12 Substitutes for Avocado You’ll Love

Avocados have a distinct, creamy texture as well as a subtle, delicious taste. They’re fantastic for dips, breakfast snacks, and smoothies.

However, they might be costly or scarce at grocery shops. They take a long time to mature, and some people, particularly youngsters, loathe the taste of this delectable fruit.

So, in this post, we’ll discuss the greatest avocado alternatives in terms of texture and nutrients.

Avocado Substitutes

  1. Mashed banana
  2. Hummus
  3. Mashed pumpkin
  4. Carrot mash
  5. Edamame dip
  6. Raw Nuts
  7. Raw Seeds
  8. Nut Butters
  9. Stuffed Olives
  10. Eggs
  11. Soft Cheese
  12. Pesto

Mashed Banana

Mashed bananas have a velvety, creamy texture comparable to avocados, but they are also sweeter.

Mashed banana is ideal for smoothies and desserts. It may be mixed into oatmeal to provide texture and natural sweetness. Bananas, like avocados, are high in potassium and oleic acid.


If you’re looking for a savory substitute for this crowd-pleaser, look no further. Hummus is a creamy, filling, and delectable dip. Tahini, chickpeas, garlic, and lemon juice are among the components.

Hummus and avocado have a very similar consistency. However, mashed avocado has a milder flavor than hummus, which is more acidic, salty, and garlicky.

Mashed Pumpkin

Pumpkin puree is an orange-colored mush produced from roasted or cooked pumpkin. It may be prepared with a single kind of winter squash or a mix of many.

The consistency of pure pumpkin puree is comparable to that of avocado puree. Avocado has a milder taste that is often characterized as earthy and nutty. Although sweeter, pumpkin has an earthy taste as well.

Carrot Mash

Boiling or roasting carrots may be used to make carrot mash. It’s more healthy and somewhat sweeter than avocado. Avocados have a more buttery consistency, whereas carrots are a touch more watery.

Edamame Dip

Edamame puree is a wonderful avocado substitute that may be used in lieu of guacamole, for example.

It has a buttery texture comparable to avocado. It has a similar nutty taste to avocado, however it is somewhat sweeter.

If you don’t like avocado but want to create guacamole, puree edamame instead. Squeeze in some lemon juice, dice some tomatoes, chop some garlic, sprinkle with cilantro, and drizzle with olive oil once you’ve prepared the puree.

Avocado Substitutes: Low-Carb Alternatives

Avocados are strong in healthy fats, fiber, and minerals, making them a great low-carb, high-fat lunch.

If you don’t have avocados or don’t like their taste but still want to get your nutrients, here are several low-carb alternatives that provide roughly the same amount of beneficial fats.

Raw Nuts

When it comes to nutrition, walnuts, almonds, and cashews are ideal low-carb, high-fat avocado substitutes.

The figure below indicates how many nuts you need to eat to replace half an avocado in terms of calories, fat, protein, and fiber.

Food Calories Fat Carb Fiber Protein
Half of an Avocado (100g) 160 15g 9g 7g 2g
Walnuts (28g) 185 18g 4g 2g 4g
Almonds (28g) 163 14g 6g 3.5g 6g
Cashews (28g) 157 12g 9g 1g 5g

Raw Seeds

Raw seeds such as pumpkin, hemp, and chia seeds are low-carb alternatives to avocados. The greatest part about raw seeds is that they contain more protein than avocados.

Chia seeds contain more carbs than the other seeds on the list, but they are rich in fiber, so they keep you satisfied for hours. If you wish to substitute avocado in your recipe with another healthy fat, try adding chia seeds to your smoothie.

Food Calories Fat Carb Fiber Protein
Half of an Avocado (100g) 160 15g 9g 7g 2g
Pumpkin Seeds (30g) 180 14g 4g 3g 9g
Hemp Seeds (30g) 180 15g 1g 1g 10g
Chia Seeds (30g) 130 10g 12g 7g 6g

Nut Butters

We don’t mean regular peanut butter with sugar and vegetable oils when we say nut butter. We suggest using natural peanut or almond butter instead.

Food Calories Fat Carb Fiber Protein
Half of an Avocado (100g) 160 15g 9g 7g 2g
Natural Almond Butter (32g) 190 18g 6g 3g 7g
Natural Peanut Butter (32g) 190 16g 7g 2g 8g

Stuffed Olives

Olives are high in healthy fats and full of taste. They work well in salads, purees, and a number of other cuisines.

