose from classic mozzarella, bite-sized bocconcini, smooth cream cheese, and salty feta.

We suggest don’t be cheesy and try them all! You’ll be surprised at how tasty these are. They complement everything from salads to spaghetti to toast, bagels, and pizza.


What is a good substitute for burrata cheese?

When it comes to taste, fresh mozzarella is the closest substitute for burrata, however it lacks the creamy inside texture of burrata. For the closest match, look for mozzarella balls packed in water or whey. If your recipe asks for melted cheese, this substitution is ideal.

Can you substitute cream cheese for burrata?

Because the interior of the burrata is creamy and soft, cream cheese may be used in its place. Cream cheese is a soft, spreadable cheese that is used in many different cuisines across the globe.

What is a dairy free substitute for burrata cheese?

Cashew cheese is a newer vegan-friendly product that may be used in most applications in lieu of burrata cheese. Cashew cheese, like dairy cheese, tends to remain soft. One thing to keep in mind is that a straight cashew cheese alternative for burrata will almost certainly have to be prepared at home.

Can I substitute cottage cheese for burrata?

Burrata cheese has a somewhat tangy flavor owing to the inclusion of cream, but cottage cheese has a slightly sour flavor and is a reduced fat cheese. To get a smoother texture out of cottage cheese as a replacement for burrata, purée it in a blender or food processor.

Is burrata just mozzarella and ricotta?

Burrata Cheese begins with a sheet of thin Mozzarella formed into a sack. The bag is then filled with fresh Ricotta and cream before being knotted. Burrata, being a fresh cheese, is generally consumed on the day it is created or soon after.

Is ricotta similar to burrata?

Is Ricotta and Burrata the Same Thing? Although both are soft, fresh Italian cheeses with similar sounding names, ricotta and burrata are not the same and should not be confused.

Is mascarpone the same as burrata?

Burrata is a soft, mozzarella-like cheese pouch filled with a creamy curd. Mascarpone is the delicious cream cheese that made the dish Tiramisu famous. You can also use maple syrup and chocolate to create a simple and tasty fruit or cookie dip.

What is the cream inside burrata?

The texture and taste are creamy.Burrata is filled with a mixture of thread-like curds drenched in cream. Burrata is typically created to be consumed within a few days. Burrata derives its name from the Italian word for butter, ‘burro,’ most likely because the final cheese has such a buttery flavor.

What makes burrata creamy?

Burrata is made by stretching curd into pouches and filling them with the fresh curds and full milk that give burrata its typical creamy core.

Can I use buffalo mozzarella instead of burrata?

Yes! If you want to melt the cheese for a cooked item, such as pizza, fresh mozzarella is a preferable choice since it is less expensive than burrata, and melted burrata loses its signature contrasting textures. When you can break burrata apart and taste the rich, creamy insides, save it for eating or serving as is.

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