Olives, particularly stuffed ones, may be eaten as a snack. Blue cheese-stuffed olives are a tasty substitute for avocados.

Food Calories Fat Carb Fiber Protein
Half of an Avocado (100g) 160 15g 9g 7g 2g
Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives (100g) 100 10g 10g 3g 2g


Eggs are the go-to breakfast choice and, fortunately, a nutritious avocado substitution.

Two hard-boiled eggs offer nearly the same number of calories and fat as half a serving of avocado, but no carbs and much more protein.

Food Calories Fat Carb Fiber Protein
Half of an Avocado (100g) 160 15g 9g 7g 2g
2 eggs 160 10g 0g 0g 12g

Soft Cheese

Soft cheese might be a nice low-carb alternative for avocado if you’re looking for a similar texture.

For example, 2 oz of Feta cheese contains about the same amount of calories and fat as half an avocado. As with eggs, you are sacrificing some fiber while boosting protein.

Food Calories Fat Carb Fiber Protein
Half of an Avocado (100g) 160 15g 9g 7g 2g
Feta Cheese (56g) 140 10g 2g 0g 10g


Pesto has a delightful flavor that goes well with lean meats and grilled vegetables. It is nutritionally comparable to avocado in many ways, except that it lacks fiber.

Food Calories Fat Carb Fiber Protein
Half of an Avocado (100g) 160 15g 9g 7g 2g
Pesto (32g) 120 11g 2g 0g 1.5g


Here are the finest avocado alternatives in terms of texture and nutrients.

If you prefer to put anything on your bread, crackers, or chips, try mashed banana, pumpkin, carrots, edamame dip, or hummus.

If you want something comparable (or perhaps better) in terms of nutrients, try raw nuts, seeds, nut butter, filled olives, eggs, soft cheese, and pesto.

Everything on our list has a distinct taste, so think about the components you want to complement each substitution with. Good luck!


What is a good substitute for avocado?

Here’s a rundown of the texture swaps:
Butternut squash is a kind of squash.
Butter made from nuts.
Yogurt from Greece.
Tofu that has been silken.
Pistachios or cashews, soaked.
Beans, pinto.

What is a good substitute for avocado for protein?

Avocado replacements include soft cheeses such as ricotta, goat cheese, feta, and cream cheese. If you choose soft cheese instead avocados, you will lose some fiber but get more protein per serving.

What can I use instead of avocado on toast?

Surviving the Avocadopocalypse: 4 Alternatives to Avo Toast
Hummus as a garnish. As much as we like it as an afternoon snack, hummus is as wonderful served as the first meal of the day.
Figure 1 shows the topper.
Asparagus is the star of the show.
Cottage Cheese is the topping.

What fruit is closest to an avocado?

Lucuma. Check for lucumas if you’re seeking for fruits that taste like avocados. They have similar appearances, with slightly rough green skin and big interior pits.

What foods are in the same family as avocado?

The avocado tree, like cinnamon, camphor, and bay laurel, is a member of the Lauraceae family. Avocados are often referred to as “alligator pears” due to their form and rough skin texture.

What is in the same family as avocado?

Along with cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum), camphor (C. camphora), sassafras (Sassafras albidum), European bay (Laurus nobilis), and California bay or Oregon myrtle (Umbellularia californica), avocado (Persea americana) is a member of the laurel family (Lauraceae).

What is a sustainable alternative to avocados?

Edamame is also a great replacement for avocados in terms of flavor and versatility. Hummus may also be an excellent substitute for avocado dips. Chia seeds, which are strong in protein, high in fiber, and high in omega-3 fat, are another healthy alternative.

How do I substitute avocado in salad?

Avocado is a healthy nut butter substitute. A delectable natural nut butter (such as peanut butter or almond butter) is an excellent substitute for avocado! … Pesto. Do you like the vibrant flavor of smashed avocado? … Ricotta. Hummus. Banana. Edamame.

What is a good substitute for avocado in guacamole?

Edamame puree may be used in place of avocado dip. You could even substitute it for guacamole. If you don’t like avocado and want to create guacamole, consider cooking and then pureeing edamame. Cooking and pureeing edamame is delicious; just add garlic, cilantro, lime juice, olive oil, and a few sliced tomatoes.

Can I use olive oil instead of avocado?

The smoke point of avocado oil is greater than that of olive oil.

“Avocado oil has a higher smoke point than olive oil, making it better suited for high-temperature cooking,” Michalczyk explains. As a result, she suggests using avocado oil rather than olive oil for sautéing, roasting, or baking.

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